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Horror Clown the First

Horror Clown -The most famous king of the history

This is the biography of first Horror Clown who ruled Circus Union after he replaced Bronze Stone Clown and Scary Clown in Heart Emoji. Horror Clown had different sides of his life. Horror Clown was also active as a banknote forger, which he often with his likeness "embellished". Horror Clown was one of the first people in history who on excessive production of "Selfies" diseased. In his life he is said to have made a record-breaking 999 999 Selfies with all its cameras.
Horror Clown is one of the greatest kings in the history and the buyer of the old paper mill. Horror Clown modernized the old still blue colored paper to modern white yellow paper. Life of Horror Clown interested many residents of the former Circus Union before, and will also provide in future for a lot of conversation. In the following the biography of one the most popular horror clowns who occupies to many Smileys today from the left and on the right, on top and below and all sides with the square. Horror Clown could be a lifetime deal with his complexes, that he could not eat as many
🍌 bananas at once, as his opponent Horror Springer was. Both struggled to rival the reputation of being the political counter-images of 🧟 zombie king. The way he played the music no one else on the horror clown pipe organ. Already at the young age of 7 7/9 he noticed his talent. He was very determined and followed its goals despite the rise of zombie king in the land of Smileys. Horror Clown was in the secret year EASA under the name First Class Clown of The Modern Circus (very briefly: The First Horror Clown) born to an old theater in the former circus country. One parent, also further known as Red-Eye lost very early his ability to fight. As a horror clown was born, his parents sent him to study at a clown doctor. The 🤡 clown doctor noted that the born horror clown has a megabyte rapid career advancement forward. As the parents of horror clowns had not very much 💰 money, they took out a loan for the clown 😷 doctor.

Horror Clown                                     Horror Clown on an average day

As a horror clown was twelve years old, his parents had the credit for his birth have finally repaid. As the parents had very high debt even twelve years after his birth, the lender Mr. Piggy Bank owner threatened the parents with legal measures. Mr. Piggy threatened both parents with a murder by a 🏉 rugby football pitch and the removal of their son (Horror Clown, the First) as his personal slave. After horror clown learned as nearly thirteen years of the threat to his parents, his character was rock hard. Horror Clown faked then the notes and poisoned them with atomic 🍫 chocolate. He brought these bills Mr. Piggy. This took the banknotes to laugh and thanks. After a short time ill Mr. Piggy Bank on a stomach lip. He felt worse and worse. He called an ambulance. This made Mr. saving bill establishes a new disease. With X-ray images, the doctor could see Mr. Piggy growing lip in the stomach of the 🏦 bank owners. Horror Clown read about the illness of Mr. Piggy in the 📰 newspaper. As he realized what he is capable of. Horror Clown bought a 📷 camera for himself and began himself daily to admire several times and photographed almost every spare minute. Luckily he had a computer and could save his numerous Selfies on pears memory card. The forests have been spared from the excessive use of paper through the First Horror Clown. 

Horror Clown in a fake banknote                                      Horror Clown in a fake banknote

Since the age of fourteen, the youthful horror clown like flying in a 🚀rocket to the moon with other astronauts. Once a banana from a 🌴 palm tree fell on his head, he began to be interested in the circus policy. After a not wonderful childhood - he had to protect sheepskin before the hungry wolf from his 4 years old - began for him with the school of the seriousness of life. He quickly became classified as gifted and transferred to the circus University in the capital of the circus country at the age of 8.8642 years and began with the first theses. In ADGM he participated in a student exchange in Funny country. This should be an important event in his future life. Meanwhile, he met many of his pen pals that he already knows from his third birthday on, he encouraged them to study in circus country, where known, any comes in, to study science circus. Some of his friends are: PIN, IP, Gigabyte and many more. In ADGT he has his former best friend PIN swiped to make the smartphone to Selfies. When PIN out was that he threw five gigabytes cucumber to his home, but the pickles are gone and landed by mistake on the occupied cities of Smileys and Funny Face Happy Face. According to his mother, the First Horror Clown is another victim of the attack cucumbers on his balcony. His physical stepsister had been repaired by the way to their future lifetime of wood. As a horror clown under this exchange that is sitting in a local cafe and then typical tomato coffee enjoyed, walked at once Wanky, Cleaner and Idre Minim and his hungry friend Breadless Moreeat in half consciousness Café, with the intention of the First Horror Clown to their join group. Wanky, Cleaner and Minim read about the heroic act of horror clowns, the mighty Lord Piggy Bank to bring a growing lip in the stomach.
Horror Clown, who was interested in every circus theory, very fond of talking to the three men on the takeover in Circus country. Horror Clown received a waterproof Summary of Minim ideas and was immediately impressed. He moved to the Minim fans and Moreeat in the student apartment and developed with them the royal manifesto that brought him and four of his new friends to power.
After this carefree time horror clown returned in ADGZ to his homeland, where he was trying to find new followers for the new idea of Selfiekings. In ADHA he founded the royal Horror Clown Selfie organization as a counterpart to extraterrestrial dictatorial Minim Moreeat which was for the first time admitted as one of three parties to find ADHB on the ballot. Nevertheless, the party reached 99,99999999TZMGLS% of all votes, which also it was that the elections were first carried out with a smartphone election machine. Horror Clown was portrayed in the media of Saturn and many other planets as fairytale Prince Charming. The global enthusiasm for the First Horror Clown rose from second to second. Except in Funny country.
In ADHC, in the planetary war, horror clown started with the words: "I'm doing a 🤳 Selfie I photograph myself I am instructing the population to photograph me of this, I win the war...". The then king of circus country Circles Bringel responded as expected was extremely panicked. He said: "As of today at 8.59 clock and 59 seconds I'm going to react with water pistol!" and sent his army going. This led to a great deal of misunderstanding in the circus country. Some residents knew not the First Horror Clown. Other residents swore their loyalty to the horror clown.

