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How can pensioners react in Emoji if the old-age provisions does not pay on time the pension?

Concerned Emojis asked this question, who were sent shortly after the death of the last Horror Clowns to the deserving pension. After the death of the ruler of the Circus Union particularly many Emojis complained of unpunctual payments of the old-age pensions. This led to big problems in the succession state Emoji. In addition lawyers of the kingdom urgently had to invent a law. A former judge for the protection of the population against state stinginess on the payment of the old-age provisions said: Still the First Horror Clown obliged to himself to pay an old-age pension by the Circus Union. Nevertheless, many inhabitants of the Circus Union died as a result of very low old-age pension.
This time lawyers decided to write the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ Unpunctual payments of the old-age pensions and other pensions must pay to the affected pensioners a delay interest by the height of 2 percent in addition.
When the uppermost manager for old-age pensions got to know in Emoji about this law, he fell from his chair on the hard ground of the reality. Against that the old Emojis loudly applauded. Even the ghost of the former media entrepreneur from Middle Finger Emoji appeared before the eyes of the lawyers. By this second a miser from the Jupiter penetrated into the room.
He shouted: The trend on most planets goes to the direction of the lowering of the old-age pension. And you have decided just still a higher old-age pension for Emojis!! This is unacceptable. Because the lawyers were disturbed by the miser from the Jupiter at their work, they alarmed the police. Later the miser by an advocate of the expansion of the old-age pension became seriously injured.
At this time an announcement reached from an Emoji that he should pay a stingy bank owner to delay interest at delay interest. The present lawyers had to deal with this problem in their space.
The opinion of the Emojis in this question was clear:
§ In Emoji may be raised no delay interest at delay interest.
The affected Emoji got to know with big satisfaction about this law. Then he ran to the stingy bank owner and showed this sentence. The stingy bank owner suffered a shock. Then he had to be operated. A piece of his stinginess from the body of the miser was removed by the operation. Then he survived without delay interest at delay interest. Other Emojis hardly believed that the bank owner became a little more generous.
After this story an alien from the Venus came to the lawyers and said: I borrowed 345 Circus Bitcoins for the construction of a religious house to Emojis. On account of a damage in the water pipe Emojis required from me another 55 Circus Bitcoins for the repair. Later denied themselves Emojis the whole amount of 400 Circus Bitcoins to repay. They paid only 345. Later the court condemned these Emojis to the payment of a delay interest of 4 percent. They paid so only totally 375 Bitcoins. My damage from this contract amounts to 400. How do I get the rest from my debtors?
Several lawyers answered this at the same time:
You must be able to prove that you took over higher costs for the construction of the religious house. Otherwise the court of Emoji can send back your complaint to your address.
The alien from Venus reacted angry and said: How do I prove that I took over the repair costs for water pipe?
I had received no bill from the assembler. Thereon said a lawyer: Maybe you have only pretended this situation. The irritated alien from the Venus shouted and ran to the lawyer. Then he hit the lawyer on the head several times. The other lawyers tried to calm the furious alien. In the meantime, alarmed Emojis the local police.
Finally, after 12 seconds the violent alien from the Venus was arrested.
After this event the main lawyer wanted to order several sweets from Cute Emoji.
In addition he took the telephone.
In the meantime, twelve Emojis knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. Because of fear of other fights a lawyer took in hand a water melon. Then he opened the door with nervous face. In his left hand he held a water melon. Thereon Emojis asked whether they should receive this water melon as a present. The lawyer said that before a criminal alien from the Venus hit an occupational colleague for no reason.
Thereon said an Emoji: We came at the command of the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji. We found several irregularities in a form of a lawyer. The affected lawyer must explain exactly, why he paid tax on last year much less. Thereon explained the accused lawyer: The reason is the death of the Last Horror Clowns. So.... The lawyer was interrupted by the tax investigators. Emojis wanted to arrest the lawyer with the help of the soldiers. Several lawyers showed to the tax investigators in protest at the same time law books of the former Circus Union at it.
After some time still came the tax collector personally to the lawyers and required an immediate payment of the taxes. The lawyers supposed a deception attempt behind the tax collector. That's why a former defender alarmed the local police. Really it concerned with this tax collector a trickster. The other Emojis were identified as his accomplices.
The uppermost policeman explained that behind this Emojis a gang from the Saturn acted.
This time aliens from the Saturn wanted to earn in the background money by the levy on trustworthy way.
Can the term be extended for the repayment of a debt in the kingdom Emoji?
At this point a judge remembered the case of an Emojis: The customer had a fitness subscription. For that the Emoji paid monthly 12 Circus Bitcoins. One day the customer was longer than 44 days insolvent. So the customer was sued in court. With this process agreed the Emoji with the fitness enterprise on a later payment. Judicially this process was further supervised. The customer fulfilled his duty after 60 days. Thereon shouted a miser from the Jupiter: And if the payment comes too late, how can I defend myself?
A lawyer from Emoji Meaning answered this: With late fulfilment the compensation can be also required together with delay interest.
The other lawyers agreed to this statement. However, they said that this may be applied only with heavy cases so. Prerequisite a previous threat must arrive because of not payment of the bill with the debtor. Also a resignation of the contract may not be absent as an option. Therefore the lawyers on the following statement agreed in the code of the Emojis:
§ On late payment compensation can be also required together with delay interest. Besides, the creditor must inform anyway his debtor prematurely at least once.
With it all present lawyers were very contented. Finally, it should come in Emoji under no circumstances to an abuse of the unwarranted enrichment by compensation.
In addition a notary wanted to say something: Some time ago an Emoji complained of the delivery of several bills of the tax authority. On a bill the Emoji had to pay 70 Bitcoins.
On the same day the Emoji received a bill also by the height of 88 Bitcoins. The tax authority settled here one more delay interest because of not paid-up taxes. The Emoji was angry at it because he did not receive the first bill of the stingiest authority because of delivery problems of the post. He wanted to defend himself against it. But the stinginess of the authorities won almost. The Emoji could prove thanks to a detective that postal employees were instructed in addition specially by the tax authority. Thus corrupt employees of the tax authority earned additional money. This happened immediately after the death of the Last Horror Clowns in the area of the Emoji and other countries of the former Circus Union.

