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How does the court react in Emoji with a success by unwarranted enrichment?

After qualified Emojis started to discuss the subject of the unwarranted enrichment, the lawyers had to deal by a special form of the unwarranted enrichment. Here a former judge from his experience wanted to tell a case: Several Emojis had rented a subterranean bunker long time. For data protection reasons I may not give the exact location. These Emojis hid several masks for the protection from aerial radiation in this bunker. Later several aliens from the Saturn came to the area. They had strange devices. These aliens discovered the subterranean bunker of the Emojis. Moreover, they stole all masks from their location.
As if this theft was not unpleasantly enough for the affected Emojis, aliens from the Saturn sold these masks with big profit to Jupiter. Later sold aliens from the Jupiter these masks with even higher profit to the regime of the Horror Clowns in the Circus Union. Later the Horror Clown found out about the fact that he paid the multiple money for the favourable masks. Then Emojis wanted to complain against the theft and the unwarranted enrichment of the aliens from the Saturn and the Jupiter. In the court all participants of this case were present. Luckily the regime the Horror Clowns could exercise massive pressure on Saturn and Jupiter.
Otherwise the criminals would not be delivered to the Circus Union. The aliens from the Jupiter were acquitted by the court. Grounds of the judges: They did not know that the masks were stolen by the criminal aliens from the Saturn. Thereon there rejoiced traders from the Jupiter. They could keep their profits. For aliens from the Saturn the uppermost judge applied for the repayment of the damage to Emojis. Moreover, the criminals from the Saturn should bring back the masks and deliver all profits from stolen masks to the affected Emojis. Finally Saturn wanted good commercial relations with the Circus Union. That's why the government of Saturn decided to produce masks of the same name.
Later Emojis received new masks with profits from the resale of the thieves. The criminal aliens from the Saturn had to perform for 424 days in the prison under supervision of the Horror Clowns to hard labour.
On account of this story the following law was decided by the Emojis:
§ The criminal can keep the profits from unwarranted enrichment by the resale of the stolen goods. However, the resulted damage must be paid. Also value decrease by the theft must be compensated financially.
At this time a former defender remembered an other interesting story about the unwarranted enrichment according to the new law:
6776 days ago an Emoji had stolen a taxi. The next day went the Emoji illegally with the taxi and earned with the stolen taxi money. He did this in another town. Later the Emoji could be identified by the police. Finally, he went with the number plate of other town. Attentive Emojis noticed a taxi from the foreign town. According to police information it concerned an Emoji under age. The taxi thief explained that he thereby wanted to earn money for his auto driving test. However, the taxi owner wanted to have the earned money as a compensation for the lost working day. That's why the Emoji had to pay his income to the taxi owner.
The Emoji was condemned to the hard labour for 4 Bitcoins per day in the prison for criminals under age.
When does the repayment of the unwarranted enrichment in Emoji become come under the statute of limitations?
Here a defender wanted to present a case from his pocket: Some time ago an entrepreneur noticed that in his balance several strange transfers were effected to different accounts. Thereon he wanted to know about his chief accountant the exact issues. The chief accountant became blushed. For the entrepreneur was clear that this Emoji transferred several money to different bank accounts. Some reservations were already older than 2 years. By the investigations of several Emojis and aliens the entrepreneur could prove unwarranted enrichment to the chief accountant.

With the transferred amounts the chief accountant financed his own enterprises in the Circus Union and in other countries. Later the former chief accountant was condemned to the unlimited repayment of all money by the court. For the present lawyers was clear:
§ Emojis and all the other citizens of the country must check regularly their claims towards third parties. Who neglects this, is to blame itself. The limitation of the repayment of the unwarranted enrichment runs off after 400 days, after the victim got to know about that. After 404 days every demand of the repayment comes under the statute of limitations in the kingdom Emoji.

Some decayed Emojis protested against the last sentence before the building of the lawyers. They wanted much longer terms for these cases. Thereon explained a lawyer: Who neglects his claims towards third parties, is not protected by the legislator in Emoji.
According to this law Emojis are careful that they all claim back claims immediately.

