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Is it a Poop or Chocolate Emoji?

An assigned counsel from Poop Emoji had to take at the wish of the first dictator the uppermost tax collector to the day meeting of the gathered lawyers to Laughing Emoji. For this purpose he had to buy a special seat for his vehicle. In the city centre two Emojis and four aliens from the Venus sold separately of each other suitable products. The assigned counsel enquired with all suppliers for their offers. Then he chose as patriotic Emoji the products with his local Emojis. He bought a gilt soft seat for the transport of the second-most important Emojis in the country in his vehicle. Then he had to attach the seat in his vehicle. On account of his handicrafts untalented he had to ask a craftsman with roots from Mars to attach the seat in his car. After done work the assigned counsel had to pay a total of 266 local Bitcoins. He might have paid back this expenditure of the tax authority. He went to the uppermost tax collector after these preparations. Beside the uppermost official also had to go two Emojis who served as bodyguards of the official.
At this time Monkey Emoji needed an approval of the authorities for the new musical radio station. For this purpose the entrepreneurial musician had to meet the first dictator personally. The ruler of Emoji promised to him to check his documents exactly. Several Emojis who acted in environmental associations organised a protest against the construction of several aerials for the new radio station nationally. That's why the first dictator on the pressure of other Emojis had to send a refusal to the entrepreneurial musician. Monkey Emoji reacted disappointed, however, showed understanding for his opponents. That's why he flew to Uranus. There he met a twin of the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji. In comparison to his twin brother he was a big opponent of the tax authority and fled after the death of the Third Horror Clowns from the former Circus Union and came by detours to Uranus. There he became a successful enterpriser in the area ecologically friendly aerials. Moreover, he invented a vacuum cleaner for injurious radioactive rays. Monkey Emoji was glad that he could find a local Emoji in Uranus for his purposes. This was a piece of luck for him. Finally, after the return the entrepreneurial musician could found his radio station.
This time an ant not even noticed the results of the new radio station. Four attentive Emojis found the ecologically friendly aerial with the logo. There the face of the uppermost tax collectors was to be seen. They thought that the uppermost official still produced aerials secretly. That's why they wanted to inform several journalists. They hoped to organise a scandal against the stingiest and haughtiest Emoji. Really the uppermost tax collector became a number 1 national on the subject. In spite of this attention the uppermost official could defend himself successfully against all accusations. At the end Emojis thought that somebody stuck falsely his photo on the aerial. That's why the haughtiest Emoji undertook an attempt to forbid the musical radio station. The first dictator checked this demand very carefully. Nevertheless, he undertook nothing. The next day the assigned counsel had to take the uppermost official again to the day meeting.
As before had to protect this time also two Emojis the uppermost tax collector.
On the big highway all vehicles had to stop because of a police control. The assigned counsel started to look for his driving licence.
He noticed that the document was absent. He asked nervously the other Emojis whether they had a driving licence, besides. A bodyguard said that he always had the document with himself. That's why the assigned counsel said him that he should sit down to his seat for the police control. Both Poop Emojis exchanged their seats. After the police control all Emojis might go on. The assigned counsel closed for a short time his eyes. In the interim the being with the shining eyes appeared before him. The affected Emoji looked remaining for other Emojis than in the deep sleep. That's why the bodyguard took over the role of the driver. The uppermost tax collector started to say something. His statements confused the other Emojis, so that they went falsely to Emoji Symbols. There several Saturn's aliens waited for these Emojis near a filling station. These aliens wanted to give a blue drink to these Emojis free of charge. Three Emojis drank with big thanks. As a consideration their vehicle was connected to the truck of the Saturn's aliens. The Poop Emojis did not have to go any more themselves. Meanwhile, the being with shining eyes appeared before other three Emojis. The Saturn's aliens drove by their truck and the sleeping Emojis to Crying Laughing Emoji.
The Poop Emojis were brought to the entrepreneur Devil Emoji. The ketchup enterpriser shouted at these aliens. He forced them to bring these four Emojis to the hospital. Finally, the entrepreneur was no advocate of the discrimination of the Poop Emojis. That's why he respected even the most-hated tax collector from this town. That's why four Emoji Poops were brought to the local hospital.
In the interim all four Emojis landed on the planet Earth. Some people insulted these Emojis as...
Other people called them simply Poop or Chocolates Emoji. According to personal perception reacted persons differently when they saw these Emojis before their eyes. Two students called them cotton Emoji. In the mass media it was reported for the first time that Poop Emojis really existed. This was a big discovery of the humanity in 2025. Up to now people thought that Emojis existed only in their smartphones, tablet computers or computer. Some people wanted to make even selfies with these Poop Emojis. On the planet Earth spread fast the news that four real and living Emoji Poops were on the move. Some companies under the guidance of the stingy bosses wanted to catch these Emojis. That's why a reward was promised by the height of 1,000,000 golden Bitcoins to catcher. After this measure more and more people tried to catch the Poop Emojis. In particular the uppermost tax collector was arrested several times.
By his special stench no one could hold him long with itself. An enterpriser caught the uppermost tax collector. He hoped to use this Emoji for own research of the immortality. His theory was that it needed a Poop Emoji in the body of a person, so that immortality becomes the reality. Other three Emojis could hide. As a protection from people the being with shining eyes these three Emojis added a special anti-human smell. The means were valid for persons as very disagreeable. In spite of the big money for catchers these three Emoji Poops remained spared.
At this time the entrepreneur tried to use the uppermost tax collector in his private lab for researches of his team. The entrepreneur feared a theft of the Emojis. That's why his researchers had to make everything with his presence. Thus several hair and old skin was taken from the haughtiest Emoji. The researchers wanted to cheat their employer. Thus they said him that really a drink with the old skin of the Emoji Poops led to the immortality. Thus the entrepreneur presents his success quite proudly in the mass media and advertised actively to the drink. At this time grew the envy of those people upwards who promised one million Bitcoins.
That's why they tried to meet the entrepreneur personally. Moreover, they shot him with a toys gun. Private employees of the entrepreneur shot with their cream gun at those hunters back. After this incident all participants had to be hospitalised. A researcher tried to flee together with the stolen Poop Emoji. The other researchers alarmed the authorities. That's why began a pursuit hunt on the researcher. After some time the both were arrested. They were brought to the local tax authority. The uppermost tax collector felt very well, although he understood no language of the people. He wanted to communicate with the people anyhow. By the application of the picture language of the Emojis succeeded a good communication between this Emoji and the people. That's why they decided to make with each other a selfie. After this event people wanted to found a museum about the subject Poop Emojis. There they wanted to exhibit the uppermost tax collector. Many visitors called him quite easy: Poop Emoji!
He was called unanimously by all people as a Poop. While the other Emojis also received other names. Some people reported that they experienced chocolates Emojis who looked like a chocolate board. Therefore it was clear to the people that there can be different kinds of Emojis.
After some time the being with shining eyes appeared before three Poop Emojis and they disappeared from the planet Earth. At the end the haughtiest Emoji also had to return in his role.
The first dictator found out from the hospital management that his most important official was with other Emojis. That's why he commanded to his employees to bring him to the hospital.
There the ruler wanted to visit these Poop Emojis. In the interim all four Emojis recovered from their unconsciousness. The Saturn's aliens had to immigrate for the giving of the blue drink for some time to the prison.


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