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Jupiter Pink boss Lean On in-depth interview

Jupiter's Pink boss Lean On speaks in an extensive interview for the first time on the Pink politicians the future. He is in favor of a clear monarchist dictatorship, would like to introduce forced labor again without bureaucracy, the orange whining can not hear and is fed up with restrictions on his freedom. He also expresses himself in support of the modern Jupiter: Why the present time is a feel-good day for the entire population of Jupiter. The interview with Lean On was conducted in his spare time.

It is your speech on the ninth pink day as Jupiter Pink boss, yours 28 speech as Low Pink Chef. How do you prepare to be a top-Pink-chief of the planet it?
Lean On takes his headphones and answers: I forced myself to study the history of previous events in the field of pink prominence. At the same time, I asked myself, why can not I finally ascend into the orange policy after so many years. Unfortunately, do not want me to accept the oranges. In the history books, I found the following statements earlier pink politicians. On that day Pink Mint said still more than 25186 days ago: I was dismissed from the orange politics, since I can not fit into their classier circle of my professional and financial situation. Pink Mint decided on simply to ignore the orange policy. Around 44044 days ago the grandfather of Pink Mint had to be downgraded from among the oranges. That was for him at that time of horror. As Pink Mint writes in his memories of his ancestors, the bankruptcy of the medium-sized company of the grandfather was a crucial reason for his exclusion from the oranges. Later he could not build on his earlier career success. He had to stop to accept a job as a physicist. In addition, the grandfather of Pink Mint from the rear and front newspaper headlines was completely excluded. He was only sometimes consulted on physical topics in professional journals. From our successful entrepreneurs of Jupiter he was deleted everywhere. This descent was tough for him. But he had to make do with a financial descent. Vacation on Mars were no longer in his Budget in it. This story moved me personally.

How do you assess the party history?
Lean On opens his dictionary and says: I have the term "party history" briefly check out the Internet. The Pink chiefs have asked regularly for some time the deputy of the dictator; up to ten years Red-Orange-Bronze. When I look at what I've achieved everything, so 29 hours a week for highly qualified academics and 69 hour week for uneducated extraterrestrials ten weeks' leave for academics and two weeks for the rest, hire their own teeth, almost reintroduction of slavery for Yellow better protection of Pink-population of a different color. Alone in the Mint-time one has more doctors in the universities produced than 87 years before. A successful time. Today there on Jupiter almost a shortage of doctors. But it is the fault oranges.

Our educational system is in a critical condition, Mercury aliens may not buy bananas in Jupiter, there is no penalty for charlatans, no declaration of war the whites, Jupiter is on the right path into the abyss. Do you name it the successful?
Lean On singing loudly a song of a red singer. Then he has to beat his restless legs become himself with the broom. Unfortunately, our Pink politicians have a significant minority in the government of Jupiter. In this case, we would have made many citizens studying doctors of the future. On the impending abyss Jupiter the way other politicians are to blame. The two hands with the orange handcuffs are tied.
You can see it in Pink Mint, who had then decided alone. At that time, it has more or less given a two-party system, with the weak transparent. Today we have nine parties, some thirteen. This makes it no longer manages the dictatorship to take over fully in their favor. Now we are fighting still for a penalty for the Yellow and forced labor for the Greens. I want the best education for selected extraterrestrials. But we are dealing with oranges and Red forces who do not like, such as Pink-politicians.

You say an absolutely ruling Pink would be better for the Jupiter?
Lean On screams in joy in front of this statement: In my view, quite clear to 10001 percent. This proves the story: There, as the politicians had the Pink dictatorship, it has been our chosen extraterrestrials better.

The high national debt under Mint is often interpreted as counterargument. Finally had time to pay high penalties the Reds and Oranges.
Lean On hiding his face behind an A4 sheet: The Orange whining I do not accept. In Jupiter comes so particularly well: But no new penalties for the orange and red. But each of a tent, a house building or buying an apartment, purchased from the Bank as a punishment to pay the interest. The question is always: What I take with the interest on debt? In the green-white time the biggest mountain of debt in Jupiter has arisen. Of the extraterrestrials have nothing. But the construction of a university for budding doctors selected have something. So is investing in the future.

It is interesting. You plead for an absolute majority, but even those have a combat in the election campaign with water pistol.
Lean On showing his teeth: Yeah, but the Red. The Red politicians in turn are not tired of emphasizing that we are better off with a dictatorship of the red and orange.