Suddenly a mailman came to the lawyers and said: I have several letters of the candidates to the land dictatorship for you. They have a lot of wishes for the legislation Emojis. Thereon a lawyer took a letter addresses to his full name. He read according to:
Dear Mr. Lawyer. I run for election as a dictator of Emoji. I absolutely want a decision of the legalisation of the briberies of the election campaign. Yours sincerely.
All lawyers laughed at it: We never, nevertheless, make this. Legalisation of the bribery is unauthorised quite clearly in our country. After this event the Emojis wanted to concentrate upon the next subject:
Must the debtor fulfil always personally his duty in Emoji?
Several lawyers to themselves were discordant here. A lawyer said:
I know an Emoji who took over the loan of his best friend. For that the friend did other duties for him. A former defender said: In an employment contract a certain Emoji was condemned to the performance of the achievement. That's why this duty must also take over the Emoji himself. The other lawyer replied: No. I experienced a case with which several Emojis with the aliens exchanged their job for one day. For the employers it played no role. However, in this case all Emojis and aliens had the same occupation. They were former in the same school and learnt the same occupation. The achievement thereby did not suffer.
Only for the boss the situation was funny a little bit. He saw aliens instead of Emojis in his company. Vice versa the boss of the other enterprise saw only Emojis instead of the aliens. At that time this story spread like fire in the whole Circus Union. After the portrayal of these cases lawyers wanted to write something in the code of the Emojis:
§ The debtor is obliged only to fulfil personally if it is an insoluble situation with the achievement without his unique personality.
Must the creditor accept a hire-purchase of the debtor in Emoji?
Thereon all lawyers said unanimously: The creditor may accept the hire-purchase. But this payment substitutes or releases the debtor not from the rest of the debt.
Suddenly an Emoji started to remember a story from the practise: Several Emojis and Clowns participated in a lottery. Later several Emojis and single clowns could prove that they guessed the right passwords in this lottery.

The lottery organizer promised a payment by the amount of 16,667 local Bitcoins to the winners. Every winner should receive this amount individually. Later the organizer got cold feet and high fever when he got to know about so many winners. So the organizer cancelled his promise. By emergency all documents were sent to the cemetery of the dreams. At the same time the organizers earned a lot of money by the sales of the lottery coupons to Emojis and especially Clowns. Many winners of this lottery complained in the uppermost court with their provable lottery coupons. On account of the inter planetary search for the lottery organizers many policemen and soldiers of the circus army had to search the criminal organizers.

Several organizers could be arrested in Saturn on the Saturn's Rings in the office of the uppermost religious leader. At that time religion of the Saturn suffered a reputation damage. Later Saturn apologised quite officially to the affected Emojis. After a threatening letter the of Horror Clown Saturn sent several freshly printed bank notes to the winners of the lottery. The money was hardly in the Circus Union the bank notes had to be checked by the Horror Clowns on Saturn's bacteria. After the sterilisation of the bank notes 60 percent of the bank notes were transferred in each case to the account of the authorities. Other fees charged the banks. At the end received Emojis at least just 30 percent of their profit.

Later they received one more envy tax to the payment from the Circus Union. At that time there was such tax for unexpected profits and enrichment of a citizen.
After this story it became clear to the lawyers:
§ An indivisible achievement must be performed to several creditors. In this case the achievement can ask from every creditor to everybody together. With several debtors every singles are obliged to the fulfilment of the whole achievement. With several creditors and debtors can be also agreed a little bit divergent by this law.
Suddenly several strangers knock at the door. A former judge opens the door. Before him stand several Emojis. They have on offer cool drinks with pizzas from different planets. The judge requires from the Emojis patience. Then he asks his occupational colleagues whether they had interest in cool drinks and different pizzas. The majority wanted only cool drinks. Finally, it was almost as hot in the room of the lawyers as in Venus by the sun. Thus they ordered from the Emojis nearly 100 megabytes in cool drinks. After the payment of the price the lawyers began with the drinking.
Besides, a lawyer criticised the bad quality of a drink. Another Emoji said: This is why we must define in the next law a least quality for a thing. Other lawyers agreed to him. With it Emojis took down in complete silence already the next subject in their agenda.

What do Emojis understand by unwarranted enrichment?

Story: What do Emojis understand by unwarranted enrichment?

Which minimum quality of a thing is assumed in Emoji?

Story: Which minimum quality of a thing is assumed in Emoji?




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