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Large alarm because of paper ship

After the lightning alarm on the playground in the last minute of Eris, the police arrested two alleged culprit. According to the prosecutor's office is a 21-year-old charlatan and his 18-year-old girlfriend. The stored on the square suspicious object was a paper boat. Investigations have already led an hour later to the arrests, the prosecution Eris City informed the concerned population in a televised speech. According to preliminary investigations and surveys are said to have brought the two from the 21-year-olds assembled paper ship to triangle fountain on the playground and then watched the other events. The motive is still unclear. Against the 21-year-old young extraterrestrials the prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant with three positive handcuffs. Against the 18-year-old girlfriend is sought when coercive measures court conviction for slave labor. Clarified by the prosecution would also whether most other aliens were involved. The two young extraterrestrials wanted to allow a little fun with the paper boat. As the supreme and excellent from the Dictator Policeman German Shepherd found out by his good nose, more aliens were involved in the construction of the paper ship. German Shepherd applied for in person at the dictator on the search for other parties to the banned paper ship to be allowed to go. During the German Shepherd is looking for other criminals, a group graduated lawyers examined the paper ship along with several researchers. For dangerous toy suspects suitcases (luggage was next to the paper ship in the background) maintains the public prosecutor, it evidence showed that there had been a very well-made paper boat. The prosecutor even announced his interest to want to patent the paper ship. But first he wants to see those responsible behind bars with his four eyes.
Although the final investigation results of the Scientific Service of the Police of the region Sugar are not yet subject on the table of the average lawyer. However, after its previous estimates were in the suitcase neither pentagons nor any physical elements. Specialists had to risk their lives for the opening of the case and the hands touch the paper ship. But they were celebrated in the town as the greatest hero of the young city's history with more unhealthy foods.
When the flash alert in the late afternoon no one had been injured, some of Eris downtown but was placed temporarily paralyzed. A passerby had noticed after 15:15 and 15 seconds at the Triangle Fountain on the playground a black leatherette suitcase next to a paper boat, which was equipped with wires and tape. In the trunk was still a headline: "We come to you!"
Since it was suspected that this could be a dangerous toys, from the police cordoned the area from the rest. The playground and surrounding restaurants were evacuated within a 9.99 gigabytes, the bus traffic came to a standstill and normalized only after 244 minutes again. Begin until late was a premiere of the movie "Arrogance and Eris" in the local cinema. Summoned pentagons specialist police Eris took with great anger the suitcase in their hands, saying a few magic words unknown to the suitcase. Then the trunk replied the policeman very excited: I will not do anything. So the police took the suitcase harmless. At the same time there was also the paper ship. One of the specialists dreamed of all his life, to be able to play in public a hero. From his recent dream he was finally able to play the hero of Eris. He said all those present: Now I'm touching the paper ship with both hands. I do this without knowing whether this Paper ship poses a threat to my life. The onlookers applauded this dreamer from the title "Hero of Eris'. Then he approached the paper boat and started to talk to himself. Then he counted 1 to 10 then he looked at his cell phone on the internet, with which finger it is best to contact a foreign paper ship. On the Internet, he found an old debate on this issue. Most users recommended since the index finger of one of the two hands. Then the heroic specialist decided to touch the paper boat with his two index fingers of left and right hands. Then the paper boat responded with a light tone and said: Let me sleep. Then the heroic specialist strengthened so that he took the paper ship in his hands. Then the specialists applaud all those present and spontaneously decided a new feast in Eris with many unhealthy beverages and foods. Prosecutors Eris City initiated proceedings for deterrence of the population and of other possible offenses. For the investigation the most expensive lawyers were used for a special commission, which was disbanded due to high costs.
The 21-year-old extraterrestrial has now put on the electric chair. And under the threat to punish him with a heavy hand, the legislator, his questioning began by an average policeman to the motive. What the average police officer but did not know that the 21-year-old extraterrestrials possessed special techniques to protect detainees against police violence. Here, the 21-year-old began to cough so loud that the average policeman felt so strong ear pain that he could not think of anything more. Here, a key from the hands of the average policeman fell exactly in the right hand of young alien. This could rise quickly. He struck the policeman in his left ear, so that the policeman fainted. Here, the 21-year-old penned the policemen in the prison cell. He went quietly through the prison. Then he heard screams somewhere. He immediately recognized the voice of his girlfriend. He went in this direction. He tried to figure out how many police were with her. He knew he had no chance against ten police officers. He went ahead and pressed the alarm button. (Alarm button, which is pressed as a sign when a prisoner has escaped from prison) The officers ran from the prison cell of his girlfriend away. They did not notice what was on the floor. The ground was very wet. It fell every ten police officers on the ground and injured themselves so badly that their work was not matter. The 21-year-old extraterrestrials took this opportunity and freed his girlfriend from a prison cell. They went to the dressing room and the police exchanged their clothes to those of police officers. Then they took their old clothes with also. Now they were free and took quiet a police car, which they drove away from the city. They walked while their accomplices who helped them during the construction of the paper ship. Those parties had a good contact with the horror juggler from the Circus Country. With a rocket from the circus land could fly them all of Eris away.
For Eris was now clear that the police have totally failed in this case. The Eris is the paper ship as a reminder of this event.



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