In this case lawyers believed that the affected Emoji had to pay the first bill with 70 Bitcoins. The second bill is automatically a crime against the rights of the Emojis. Thus the lawyers agreed on this decision.
Can the withdrawing person refuse the promised achievement in the contract and claim back the performed?
This wanted to know an Emoji absolutely. A short time ago he bought a culinary mixer
with a trader. However, the Emoji was not contented with the device. That's why he wanted to send back the culinary mixer to the trader. Emoji did not pay up to now the purchase price.
For lawyers was clear that the customer could send back in this case the culinary mixer easily. The contented Emoji thanked at least 26 times the lawyers. Then he wanted to run home and send back the culinary mixer.
Outdoors the Emoji was stopped by a soldier. Then the Emoji had to be brought back to the lawyers. They wanted to say him something else: If the culinary mixer suffered some damages by the customer, the Emoji must pay the compensation. Thereon reacted the Emoji weeping. His culinary mixer became partial by the use of the lemon sounds slightly injured. He said this the present lawyers.
Then a lawyer explained that the Emoji possibly had to pay a compensation. After this event the buyer of the culinary mixer started to throw bitter tears of his eyes. A lawyer feared that the room is transformed into a river. That's why he commanded the road of the crying Emojis.
Then the main lawyer explained that on the agenda still was an important subject:
May a third party take the achievement for the creditor?
For the lawyers the answer was quite clear here: Yes. If a third person liked to help a debtor, this may happen. Besides, the debtor can be pursued, nevertheless, for other debts legally.
A case: An Emoji paid for his friend from the Venus 30 Bitcoins for a vehicle. The alien from the Venus had to pay another 6 Bitcoins himself.
Can a debtor promise an achievement of a third person to the creditor?
Thereon said a former lawyer: Only if this third person took a provable juridical obliging obligation. Surprises are forbidden. Thus an Emoji cannot oblige somebody as a third person without his knowledge. With this decision all lawyers were contented.
Suddenly a big ear on the ground grew within 6 seconds under the feet of the lawyers. Emojis complained after this event of a disturbance under their feet. This became the main topic of the lawyers. Finally, after some time they decided to look under their feet. There the lawyers noticed the big recumbent ear. They had great fear. In comparison to the similar case with the ear of the aliens from the Jupiter this ear was blue a little bit. From the ear somebody shouted: Damn, Emojis noticed us!!
At this time all lawyers hit together with their feet on the ear. Suddenly spy glasses fell from the place.
Thereon stood "made in the Salted Cucumbers".
For Emojis was clear that Salted Cucumbers were very curiously on the events in Emoji after the death of the Last Horror Clowns. So they tried to spy out the new legislation.
That's why the main lawyer contacted the local police. Then there came many policemen and they started to disinfect the ground. All bacteria and microbes of the Salted Cucumbers should be thereby cleaned. Whether this the Emojis managed, nobody could know.

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