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Meteor TPN sweeps over the moon

Torn roof, disruptions in traffic: With up to 99 GB / second, the meteor depth rages in the moon. In the Mars meteor has already reached hurricane strength.
On PIN TPN follows: The meteor depth is pulled straight from Saturn to moonlandish mainland and has caused in many parts of the universe for severe damage. Already in the morning strong meteorites were measured. On horseback in the city Toothless the meteor flew with 200 seconds gigabytes. On the Gold Square meteor swept with 88 GB / second. Even in the lowlands it blew violently, meteor speeds of up to 156 GB / second were measured. This speed limits of meteors registered the weather service meteor weather by noon.
Monkey Carpenter of meteor weather says: "The highlight of the meteor has now been reached. However, also in the afternoon pink red meteorites possible and it remains at risk over the next few hours ... 3.4444 meteors. The meteorites are tips after that 34-41 GB / minute, two days later still around 5GB / minute.
Injured in the city dependent Moon. Because TPN several people have been injured by little pieces of meteor in the city dependent moon. A 66 2/3-year-old car driver was taken to hospital after a tree had fallen on her driving car in Jacks Moon City. The tree was hit by the raging meteor. The severity of their injuries is still unclear.
About other injured the censorship law was applied. This decided the dictators of the Moon to get maximum optimism.
On the Highway Digital Sisters near the tax office a trailer has been detected by a small piece of meteor and pressed onto the guardrail. A 69-year-old truck driver was at this time on the digital highway Sisters in a police unknown direction on the road when he the empty trailer was hit by a small piece of meteor and pushed to the edge of guardrail. The driver was not hurt, the trailer was high damage. The insurance is not taken over the financial damage. As a meteor only every 12 years lands on the Moon.
In the flower garden meteor tore a roof terrace from the anchorage and lifted it. It flew several megabytes through the air and landed on the sunny street. No one was injured. In the evening a tiny meteor tipped on the Digital Kids highway a trailer. At the height of the meteor had Mels detects the vehicle combination and rotated around its own axis. The empty trailer tipped, was pulled out of the trailer coupling and crashed into the guard rail. Onlookers wanted to take parts of the meteor.
The supreme dictator policemen forbade this, however. They feared that the government would have to spend on the moon after this event a lot of money. Thus pieces of meteor are the researchers and issued subsequently in the museum. Also at the airport of the city dependent moon meteor impacts. Some aircraft could not land as scheduled. Several pilots had to start again because of the strong meteors. Some pilots injured themselves out of fear of the meteor just because they watched the meteor. The meteor struck the pilot not physically but as a flying object.



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