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Long power failure in Neptune because of inner magnet

After a long power outage, caused by the destruction of the inner magnet of Neptune, began a real disaster on the planet. Sweasy26 visited an alien in Neptune. He wanted to know exactly how the extraterrestrials there experienced this disaster. To this end, he spoke with a local comedian who still published a book in a publisher shortly before this event. Dance Neq he called. As the timing would have it, Neq became ill shortly before the disaster. Suddenly his nose could put other objects to itself. Thereby his lifestyle changed abruptly. He went to his doctor for treatment. His doctor was trying to find out whether it is positive or negative waves. He developed a special magnetic wave therapy. Although this improved the health status of Neq, but his joy did not last long. Dance Neq reported about his experiences, according to which the long power outage in Neptune bitter reality was. He lives in the heart of the disaster area.
Dance Neq tells how it all happened:
😊🛌🚽🤚👃⌚1️⃣ 🤚📚🚽🚪🅰️👭🤙🏠🔑🇮🇹🚽🕶🌕🤢🅰️😷🌐😷🇮🇹🚽🕶🏠👆💭🇺🇸🅰️🔊🌓⌚🧬🚯😦🚯⛄💡🌐 🚯💼🌕🤚🔋😶〽️🤙🚽🚯🤙😟🍷🌉⌚⛏🤲🅰️🍷🔋〰️🚽🏗⏯🇮🇹🅰️🤚🧲🤚🔋〰️🚽🤚🌇 🔋〰️🚽🚯💔🚽🅰️👩‍🔬🚯🌗🍷📌🔋🕌🅰️🌤🔋😦🍖🚽🔋🍷🈶🔋🖕📉🧲🎬📺🍷👨🎭 🍷☀️🌞👁. The presenter of the program was pelted with many pears. The Laughing charlatan flew further away from Neptune. He rejoiced as much about his success in Neptune, he did not notice that the luminous pen for his flying saucer would be necessary, so that he could move in the dark of the universe. Suddenly he found it quite black before his eyes. He was scared that he sees nothing. The Charlatan returned to Neptune. There ran to him angry extraterrestrials. He shouted in their direction. They were then quite calmly to him that they would obey him. He told them that he wanted to buy back all the glowing pins. They did not believe him. But some extraterrestrials took the opportunity and sold him back this. In the end, most of them sold their glowing pins back. The Charlatan remained with his glowing pins as before the big sale. His customers got their money back.
The hope for better future rose to Neptune after this event by nearly 44 4/9 percent. This Dance Neq had finished describing the events of Neptune after the disaster.



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