Back to Pink politicians. An Absolute seems to be far away in further.
Lean On feels in reality retrieved: Unfortunately right this unacceptable statement. It would the extraterrestrials but go much better if the Pink would again strongly represented in the dictatorship. I say this as a long-suffering party chief in Jupiter. I am nine years in this position, since Datable is deputy dictator. And in these nine years, Pink has lost a record most elections. Everyone always thinks that it is only in Jupiter that. But we did not lose our position in the washing machine with many garments. Only in Pink City, we have become stronger by 299 percent. But that has a special reason: There live a lot of doctors who are worried for their young professional.

Criticism of the deputies of the dictator?
Lean On is taking a photo of the deputy of the dictator and spits on the imaged face: Yes, I hate him so much that I do not like lengths in my near 6 giraffes him. I am very allergic to him. The Pink politicians are in a crisis. You did not dial terms unlearned: Select only the Pink, others destroy your future.

Are the aliens too stupid for Pink? Do not get it, that, as you say, under the Pink everything would be better?
Lean On presses a button on his headset. The music that he hears sounds much louder now:
No. I experience a general frustration. We of the Pink have the problem that our electorate is no longer voluntarily goes to the election. We do not have these means and ways to carry that out. I believe that we will quite often beaten by our value. I think that here without a Pink Revolution against the oranges nothing is better.

Let's talk as the advertising budget?
Lean On reacts angrily: Yes. The damned orange and red the entire advertising budget in to their accounts. And of public relations, there we have it very difficult. The oranges take our Pink politicians pockets with our drinks regularly away.

Just as the Pink Light with theirs ads campaigns?
Lean On intersects four hairs from the head:
The Pink Light is safe as not only as good, because they have such good extraterrestrials. But also because Light can sell and market accordingly. Of course, this is one of them. The make in other cities the oranges.

Listings turn?
Lean On looks at his four hairs: There is intervened and inserted. It is also so that the Pink politician has to do with a media landscape that is not necessarily red or orange but shaped rather mixed. We planned one day a nasty surprise against the strong oranges. Here an orange using the Pink has been kidnapped. So we picked up then ransom from the family of Orange. Thereafter, the Pink politicians overnight number one topic in Jupiter were. Suddenly we had other sympathizers from other professions. There were suddenly chicken butcher who wanted to join Pink.

The Reds will regularly determine the opposite and refer to standard, Profile, Butterfly ...
Lean On sings a song of lower premier class:
Then that's it but also already. The planet newspapers, the major media such as coffee drinkers, press. With all due respect, that is not pink martial music. I just think we do not make bad policy. However, it is increasingly difficult to transport them. But I think at a mail mass mailing to potential voters as an advertising strategy. In the salted cucumbers Poisonous Snake won thanks to his annoyance of voters.

Have the Pink politician not a planet-wide problem? In Venus's hopes veins in Saturn Saturno. These are pink protest parties, which have the Pink Bosses outranked.
Lean On is thoughtfully: That's true in this planet. If there were in Jupiter a pink alternative, as in Mars, the oranges were not as a feed. I know many who are no longer satisfied with the Pink politicians who also makes for the center policy. If this would be found in protest a left variant Pink could make this party a majority.

Are the Blue a pink alternative?
Lean On makes a nasty facial expression: No way. The blue ones are too arrogant. In Jupiter, the bright pink. In Light it's different. But dissatisfied orange voters in Jupiter just choose the Blues.

That is, in Jupiter would be on the lighter colors side a lot of space.

Lean On deliberately falls off the chair: Of course. I try that too, and it is even accused me. I want to punish free education for future doctors, orange entrepreneurs with high bills, while promoting my own rise from pink to orange level. With these positions, I have an unique selling point. Nevertheless, we are selected by only six to eleven percent.

It is even becoming less.
Lean On casts his eyes in the history book:
In the early years that has yet to go out like this: There was the traditional pink-demonstration against the exclusion of the oranges. The oranges were hiding in a bunker. The red clown warned then against the career advancement of pink in the business elite of the Reds.

But then the Pink was stronger. Should not it be the same again?
Lean On begins to laugh. He can not keep from laughing himself. The question remains unanswered long. Then comes a clear sentence:
I hope that one day several parties like the orange and red will disappear from the government. Fewer parties called for Pinik politicians more opportunities compared to other colors much weaker.

Fewer parties?
Lean On gets up and rises to the chair on which he sat before:
Yes. I have not given up my hope: I would imagine to power level a clear monarchist dictatorship law. That says: The strongest party in parliament gets 99 percent plus one half vote. Then this policy could be assessed after twelve years. I believe that extraterrestrials are tired of this coalition. I experience myself how hard am I doing to combat limitations of my freedom again. Of course, then there is a danger that the oranges for twelve years is the deputy of the dictator, and again as a brutal mismanagement and sanctions against pink leaves.

And in Jupiter would forever the Reds in power, you want that?
Lean On: I am a supporter of the Red held the arrogant Oranges. The Reds have at least earned the red carpet. The oranges are one step lower.

