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Large alarm because of paper ship

After the lightning alarm on the playground in the last minute of Eris, the police arrested two alleged culprit. According to the prosecutor's office is a 21-year-old charlatan and his 18-year-old girlfriend. The stored on the square suspicious object was a paper boat. Investigations have already led an hour later to the arrests, the prosecution Eris City informed the concerned population in a televised speech. According to preliminary investigations and surveys are said to have brought the two from the 21-year-olds assembled paper ship to triangle fountain on the playground and then watched the other events. 😏🕌👆🗝🧒👮‍♀️🥰🗝👩‍⚖️👷‍♀️👭🧒🅰️😃🧻🛥👮😛🙅👃➕👷‍♀️🖕🧻🛳🧔🌉🍖🔍🧻🛳👥🧻🖕🛳🎎🧳🚽⏭💩🧻🛳🚋🇮🇹🧻🛥. Those parties had a good contact with the horror juggler from the Circus Country. With a rocket from the circus land could fly them all of Eris away.
For Eris was now clear that the police have totally failed in this case. The Eris is the paper ship as a reminder of this event.



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