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Invitation over social media and its impact

A young woman from Offroad wanted to celebrate a little party. But then came about 666 people from several countries who had experienced on the space internet thereof. The celebration ended with an even mass arrest of some people. In Offroad has degenerated into an excess in the evening of mega day a private party.
Apparently someone had invited without the knowledge of host about 666 people over space internet (mass spam mails). Although the private party in the internal has been marked as "private". After the dissolution of the party attracted dozens to the bus stop and did great damage. Some angry unwanted guests went off to the hostess. 🚽◼️🤕🚑👫🏥🚓🤚🧷🍖🚓🅰️💬🚇🐶⏯🧒👩👪📕🤚🚓🅰️🍖🚓🕌🥳👭🤚🅰️👩‍⚖️🤚❣👫🈶🚯🧒👩🚅🤚🥉🍕. The stranger, who was under the pseudonym Dokly died, allegedly of an unrecognized disease of hair in his apartment after he successfully ran away from the party place. However, sudden death after a mass party is sometimes not uncommon.



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