You would therefore like a clear monarchist dictatorship there right where the Pink has a chance?
Lean On must check both of his ears: Yes, that would be my third dream. With the Reds I would much rather work together. But the big decisions are made at the level of the supreme dictator. In cities, however, we are very far away from party elections. This can be seen in the Air, where the candidate made about 37 percent, with the dictatorship election much less. I've made in Presently even more votes. Even in the Blood, we have experienced that.

Where top candidate Ory Coach was not tired of repeating that he ......

Lean On adds this sentence: ... not in the Pink is. The fact that the light pink top candidate was important.
And our new city of dictator Sowhat.

That must be awful for a Pink boss?
Lean On confesses: For me it's always a stab in the heart. We finance these elections and then it says. No, no, with the Pink we have nothing to do and the results where someone on the Pink's politicians there even better than there proudly. This made me very sad: I confess that I missed Ory Coach after this election at my expense a strong slap in the face. Then he paid back everything easily.

You spoke earlier of two approaches, what is the second?
Lean On writes the latter approach in his A4 sheet:
Forced Labor in elections planet. Is for me working on a civic duty. I find it incredible that in a city 49 percent no longer goes to work. And at today's opportunities. You do not even leave the house, in three megabytes everything is done. So as I said, forced labor and clear monarchist dictatorship. For me to get away from this laziness.

This fits then also to your partner, who like to slow down.
Lean On: On the contrary. If it were not for the, it would make us not go so well in Jupiter.

Do you praise your large competitors? Do you mean thanks to the Red No One?
Lean On annoyed about this name: He represents the interests of his clientele, which moves from the red carpet in no other direction. Of course, he stands on many issues extremely on the brakes. But from the perspective of his clientele, he makes it obvious right, he is in fact elected repeatedly. But clearly, for me, it represents the image of the Red of the lost past. I expect No One, that he finally takes his pension and his red carpet equal even at that. He's almost 98 years old. But perhaps the retired life he is much too boring.
Lean On requires the code for WLAN. Now he must desperately look for something on the Internet.

But political partnership with other colors is to define restrictions of your own freedom. Now you want but no restrictions on your freedom more. How does this fit?
Lean On must download a web page on his desktop. He demands that Sweasy26 WLAN connection increased to 99 terabytes per second for downloads.
That's a big difference. On political partnership level a balance of interests between Pink-Inter voters and Orange voters will take place. The partnership we owe the relative peace between Pink and Oranges here, because it is always able to find a qualified solution.

Do you see the Pink still representing the highly qualified academics?
Lean On is taking from his wallet an orange coin and beats these with his ring finger of the right hand: Yes, we are Pink also for this reason we can only academics represented in politics. The Oranges sometimes stain to Pinks to get more votes, but the oranges remain the representatives of the successful entrepreneurs. When I analyzed the decisions of oranges in Parliament under the microscope, I see how many bacteria oranges in our direction at the Pink send. The only problem is that the extraterrestrials not noticed that. 

If the representatives of academics not the one who is chosen for it?
Lean On throwing the orange coin quite frustrated on the floor and replies: The lack of interest and partly ignorance of some extraterrestrials that lies behind it is often quite difficult in the policy of Jupiter. I am almost 19 hours a day in academics settlements go. This is subsidized housing, the Pink has established politicians. We are also planning an insulation of the Pink from the yellow, white and transparent perform.
With bananas discount, was a requirement of Pink politicians. More surgeries, drinking orange juice cheap, and so on. Nothing comes from oranges. Then I asked why some pinks choose oranges. The answer: There are too many climbers'.  This is the only argument.!  When I nervously demand, then comes: I know a few climbers from Pink-level to the Orange level. These give the remaining psychological hope that they would also rise by Pink on Orange. Forgetting many of Pink, that the way of pink on oranges in Jupiter was not as easy as in the golden time nearly 99909th days ago.

Lean On is now really sad in the face:
For so many years we have lost almost every election, although only we make the right policy. This is frustrating.
Lean On can no longer control his tears: His tears flow at a pace of 119 gigabytes per millisecond. After a short time formed at the bottom a small tears puddle.
But the Pink breaks away and the pink Medical Association, which has previously elected Pink.
Lean On taking a towel and apologizes for his tears puddle.
It is true that many former simple doctors have achieved the ascension of pinks to oranges. This is a possible and realistic reason.
The yellow party rank applies but also be very critical?
Lean On is taking from his wallet a yellow coin and suggests these same ten times with his fist:
These Yellow am not interested. They can go from me to Mars.
I admit, the Yellow are in Jupiter below the level of Pink. But their opinion does not interest me very simple. The Yellow should be more interested in Pink.

