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International Emoji Talk

International Emoji Talk is a major telecommunications provider in the Kingdom of Emoji. The company was established after a flood in a tent. Currently one can order most of the countries and planets reached by telephone. The provider requires a month for unlimited international calls around 1.04 Bitcoins. International Emoji Talk is one of the best providers for phone calls abroad. The company is not very interesting as investors for miserly Jupiter aliens. So the company was entirely funded by the native population. The company is part of the national property. This means that the local population serves as the Company's shareholders. For this reason, the people and aliens may also promote more favorable phone calls. The company is financially in good shape since its inception 29,836 days ago. Only at times of Horror Clowns had to be controlled by a filter all telephone conversations with foreign countries. The big boss of International Emoji Talk is elected by the people and aliens in a referendum. Also all the leaders of the company have to be elected by the people and aliens.



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