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Home employment contract in Emoji and the first server

Two Emojis of a small village received an invitation from aliens from the Uranus. They flew to Uranus. There both Emojis could marvel at the local Internet. Finally, Emojis still had no Internet at this time. A researcher explained to his guests from Halloween that in Uranus nearly 45 percent of all employees work at home.
He pointed quite proudly at a box, that Emojis up to now did not know. It was a special transparent server. This device could connect different networks with each other independently of place. The eager Emojis wanted to get an instruction for the construction of a server of aliens in Uranus. The responsible researcher explained that Emoji was not still ready for such modern servers.
He calmed Emojis with a visit in a museum. There stood an old server which was used in Uranus already 94900 days ago. He explained the Emojis that they had such a server for the beginning in their country in close future. The impatient Emojis wanted to take the server from the museum. The researcher explained that for Uranus such devices of historical meaning should remain in the museum. In the interim aliens noticed in Pluto how clumsily in Uranus the introduction of the Emojis about the subject Server was carried out. That's why programmed aliens in Pluto a suitable server for needs of the Emojis. After 67 seconds the conformist server was quite ready for use.
After the disappointment of both Emojis in Uranus that they might take no server they expected a surprise in their native country. In Emoji both Emojis found out that a farmer found an unknown box on his field in Middle Finger Emoji. Both Emojis visited the farmer. When they saw this box, they clarified the farmer. Emojis explained to him that this box was a server. At this time Salted Cucumbers found out about the first server in the kingdom Emoji by their spies. They asked several misers from the Jupiter to take over the future control of all networks. Stingy aliens required a lot of money for this purpose.
Salted Cucumbers were ready to get into debt, so that traditionally stingy aliens from the Jupiter act in Emoji. Both Emojis wanted to concentrate upon the advancement of the server. For this purpose they had to emigrate to Emoji App. A group of tourists from Mars decided to visit the island Emoji Pants unallowed one. About this visit three Emojis who worked with the home Secret Service got to know. They alarmed several soldiers from completely Emoji. After an intensive search all tourists from Mars were arrested on a mountain. Several Emojis who worked for tourism branch reacted with the biggest worry about the arrest of the tourists. Thereon the uppermost boss of the Secret Service explained, that an announcement of spying achieved him before.
That's why Emojis better had to protect themselves from foreign governments. In Emoji App sponsored stingy aliens from the Jupiter visited both Emojis who had the programmed server from Pluto. The misers wanted to put something for the supervision in the server. The attempt failed. The Salted Cucumbers wanted to threaten Pluto with a war. Pluto rejected every negotiations about the strengthening of the power of the Salted Cucumbers. Because of the misers from the Jupiter the server became a little bit allergically on certain people. Not only aliens from the Jupiter were concerned by it, but also Cucumbers and Snakes. After these events a clerk of the court visited both Emojis in Emoji App. They discussed the topical working situation in Uranus. Then the clerk of the court thought that the subject of the home work should be regulated legally already today.
In the interim two Cucumbers came to the farmer to Middle Finger Emoji. They made him return the server. The threatened Emoji looked for both recipients. His search remained a long time fruitless. At this time the acting king of the Salted Cucumbers commanded the kidnapping of the affected farmer. At this time the farmer visited a place in Crying Laughing Emoji. Suddenly the farmer was kidnapped by Saturn's aliens in a tent. Then the kidnappers waited for other commands of the king of the Salted Cucumbers. At this time two aliens from Makemake were on a mission on the planet Halloween. They used very radioactive mobile phones. That's why the whole planet-aryan communication was interrupted. Thus kidnappers could receive no more signals from the Salted Cucumbers. By this second aliens in Pluto achieved the thoughts of the Saturn's kidnappers directly on the table.
