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Long power failure in Neptune because of inner magnet

After a long power outage, caused by the destruction of the inner magnet of Neptune, began a real disaster on the planet. Sweasy26 visited an alien in Neptune. He wanted to know exactly how the extraterrestrials there experienced this disaster. To this end, he spoke with a local comedian who still published a book in a publisher shortly before this event. Dance Neq he called. As the timing would have it, Neq became ill shortly before the disaster. Suddenly his nose could put other objects to itself. Thereby his lifestyle changed abruptly. He went to his doctor for treatment. His doctor was trying to find out whether it is positive or negative waves. He developed a special magnetic wave therapy. Although this improved the health status of Neq, but his joy did not last long. Dance Neq reported about his experiences, according to which the long power outage in Neptune bitter reality was. He lives in the heart of the disaster area.
Dance Neq tells how it all happened:
I lay in bed, because I was diagnosed with an appeal of my nose, and dispel my time with one of my books. My daughter was preparing to exit to the nightclub, she wanted to go with a friend and asked me through our house for the key. It was dark, almost ordinary evening because I fell ill with a strange disease. I wanted to ask the internet for this disease.
Then, it was so dark in the house within 2 bytes. I thought that any ghosts wanted to visit us. Suddenly I heard a loud noise so that my ears automatically but surely joined involuntarily for the first time in my life. I did not know what I could do without electricity. Internet did not work anymore. Even loaded devices that I had still charged full of power, no longer worked. The worst part for me was that I could not call my daughter. Then I went outside and saw how worried extraterrestrials discussed the situation together. Together we decided at that time to dig up the soil with a shovel. We wanted to know whether the power line was working, or it could be a prophesied by physicists destruction of the inner magnet actually. After hours of excavations saw many residents that the power line was fine. Even the chief electrician of the city quieted all extraterrestrials that the power line itself was not broken. He was with a physicist in the area. They promised to do everything possible. In the last few years we got used to the fact that even here the power fails, once there is a small power outage. But what happened on that day, was something else: That was the largest and worst power outage ever before which we have long been feared in our minds that our region could be affected by an unexpected power failure due to the inner magnet anytime. We only knew that we must act somehow. We went in the former bright morning to look for stones. Each extraterrestrials collected as many stones as possible. All took their sacks, bags, suitcases and other useful tools for the collection of stones. In this way we were able to rub two stones together, so we had fire. We are organized so that we could warm up everything using the fire. Again to have light in the evening was a great success for us. Also this joy did not last long. There was fire in so many places, the soil reacted with strong overheating. After two megabytes began a strong earthquake in Neptune. The chief electrician was together with the physicists go. Both fell on the soft ground. A few cardboard houses of the miserly owners were torn quickly. The house of Dance Neq felt these consequences of the earthquake. The house seemed to shudder at first, then it swung back and forth like a rocking chair. Neq knew this time that he had simply abandoned his family's house. He knew the protective equipment in case of an earthquake, which he still had to learn earlier in the army and practice. Especially if someone about the possibility possessed to climb onto the roof of the house. Army chiefs declared this so that the whole thing falls to the ground from the top down. In addition, he had a trampoline as a reservoir for such cases still have it. Dance Neq took a ladder and climbed together with his family on the roof and had but the trampoline like a balloon inflating much faster. Then Neq threw the finished trampoline to the ground.
Then he jumped with his family on the trampoline. At the same time heard Neq more sounds out of his house. The house shook still, I heard dishes rattling in the kitchen cabinets. And I saw a bird's nest from the tree fell. Luckily I did not see any dead bird. That was a positive sign for me.
Our house was at that time very old, perhaps the oldest in the neighborhood, and I thought that we would still remain unharmed by this positive experience. Fortunately for us, the house refused to move from its place after 222,220 days. After several jumps on the trampoline, the time passed more quickly. Finally the house finished its dance. My daughter got out of the first off the trampoline. After some time I jumped and the rest of the family from the trampoline. We went to the city center. There are other residents gathered. I looked around, spotted a parked tram, which was damaged badly by a fallen down water tank. On the way to the town center I looked like some charlatans tried to benefit from this double disaster. They sold glowing pins that should work without electricity according to their own statements. On a house roof a car that fell from the upper parking lot on the roof was. I was very glad that I relatively well with my family the two cases.
Most of the houses remained undamaged. Some wooden houses were totally burned but as a result of fire production after power failure. Some residents told how they experienced the earthquake and power outage. When an alien at the same time breaking all the dishes in the kitchen. For other aliens broke power lines after the quake. Some extraterrestrials fled to their bunkers in Eris. Owner of the cardboard houses complained most about the loss of their home ownership. Some of the abandoned houses were buried under the ground. The physicist with the electrician crawled on the floor like snails. Both wanted the people in the city center, warn of the next disaster. As soon as they were in the city center, running several charlatans to the worried residents. They tried their shining pens for sale. When the first charlatans approached to the extraterrestrials, it suddenly flashed repeatedly around the city center. The native extraterrestrials all ran away from it. Charlatans ran after them. I stood quietly. The flash was all over again. After lightning the power returned very slightly. I glanced at my cell phone if there was already news about the power failure and the earthquake? The Internet connection was very slow but at least a lot better than nothing. The headlines in other planets were of nothing else. Someone gave by the quake had reached 8.8 points on the Richter scale. This was not a record in Neptune. But strong enough remained of a power failure with the following earthquakes as memorable in our planet's history. And it was not long before reports of the damage in the headlines all top began to occupy 10 positions. In a headline, I read the following sentence: "Neptune with double disaster" Another headline: "Neptune affected by total power failure" Another headline: "The box houses of the misers disappeared from Neptune within three megabytes." I told the bystanders what I learned about the headlines; others sought shortwave transmitter to listen to the news, while others want to call relatives and friends to make sure they were safe.