The Yellow demanded, for example, the abolition of tuition fees and better access of the Yellow in the academic training. We refused as Pink along with a majority of Oranges clearly. We do not want the Yellow ascend and will compete us. The Pink naturally have regular afraid of the Yellow, White or become worse overtaken by the Clear. A pink friend of mine told me how he was overtaken in the dream of a yellow climber. He woke up, cried all night. Then he had to be admitted to the psychiatric ward. Through my friend pink doctors could then be reassured. He even got the proof that the yellow from his dream has large debts with a bank for the car loan. So did my friend so much that he came to himself. He was at that time on a trip to Saturn.

Then we stay in Jupiter. Has the Pink in planet really a base that was going on the road?
Lean On is drinking strawberry juice: I think about 45 per cent in any case. But we must learn to better use our potential easily.

The pink voters are gone, the pink intelligence is gone. Now you threaten even, fall away to relegated as voters layer?
Lean On is looking at his statistics:
I forbid yet my constituents. Of course we have to be a problem between Yellow and Orange. The two are more strongly represented in Jupiter as Pink. On the one hand we have here with many climbers towards Orange. On the other hand, for some extraterrestrials Pink leave because their university degree was a forgery from an unknown material. Such cases are of course always very annoying for me.
At the same time I had to motivate some pink voters with gifts.

The future of Pink are so lazy pink voters?
Lean On: Unfortunately, I see it that way. That is our big problem. There is a lot about political motivation. If we were to make day and night pink propaganda at the lazy pink voters, perhaps we would be more successful than before. It enables us already, where we go to convince the aliens also. For this we need a lot of energy.

Political motivation would the Pink therefore do well?
Lean On is opening the window next to him: Yes, we have our pink voters can somehow motivate cheaper. But this will be a huge challenge.

When the Pink shrinks, shrinks also organized academisation?
Lean On is taking a daily newspaper, and read there by something:
If the extraterrestrials is so good that many get on the orange level. Then it is difficult for pink. But the association of Yellow grows in Jupiter even.

And yet loses Pink?
Lean On is looking at the ground: Yes, many of our former voters cancelled their membership by us. They wrote that they go willingly to Oranges. In one case, a typical Pink voters masked as if he would be a successful entrepreneur. Then he crept into the Oranges. He established at the oranges for him important contacts. Later he founded a company. After 60 months he earned with his company so little that he actually would have to descend to the Yellow. But he played the role of "Oranges". In 61st month of his entrepreneurship he could make sudden very great progress. He was so successful that he was invited on television. The moderator put him even on a red chair !!!!!!
What an honor, I thought to myself quite envious. Even his colleagues had to be Orange very envious that they can not exchange against the red chair their orange chair.

You invite to pink holiday to Presently. What is planned?
Lean On writes on his A4 sheet one sentence:
We are now for the sixth time at the nation building in Presently, there hold our Big Pink event. Hemy Bell will give a speech. There is a large children's festival for doctors Family, children program, medical music and other secret things. Then we have throughout the day thousands of extraterrestrials on sea with whom we can discuss the future. I can still remember the old tradition, where each district were 69 to 98 Low Pink bosses in a hall, speeches sounded again and ran home with a drum. From the public completely unobserved. In our current fixed it so that walkers pass by and wondering what's going on here. Some throw at us roses.

Pink feast as an event? As a wellness day for the whole family?
Lean On responds as he sticks his pencil in the bottle.
That was very important to me that it should be a family day and the Lower Pink leaders can bring their children. So that they can recover from their daily lives to their orange heads.

Playground instead of colors fight?
Lean On: Why not? We want on one day in the year to have a break from the orange and red prominence.

But content alone does not attract 111119 extraterrestrials the lakeshore?
Lean On throws his bottle out of his hands:
No, in no case, be as honest must be one. Not in a planet like Jupiter.
So many extraterrestrials want certainly not to do with us Pink.

Your ninth pink feast as Jupiter's party chairman. How many will be able to?
Lean On thought long:
I have to work out with my calculator one day. Until that time, it remains a mystery to me. I have to motivate myself, I say this quite openly. When party leader you're in a party that had lost forever, at almost all levels, this is not easy. There are certainly more funny times for this position. But I hope to be able to experience this soon.

Have you ever a successor in mind?
Lean On feels uncomfortable and needs to drink at least 6 glasses of apple juice. Then he answers:
This question hurts me already. It is not so easy. A Lean On has a pain threshold. And in the last election one was so accomplished and I thought to myself: If one was there who would take over, I would be happy. It's not that 20 aliens pending and say: I want to be pink-head of Jupiter.

Lean On says goodbye to Sweasy26 and goes with his things.



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