Horror Clown with fake banknotes                                     Horror Clown with fake banknotes

He could count on the support of this Minim Moreeat- fans who had sent him warm socks with lazy content. Therefore, won the First Horror Clown against the king Circle Bringel. Horror Clown invited his single friends Minim and Moreeat and announced together with them the establishment of a strong kingdom of the universe. The people cheered. From this moment, the First Horror Clown suddenly became very famous.

Horror Clown as king Horror Clown as king

As Breadless Moreeat, the friendly champion of the new king, the next day announced the seizure of the assets of 666666 inhabitants in selected from Horror Clown. This led to the loss of laughter in the population throughout the country circus. Jugglers lost their toys. Other circus theorists were suddenly nervous. It finally came to Internet outage. In no time at all of the assets of selected 666666 inhabitants belonged to the kingdom of the First Horror Clowns. Because horror clown but was a man of the people, the change was only in theory. Horror Clown had no idea of the life he had just like Zombie King a kingdom; both were and are lions eaters. But his 📚 books are not nearly as well known as his best friend, the zombie king. After founding the circus Intelligence who courted the citizens of a state and delighted, the First Horror Clown was in circus country finally fully known and horror clown could new tasks such as the Bee War and the subsequent thieves war he to celebrate his 10 -year kingdom began in Circus country in ADHA with his best friend Zombie King. (Horror Clown: "An anniversary on the royal throne is celebrated best with an ordinary thieves war, I always say in all the meetings my friends") In addition to all its great progressive successes in distant circus country he helped in his second job as a bakery owner and the neighboring City Beginless to obesity and rich life. With the horror clown buildings still flank the most beautiful avenue Beginless. On the way to Mars Horror clown brought  the orders to hold: Every comrade who is receding shot on the spot with the tomato juice pistol. So he brought in Horror Clown City the Army of Mars to a halt. Horror Clown, the First did not want to have it, that zombie king turned against the circus country, despite the truce. Only shortly before the capital of the circus country, when autumn came, the Mars Army as in Evil Clown City had to pack up. To the north in Circus country it was almost the same, only a few hours later. Ultimately, the staying command had helped, but it cost more than 888888 haters of the First Horror Clowns life. After this war, horror clown very bored because he could no longer play with his friend PIN Zombie King now, because what loves the revenge. Therefore, Comrade Horror Clown sales from now on the time with the masking and anonymous horror clowns wreaked damage. After completion of these two major projects horror clown goodbye to his well-deserved retirement and spent a pleasant evening of life in a luxury circus. Finally, he died at the age of 111 years, from an overdose of green milk ("the milk of chemical substances"), one of the few foods whose production horror clown had ever allowed.

Old Horror Clown                                          Old Horror Clown in his last days of life

He was together with his favorite color green in a giant pyramid on green theater, which he had painted in his lifetime by hand in this color, interred. On the way to Mars Horror Clown brought the staying a command: Every comrade of retreats is shot on the spot with the tomato juice pistol and immediately buried within two bytes in the earth.
Horror Clown continues to this day the record for most prices for Planetary peaceful coexistence in a row. From year to ADBJ PHJC he allowed all 44 times see his name on the newspaper headlines and posing for Selfies.
Asset seizure of his people made him the recognized statesman on the universe. For the murder of smileys First Horror Clown got the name of the greatest king in the history of circus country.

Horror Clown and his musical talent

Since earliest childhood was horror clown very musical. At the tender age of 4.4444 years, he began composing folk, circus and rock songs. But the usually quite complicated songs with sophisticated tones came even with the sharp critics good - they simply sounded to 123456789. Therefore, he went to the musical circus University.

Horror Clown with his Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass                                         Horror Clown with his 🔍 Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass

To accompany it developed its own, just as monumental sounding instrument, which he named after himself: The horror clown pipe organ with which could simultaneously generate whistling / howling sounds like pounding bass. Thus, different howl and whistle could produce; each of them (there were a total of about 333 pieces) was so great that it has been mounted on a vehicle to move around with it can. The created by him monumental sound was so resounding that all that time developed microphones capitulated to the sound width. Therefore, no sound recordings of musical style developed by him exist. His musical style was too modern for the then technical progress. In circus country his music was so popular that he regularly went on tour throughout the universe until his 109th birthday. His most famous song was pink mushrooms, which was dedicated to his first love.
In a hell of Third Horror Clown found many years later memoirs of the First Horror Clowns.

Horror Clown makes a Selfie                                     Horror Clown makes a 🤳 Selfie

When the First Horror Clown was on the run from a smiley face in his early childhood, he wrote several notes.
In his book "I, horror clown, my face, my life," he told of important experiences of his nearly 110-year life.
What he actually completed his bestselling book?
On every page of his book the reader could find at least 10 of his Selfies. To each Selfie he wrote a short story. He left after his death not only his book, his memoirs and his story. Also the Second Horror Clown as his successor he was planning in his book.



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