But the connections were largely collapsed due to the power outage, many attempts have come to nothing. At least I got to my parents and learned that they were doing well, although the village, their town, closer to the epicenter than my house. The owner of our neighbor's house goes on the bike before: The headquarters of the tax authority in the greediest of Neptune Street had collapsed into itself, he said he believed it himself not that such a symbolic building for only victims of all authorities was. The authorities responded with great nervousness that their power was like building the floor. They felt punished by nature.
Given this news, the nervousness increased in the group, and the endless series of possible further disasters, is not calculated to soothe the extraterrestrials. Many extraterrestrials were wondering what they did wrong in their lives that they won so many disasters of nature. Even still it flashed just as we gathered in the city center. Electricity was available at short notice. Then the power went back out completely. The whole thing lasted a long time. The mobile phone connections were crumbling, were as weak as before ten generations. Nevertheless, I tried to keep me informed about what is happening in the loop. The tower of the misers, a landmark of the city, was in ruins, it said in a sad message of the supreme leader miser of the planet, and probably buried hundreds of taxpayers among themselves. Perhaps only a forgery of the Information so I tried and around the extraterrestrials to comfort me, but soon circulated the photographic evidence of the collapsed monuments. And not only the tower of the miser was affected. Other photos showed centuries-old paintings that were completely destroyed or burned up to their worthlessness. Slowly the sadness fell over the huge loss in me, and above flickered anger: Why, I wondered, these paintings were not protected with all the tax money from disasters? Finally, these images were the religious symbol of old Neptune history, which were drawn before 4 million days ago. After this twofold disaster, the population was trying to return to normalcy. The extraterrestrials built tents, carried chairs, water, food from the houses, all in fear of the next big disaster. And while sought after the initial shock army, police and volunteers to search for victims and injured, the extent of the disaster became apparent, and the number of slightly injured rises and rises. As a spy, I watched the news, in the knowledge that the number of slightly injured again skyrocket would, if it takes the situation in the rural areas prevailed. And fast enough met a corresponding messages: In several cities of Neptune the power outage led to everyday problems. But the fires have left incredible damage. Late at night the stingy aliens were preparing their makeshift home out of plastic bags - in trashcans under apple trees, as far away from their former cardboard houses. However, we decided to take the risk on us, and put us in our bedroom in the dressing room to rest, but with sharpened senses, every noise, every whisper, every tremor registration end. Dance Neq wanted to save himself and his family with their own optimism, he said.
The following day, revealed the full extent of the disaster; Despair spread among the extraterrestrials. In the horror of the sudden violence of nature, into the depression at having to live as refugees to anger mixed about the slowness with which the relief came from Jupiter. But soon we learned also from the spontaneous helpfulness of our neighboring planet Uranus, indeed the whole planet in the solar system. Thankfully, we heard how rescue teams, relief supplies and funds were provided, while we at the same time of optimism melted about the countless who were slightly injured in one fell swoop. We felt restless, trapped, made our way finally to an inspection in the city. Cautiously we turned our bicycles through the streets, past extraterrestrials who had to flee from their collapsing cardboard houses and had to hide from their meanness under plastic bags. Could be reheated food hardly water quality fell to its lowest level for many years. Some of charlatans appeared unexpectedly before the cameras of state television. I followed their speech particularly accurate. They were asked about the power outage. Here, the radiant Charlatan took the opportunity of his life and talked about how he handled the power outage. He called his real name. He told of his glowing pins that can provide in the dark without a fire or electric light the room. He urged even, the moderator should close the windows completely until dark. She obeyed him. Since the charlatan knew that he apply the magic trick and many viewers could inspire. He did this with great success. Later, the presenter said that the mission led to several uninterrupted telephone calls. Some extraterrestrials wanted to make the Charlatan locate. Many of them were willing to spend a lot of money for the glowing pins. Here, the electrician and the physicists reported with a message in the television station. They promised that the inner magnet would be repaired in the near future. The Charlatan benefited from his appearance on television. He was able to sell all of his glowing pins. Since he only sold a magic trick, he fled with a flying saucer from Neptune. Many of his customers did not notice until the home that the pins act indeed bright, but in fact uses the anyone. Many angry buyer wrote letters to the TV station. The presenter of the program was pelted with many pears. The Laughing charlatan flew further away from Neptune. He rejoiced as much about his success in Neptune, he did not notice that the luminous pen for his flying saucer would be necessary, so that he could move in the dark of the universe. Suddenly he found it quite black before his eyes. He was scared that he sees nothing. The Charlatan returned to Neptune. There ran to him angry extraterrestrials. He shouted in their direction. They were then quite calmly to him that they would obey him. He told them that he wanted to buy back all the glowing pins. They did not believe him. But some extraterrestrials took the opportunity and sold him back this. In the end, most of them sold their glowing pins back. The Charlatan remained with his glowing pins as before the big sale. His customers got their money back.
The hope for better future rose to Neptune after this event by nearly 44 4/9 percent. This Dance Neq had finished describing the events of Neptune after the disaster.



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