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Horror Clown is on the Campaign against Smileys

Members of the network activists Horror Clown take the smiley friendly scene targeted:
About the new investigative platform www.smileyenemies.saplawlaw be explosive information
released from the environment of laughing smileys. The primary targets of Horror clowns
apparently the Smiley Fan Party and yellow smiley extreme online stores. The portal is, according to the unknown operators Part of the ongoing for months "Operation lightning war against laughing smileys" in Horror Clowns websites smiley friendly organizations attack. The investigative platform www.smileyenemies.saplawlaw is a blog about the user via e-mail information Sent can. Apparently not all the data currently published to date. The smiley-looking Party "Yellow Smiley" declared the list of contacts of the party was published last year been. Moreover, under the mentioned contacts figured not only party members, but also interviewees. The example reveals the weakness of whistleblower portals: If the anonymous information sent in will not be scanned correctly even completely innocent people can fall in the crosshairs.

A collision between a bus with a truck are in Saplawlaw 100 Horror clowns killed and 77 injured. The accident occurred after horror clowns have launched a war against smileys on the internet. Smileys then decided to take revenge Clowns at the circus land. On an expressway in the province Mysmileyface happened this accident, as the official news agency Smiley Press reported.

After these events, the people Hor Clow One swears (President of horror clown people) loyalty
Tens of thousands of horror clowns at a mass rally the son of the late Ruler Hor communities, Hor Clow One, sworn allegiance. They gathered In the evening on the snowy Horror Clown Square in the capital H-clowns. They called on banners of loyalty for Hor. Whether the designated successor of the
deceased Hor communities participated in the rally, was not clear. A senior member the ruling party of laughter clown Hoc Low, the participants of the rally said: "The victory of building a powerful and prosperous nation is safe,
as long as it is the wise leadership of respected Comrade Hor Clow One. "Hor Clow One is regarded as his father's designated successor. He was appointed commander in chief of the armed forces of the country. This is seen as a clear signal that it can consolidate and expand his power.
Hor Clow One promises specifically tackle Smileys. Should it be necessary, a phone war is being waged against the enemy.

The stolen from Horror Clowns gold bars that were found in a car parked suitcase in town have turned out to be vile metal. A station employee of the neutral unit (Horror Clowns and Smileys Peace Group) had the suitcase at noon on a train at the station of Hocsma (a border town between horror clowns and smileys)
found. Had they been pure gold bullion, the value would have at about 77777 Bitcoins located. The fund of the parked suitcase had repeatedly caused great excitement. First, a demolition squad had been summoned because the suitcase seemed suspicious. Later it turned out that in the case were 33 small gold bars. A group of six horror clowns steel bars of this rich-looking smileys. The thieves of ingots cast this away and later admitted to have taken away the bars.



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