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Mathematics E

In this TV channel is available for the complete formation of the whole mathematics in Emoji. Many aspiring mathematicians, economic specialists, lawyers and other specialists look for professional reasons the broadcasts. A theme of a program is the formula for calculating the population. By this work several trained mathematician. There were the best selected for this task. Important prerequisite was that a mathematician was able to flawlessly orally and in writing to count up to 9999th some failed in this test. For this reason they have not been approved for this task. Those who can not flawlessly count to 9999, has to work in school as a mathematician. In addition to the known mathematics that is used on the planet Earth, Emoji took some time before the advanced mathematics from Pluto. For this purpose at least 80,247 mathematicians from the Pluto came to the Kingdom. Because these formulas are still being investigated exactly scientific censorship board forbids modern mathematics publicly publish. But Pluto aliens were able to achieve great progress in their planet thanks to this new mathematics. Since Mathematics E dealt with an interesting art, wanted stingy Jupiter aliens bring the stations under their control. SWNDR is called the holding company of Jupiter aliens. Thanks to this misers, from Jupiter could take over the station. They tried to introduce more advertising interruptions. Emojis complained to the financial Intelligence Unit for Quality Television. Misers had to reduce the number of advertising interruptions clearly. The station is one of the leaders in the country.



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