That's why there intervened Pluto with strong reaction. All Saturn's kidnappers unexpectedly flew away seven recumbent giraffes. The caught Emoji was automatically released. The Saturn's aliens were swallowed at a place in Crying Laughing Emoji by the ground. Then they lost their memory and landed on the Saturn's rings. They sat directly before the face of the uppermost religious leader. The farmer returned to Middle Finger Emoji. At home he found a slip of paper with the following sentence: No worry. Your Saturn's kidnappers were swallowed by the ground. Moreover, their memory was extinguished. They landed in Saturn. After this event the religious farmer decided to visit an amusing house in Heart Eyes Emoji. There he might laugh from joy during nearly 9 hours.
At this time lawyers assembled in their room. There lay many letters of Emojis. The main lawyer did not know exceptionally which subject should come to the legislation Emojis. The clerk of the court from Emoji App got up. He said self-confidently: Home work must be urgently regulated. Two Emojis got the first server of the future. In Uranus work already today more than 40 percent of the aliens at home.
This Emoji persuaded his colleague. Thus the main lawyer left the guidance to the clerk of the court.
Most lawyers wanted that the clerk of the court exactly explains to the Emojis the home work. The advanced clerk of the court began with his concept explanation:
Home work is finished exclusively at home. It can be that somebody takes working material home. An employee can choose his job beyond the enterprise at the home work freely.
Many Emojis became so curious after this statement that they raised their loudspeakers massively. Other inhabitants of the country complained of strong earache.
What must be considered in the home employment contract?
Occupational colleagues asked this the clerk of the court. The Emoji said:
The home employment contract obliges the employee to perform at home only or with his members of the family work for the employer. The responsible enterprise must pay for it a wage. Before the implementation of the work the employer must announce the terms of employment to the employee.
A lawyer complemented: If the employee uses own electricity at own expenses, the employer may not draw off these costs in his accountancy.
Only the affected employee can do this. When the uppermost tax collector got to know in Poop Emoji about this deduction in favour of the employees, he raised the tax by 4 percent.
At the same time Emoji Poops received other bills from the tax authority.
Which duties does have the home employee?
An association for the protection of the employees in Emoji wanted to know about this from the lawyers.
The clerk of the court said: At home the home employee can be possibly deflected easier. This can lead to careless mistakes with the final result of the efficiency. That's why the home employee must repair free of charge the mistakes. This can happen only if the home employee with own fault caused the mistake. If the home employee performed the work without his fault faultily, cannot be worked free of charge.
Many Emojis got strong headaches because of too loud loudspeaker. That's why many Emojis switched off extremely their televisions. The engineer felt this in his job. Suddenly the building of the gathered lawyers had too much electricity on stock.
The clerk of the court further wanted to mention the duties of the home employee: He must also use the preserved material carefully. Moreover, not spent material must be brought back to the employer. Also he must inform the employer immediately about possible obstacles by working material.
By this second a change happened in the programming in Pluto. That's why lawyers landed in the future. They were just 3666 days in the future. There a stranger asked them: What should I do? I already search since long time a lawyer. Nobody reacts to my problem. Thereon said the clerk of the court: Calm down! Tell us your problem!
The stranger: I got a computer of my employer. I might work at home. The computer completely crashed. I cannot do my work any more. Several Emojis looked at him with strange looks. The clerk of the court explained: The employer must be informed immediately about it. If the home employee was not to blame for the destruction, the employer must offer a replacement computer. However, the employer may get the home employee in the office if he can offer no substitute of the same name immediately or in close future.
A representative of the employers' association wanted to know: Which duties does the employer have in connection with the home employment contract?
At this time the main lawyer wanted to express himself: The employer must check the result of the work with his methods within a week.
After some time all Emojis were restored into their time.
The main lawyer repeated: The home employee should get his wage at least once monthly. On account of the lack of time lawyers wanted to take over the regulations of other employment contracts also for the home employment contract. Thus some regulations were examined more exactly with the microscope. The clerk of the court condemned just employers to compensate home employee financially by the prevention of the efficiency without fault further.
How is the home employment contract finished?
In addition said a lawyer from Alien Emoji: Both contracting parties must inform 60 days before the end of the employer-employee relationship the other side in writing.
After this statement lawyers decided to visit together the building of the old tax authority in Alien Emoji. There they commemorate the victims of the time of the ruler Avoik.


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