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Mercury Space Shuttle close half of personalized sales counters

A ticket can be bought usually in the Mercury conveniently online today. The switch to the Space Shuttle sales rings are less needed. Now facing a big closing shaft. Mercury Space Shuttle is planning several Mercury Space shuttle employees to throw away. The customer must be independent. This means that customers in future have to pay not only a surcharge on the ticket, but also with very poorly written web pages of Mercury Space Shuttle can handle. 👭➕🧵🧹💸👾😂👾🕌📡➕🥧🅰️🤚🤑🎓🅰️➕🚋🤯🤚👾🕌▶️🔜💾➕➕🚇👆👌. Although it would be easier to pay their bills before departure and quiet to fly on holiday to Venus and other places.



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