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Happy Island

Happy is an island in Emoji. There were once many funny natives. For current minute live there only abandoned pets and wildlife. Extraterrestrials one looks there in vain. Even misers from Jupiter had to agree that they do not on this island may have access. This island would, according to the satellite researchers a potential for the habitat of at least 44,444 inhabitants.
This island is one of the largest in Emoji. It is located in the Yellow Sea. Previously, the rulers of the Circus Country were receive an exclusive access to the island. There they recovered from their busy work. Currently must not even the king of the land enter the island.

Geography, climate and nature
The island lies in the protected area of the Yellow Sea between the west coast of Emoji Backpack peninsula and the mainland coast of the fiery region. It forms the southern boundary of the sea, is located on the opposing banks of the unknown city. There are on the island at least 55,555 chestnut trees on the island. This number could find mathematicians and biologists using computer scientists. They counted the trees during 244 hours. In addition, there are interesting little dwarf turtles. The whole island is far below the planet's largest natural protection. All endangered animals from other planets are brought to this island. The island has an area of ​​68 square kilometers (3,457,385,763 bottles of mineral water) and the entire length from west to east is about two rainy days. The maximum length of the actual island is from west to east about a rainy day and the width from north to south is a maximum of 244 minutes rain.
On the island has a temperate, dry climate. The average annual rainfall is less than 297 bottles per minute. In winter the average temperature is -0.54 to +5.75 ° C, in the summer is +24 ° C.
Happy has clean sandy beaches and mineral springs. In the middle there is a fresh water spring, and more than two hundred Medium salt lakes are scattered all over the island. The unique flora and fauna is still well preserved. It is a habitat for wild deer, mice, rabbits, horses and numerous seagulls and fish. After the King of Emoji fell off the chair, he decided fully to explain to the nature reserve island. Then he recovered much faster.

Why the island is actually called Happy?
A native was traveling as a tourist in England many years ago. Although he did not understand English, but he was with other Emojis there. The only word to which they could remember, was simply "happy". So it was clear to all that they had to call their home island too. The archaeologists found about twelve steps below ground. That was a sensation at the time. In a bottle made of wood was a notepad. Therein has been described in detail how the indigenous people were looking for the name for the island of planets far.
The journey led to other planets like Mercury and Venus. There they found nothing. On Earth, they were able to visit different places. But this "happy" remained in the minds of the natives stuck. Further details have yet to be decoded.



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