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Interview with the city programmer Anti Malware from Saturn

The following interview with the city programmer Anti Malware. He programmed each small area in the new field of Saturn with an ancient laptop from the Stone Age.

Mr. Malware, on the grounds of parliament to an underground bunker, possibly even a tax authority be established. Making it the announced by you compacted Penthouse disappeared at this location from your table into the parallel world?
Anti Malware turns on his laptop and asks for patience, because he has not had time to buy the latest operating system. (He still uses the old operating system that even the manufacturer has officially banned.) Anti Malware is waiting for his laptop and refuses to advance to answer the question. After 540 seconds his notebook has finally turned and he answers: No. The discussion of parliament come to this moment do quickly. City dictator Soft Ware and I had with Prince Mal Ware goods time a session to issue foxes in the square of Idiocy. There we have together clearly stated that we want to set any tax authority in parliament. Of course I also want to program any more tax authorities. The then devours even more money than the previous tax authorities away from city centers. After only 11,111 seconds later, the competent Prince says the opposite of what he has promised us the secret of the public meeting. That's very surprising. I want to finally work on my next program. The Prince bugging me extremely.

Anti Malware typed something in his notebook and provides for patience. He explains that he just downloaded a glass of cucumber juice drinks from the website. He explains Sweasy26 that the glass 277.77 megabytes cucumber juice in it. Then he studied the words in the dictionary that he needs for his reply. Pretty soon he finds them and responds:

We have agreed in the meeting with Mr. Ware: 🚯🅰️🌤🤚🕌🚯🇮🇹🦘🕌🤲🖕🌇➕🚯🚇🇺🇸🇮🇹🌉✴️🎛🤚👨🏑🚇🍷😶🏑🌇🥬🇺🇸🙃.

And what comes at the end, as end use?
Anti Malware begins any characters spit out of his mouth. The first word of his arises "FOR":

For a final use of the building is ideal for residential selected alien. It is easily accessible with the space agency. In the higher floors have great views of blue lights. It is close to town. It can build compacted. But even that is only briefly discussed. The end use is a multi-year project. It goes even reprogramming my part. That will take a long time.

How goes it on with the arsonists?
Anti Malware looks into his plan: 🤗🍷🈶🚇🌉🏆🤙📑🔜💼🕌🤚🈯♻️🗑. That you know well from your work with the computer?

Sweasy26 affirmed. The owner may renounce the lease but. In case of an even better tenant. Bursts of deal at the end yet?
Anti Malware grins: 👭🤚🕌🌉🌗🇺🇸🅰️🚨🌉🌇🚇🈶🚯🈶.

There are indeed still many opponents of these plans against the conversion.
Anti Malware looks at his watch: It may be that individuals have no joy in it. But we are part of the environment. It can not be that we pull up any fences around our area and believe, everything behind it happened, did not affect us. Finally, we will sooner or later still have a lot of foxes in Saturn. The underground bunker makes a good impression here.

Anti Malware wants desperately off his notebook. But this will take some time.
Sweasy26 thanked Anti Malware for the exciting interview.
Anti Malware puts his notebook in his pocket. He takes his glass with the cucumber juice and drinks ready. There is waiting for Anti Malware be dismissed from prison friend with a chocolate cake. Both meet and Malware infected the same all his fingers in the pie and is eating. So unhygienic thought extraterrestrial Sweasy26 about Anti Malware.



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