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Jupiter Pink boss Lean On in-depth interview

Jupiter's Pink boss Lean On speaks in an extensive interview for the first time on the Pink politicians the future. He is in favor of a clear monarchist dictatorship, would like to introduce forced labor again without bureaucracy, the orange whining can not hear and is fed up with restrictions on his freedom. He also expresses himself in support of the modern Jupiter: Why the present time is a feel-good day for the entire population of Jupiter. The interview with Lean On was conducted in his spare time.

It is your speech on the ninth pink day as Jupiter Pink boss, yours 28 speech as Low Pink Chef. How do you prepare to be a top-Pink-chief of the planet it?
Lean On takes his headphones and answers: I forced myself to study the history of previous events in the field of pink prominence. At the same time, I asked myself, why can not I finally ascend into the orange policy after so many years. Unfortunately, do not want me to accept the oranges. In the history books, I found the following statements earlier pink politicians. On that day Pink Mint said still more than 25186 days ago: I was dismissed from the orange politics, since I can not fit into their classier circle of my professional and financial situation. Pink Mint decided on simply to ignore the orange policy. Around 44044 days ago the grandfather of Pink Mint had to be downgraded from among the oranges. That was for him at that time of horror. As Pink Mint writes in his memories of his ancestors, the bankruptcy of the medium-sized company of the grandfather was a crucial reason for his exclusion from the oranges. Later he could not build on his earlier career success. He had to stop to accept a job as a physicist. In addition, the grandfather of Pink Mint from the rear and front newspaper headlines was completely excluded. He was only sometimes consulted on physical topics in professional journals. From our successful entrepreneurs of Jupiter he was deleted everywhere. This descent was tough for him. But he had to make do with a financial descent. Vacation on Mars were no longer in his Budget in it. This story moved me personally.

How do you assess the party history?
Lean On opens his dictionary and says: 🤤🈶🍕🏰✅😛🌐🙆🈶⌚🤲🔟🚗📙👁🌉😦👆🅰️🔟🍂👭😪😬🤚💛🥽🙆🎨⌚1️⃣ ➕⌚🍖🇮🇹🕌🚯🛍😶🧻🚧🛳🤜🚯🤟📛🚗🚋.

Your ninth pink feast as Jupiter's party chairman. How many will be able to?
Lean On thought long:
I have to work out with my calculator one day. Until that time, it remains a mystery to me. I have to motivate myself, I say this quite openly. When party leader you're in a party that had lost forever, at almost all levels, this is not easy. There are certainly more funny times for this position. But I hope to be able to experience this soon.

Have you ever a successor in mind?
Lean On feels uncomfortable and needs to drink at least 6 glasses of apple juice. Then he answers:
This question hurts me already. It is not so easy. A Lean On has a pain threshold. And in the last election one was so accomplished and I thought to myself: If one was there who would take over, I would be happy. It's not that 20 aliens pending and say: I want to be pink-head of Jupiter.

Lean On says goodbye to Sweasy26 and goes with his things.



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