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Mercury Space Shuttle close half of personalized sales counters

A ticket can be bought usually in the Mercury conveniently online today. The switch to the Space Shuttle sales rings are less needed. Now facing a big closing shaft. Mercury Space Shuttle is planning several Mercury Space shuttle employees to throw away. The customer must be independent. This means that customers in future have to pay not only a surcharge on the ticket, but also with very poorly written web pages of Mercury Space Shuttle can handle. In addition, customers will need to clean the flying saucers in there myself and pay for the Mercury space shuttle additionally 9 Bitcoins. When Mercury Space Shuttle is the paying customer in the future much more independent than in the past. So the company saves a lot of money and the customers learn a lot more self-responsibility in the public sphere to take over. The supreme head of the Mercury Space Shuttle is looking forward so much that he will soon save more costs and can increase his salary to just under 2 million Bitcoins per year. This thanks to diligent and paying customers. Mercury Space Shuttle can afford it loose. Finally, took over the company in recent years very active disruptive competitors. So Mercury Space Shuttle was a such a powerful company on Mercury that not even the Mercuric army can do something about it. The head of the company is much more powerful than all the politicians, kings and dictators on Mercury. Finally, everyone wants to be transported times to Venus and other planets.

The head of Mercury Space Shuttle explains what happened previously.
Because more and more passengers have to buy their tickets online or over the phone, it takes less future outlets. The Mercury Space Shuttle is therefore, according to Mercury Space Shuttle -President (name remains anonymous, otherwise the President threatens with problems) include in the next few years sales counters. How many are concerned, is a mystery. "But it is clear that we can add new sales channels such as online and mobile phone in the longer term is not easy, without reducing the points of sale," the anonymous president said.

From 65 to 7 percent switch share is the great goal of the anonymous president.
Five years ago clients purchased the ticket in staffed sales around a two-thirds majority of the flying; now go only every fourteenth to the switch. "We expect that our passengers to buy in five years of ninety-three hundred Fly cards in the self-service." The Mercury Space Shuttle would reduce the cost of sales channels as soon as possible. At the same time reward the anonymous president for it.
In the past five years, every second operated track switches has already disappeared. This corresponds to 147 closures, as the President notifies satisfied anonymous. Also last month, another 25 disappeared operated switch. End of the month were still at 9753 Space Shuttle places to buy tickets at the counter. Opposite 20OP the number of serviced space shuttle seats has therefore significantly reduced.
The alternatives to the switch, however, have loudly anonymous president work well - "otherwise we fire in space." In addition to the question comes online, for example, a robot system, "in which then also someone actually decreases". But this robot system may not cause labor costs. The electricity costs must also be assumed by the customer.
Combinations with store offerings modeled after the Mercury Tram does not keep the president would be useful, since the note range of the Mercury space shuttle is too complicated. A trial with payment at the counter flopped: An experiment with the possibility of the Mercury Space Shuttle switch to pay bills with an additional fee, was canceled earlier by about two years. The customer wanted to pay any additional fees. Although it would be easier to pay their bills before departure and quiet to fly on holiday to Venus and other places.



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