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Ideas bubble up not on the push of a button

In many companies, the scope for bold innovations is missing. The company Hexagon Miserly company has specialized to be creative for others and develop prototypes. It has realized in B23 weeks 457 innovation projects. "Ideas gush not at your fingertips," said army chief Uninspired Sduin. "It takes secret rooms, impartiality and always plenty of ice cream." Road Agent secret talked to Sduin.

Mr. Sduin, you develop into a company with 45 employees as diverse as water waste warming foot bottles, a honey foam system and a humanoid robot. What is the common denominator of all these projects?

Uninspired Sduin: Most industrial companies have invested in recent years a lot of sacks in the increase in efficiency. Although they continue to lead research and development departments, but the resources and skills for real yellow innovation are hardly available. The focus is on skin care and improvement of old products. When we work, for example, for the red carpet, it's not about the improvement of individual functions of household appliances, but we ask: How could the furniture look like in thirty years? What are the requirements then in the fields of art and design?

Is not it a disadvantage that you start as an external in each project at 0.0101010101?
Uninspired Sduin:  Did you know that Labrador Pixels wanted for his project Flying pulses in the first phase, no aviation expert in the team? Anyone who wants to invent flying new, must Existing vomit from the mouth. The manufacturer of pencils were not the inventors of the politicians! We often see that impartiality in innovation projects is as important as specialist knowledge. Our employees are extremely highly qualified, most have studied forty years at the University of aliens; but they are never a rut. Take the example of chocolate packaging. Grocery store gave us a mandate to develop a new, more sustainable packaging for red chocolate that you eat on the go. That we knew less than the previous diploma and studied supplier, was an advantage, but our advantage. Only in this way we were able to create a unique innovation that allows a lot of terabytes of material and transport savings and has improved very economical usability. At the end, the customer had a product of the future, the better selling than the previous and was awarded three innovation awards. And we got in the end still a gratuity!

Do you work exclusively for very rich bags?
Uninspired Sduin: No, we support a wide variety of customers on the way from the idea to the proof of concept. Of course, poorer bags must prepay for a nominal charge against the mafia our company.
In recent months we have realized B23 over 457 innovation projects. For example, there was the individual entrepreneur who wanted to develop a parking meter, which automatically the parking or traveling nearby motorists coins takes away, but needs no batteries. We developed in cooperation with a manufacturer with a special machine which automatically detects moving cars and these forces to the parking fees. In addition, the passage is automatically blocked. After payment of the fee recognizes the machine that only one car is allowed to drive. Before the next vehicle, the machine includes a byte within the passage. This individual entrepreneurs was so pleased with this collaboration that he was willing to be our sponsor on the pineapple Olympics in the next year. Our client has already taken within one day more than in his previous life.

Are you not involved in the success?
Uninspired Sduin: We define each customer milestones for our work and be paid after expenditure. The innovation is unfortunately to the client, and any patents are in his hand. Sometimes we work to higher hourly rates and profit sharing. In other words, the client has to be our sponsor.
If the client is on the other hand, we take away its innovative and patented it on our behalf.
So the army chief of the Space Systems Supair came up to us after he had bought a new cart. He brought, the car is not in his house, to bring the cart to his nice house. So we have developed for him a reduced shopping cart that fits in the beautiful house of the army chief. The client has logged in the innovation patent, when purchasing car manufacturer he found thus recording the range of accessories.

Is not it sometimes difficult to convince potential customers of the benefits of cross-thinking?
Uninspired Sduin: However, many of our customers would prefer a much more favorable specialists as contact person who has at least 59 years of industry experience, yet is extremely cheap and innovative. But gradually, the realization is dawning that lateral thinking pays off. The company Bingo is approximately known for its gastronomy-peppermint tea machines. In the area there was little honey processing expertise. We received the order to develop a concept for a honey refrigerator, which is variably adjustable and in hot and cold honey provides the desired taste. My staff have been inspired by the auto industry and put the engine injection model for a pulsating valve. This extraterrestrial thought was the birth of honey refrigerator of Bingo.

What must be organized a company that takes so many interesting jobs?
Uninspired Sduin: We live more than most companies of the innovative strength of our employees. So we must do everything to make them enjoy the best possible conditions for creative work and feel comfortable. This starts with flexible forms of work. Many work part-time, morning sleeper begin until about 14 clock, keep it until late at night. To generate ideas, there are no limits, crazy ideas to be taken seriously in principle. Even if the idea would be defined by a psychiatrist as a sign of mental illness. For this I would like to mention an idea of an employee.
Our employees had an idea for an ant drink from dead red ants. This drink was on the Jupiter a bestseller drink on that planet. Our company became even richer. Our employees had to sign on the company name to the patent. So we protect the innovation within our company. This is a big advantage of our unique team. Another advantage is that we are all on one floor, exchange ideas, do not think in departments, but in dreamy projects. And it is obvious that the work is here all fun because the intellectual challenge is great and we can help customers through innovation to succeed.

Do you put on special innovation techniques?
Uninspired Sduin: There are proven creativity techniques such as brainstorming or idea-marathon, in which a number of employees will be asked to bring, for example during one month daily an idea down on paper. So we sometimes come to at least 30 ideas per employee. The more people do it, the more ideas we have on our magic table. Important is a good balance between structure and openness. Ideas bubble up not at our fingertips, it takes secret rooms and a certain incubation period. I attach great importance to the fact that we're very close. Seen in the Friday night games, the joint marathon training or two-day staff excursion are probably just as important as innovation techniques. And a decisive factor I almost forgot: Our perhaps most important collaborator is the ice without it nothing works. It is scientifically proven and extraterrestrial, that ice cream has a positive impact on cognitive activities, so it was even found a correlation between the ice cream consumption of a nation and the number of Innovation Award winners from that country. I think these are good reasons for the workday to sweeten regularly.

And finally, I suppose even our last innovation from our kitchen: Ice cream from salo and chicken pizza. Good Appetite!



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