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Is it a Poop or Chocolate Emoji?

An assigned counsel from Poop Emoji had to take at the wish of the first dictator the uppermost tax collector to the day meeting of the gathered lawyers to Laughing Emoji. For this purpose he had to buy a special seat for his vehicle. In the city centre two Emojis and four aliens from the Venus sold separately of each other suitable products. The assigned counsel enquired with all suppliers for their offers. Then he chose as patriotic Emoji the products with his local Emojis. He bought a gilt soft seat for the transport of the second-most important Emojis in the country in his vehicle. Then he had to attach the seat in his vehicle. On account of his handicrafts untalented he had to ask a craftsman with roots from Mars to attach the seat in his car. 🤔1️⃣ 🎉💊👉️💩👌▲.
At this time Monkey Emoji needed an approval of the authorities for the new musical radio station. For this purpose the entrepreneurial musician had to meet the first dictator personally. The ruler of Emoji promised to him to check his documents exactly. Several Emojis who acted in 👩➕🤘❌️. ➡️👥💊🥴📲☠️😫🏤👤💩👩⬅️🌑💖🥇➕💖. ➡️👤⛈️➡️🖕👤🛠️, ➡️😂👤💩💆‍♀️🦮➡️🧱👤.
As before had to protect this time also two Emojis the uppermost tax collector.
On the big highway all vehicles had to stop because of a police control. The assigned counsel started to look for his driving licence.
He noticed that the document was absent. ➕💻️💇➕🚕➡️. 👥⬅️🏠️➕🚽🤴. 🪨➕👤⬅️🗣️➡️💩👤, 🖼️5️⃣ 🪨. His statements confused the other Emojis, so that they went falsely to Emoji Symbols. There several Saturn's aliens waited for these Emojis near a filling station. These aliens wanted to give a blue drink to these Emojis free of charge. Three Emojis drank with big thanks. As a consideration their vehicle was connected to the truck of the Saturn's aliens. The Poop Emojis did not have to go any more themselves. Meanwhile, the being with shining eyes appeared before other three Emojis. The Saturn's aliens drove by their truck and the sleeping Emojis to Crying Laughing Emoji.
The Poop Emojis were brought to the entrepreneur Devil Emoji. The ketchup enterpriser ⏳️🚽🎳➕🪨⚙️💩🛒🪨➡️👤👫. 2️⃣ 🚽👀1️⃣ 🪨➡️👥➕💩💉🆔➕🖕➕💡. After this event people wanted to found a museum about the subject Poop Emojis. There they wanted to exhibit the uppermost tax collector. Many visitors called him quite easy: Poop Emoji!
He was called unanimously by all people as a Poop. While the other Emojis also received other names. 🤷🪥🚪⬆️🆕💩🌊➡️➕🦠🆕💜👀⬅️🎁➕👑🗑️🧹🔪⬆️💩👀🏥.
There the ruler wanted to visit these Poop Emojis. In the interim all four Emojis recovered from their unconsciousness. The Saturn's aliens had to immigrate for the giving of the blue drink for some time to the prison.


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