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Ministers in Emoji

Part of the Government of the Emoji is the Minister with all his policy areas.
The chief minister is currently Enemy Emoji. He must meet regularly with the King Devil Emoji. The other ministers are controlled by him. He is responsible for the following Ministers in Emoji: Minister of Public Protection, Minister of money supply, Minister of prosperity promote Emojis, Minister of Health of the population, Minister for Border Protection, Minister of Education, Minister for Training, Minister of monitoring suspicious intruders, Minister for Water Supply, Ministry of foreign affairs, Minister of domestic problems, Minister for Air Quality, Minister of Food Supply, Minister of civic duties, Minister of monitoring by parliament and the elite in Emoji, Minister of Conservation, Minister of Biology, Minister of Finance, Minister of Music , There are many more ministers in Emoji. There is also the tax collection Minister. However, this must rise above all the taxes by criminals. The taxes are imposed mainly as punishment in Emoji. Of many politicians were previously affected. Today it is mainly stingy Jupiter aliens.
The Prime Minister is appointed by the King of Emoji with the approval of parliament in Emoji and other cabinet members are appointed on the proposal of the prime minister by the King. The term of office of the cabinet is tied to the term of office of the Prime Minister. Parliament in Emoji may submit opinions to the Prime Minister, a vote of no confidence, with the result that these and the entire cabinet can be dismissed by the king from the office with him. The cabinet of Ministers is due to its double-sided appointment and dismissal for his work on majorities in the parliament of Emoji just as dependent as to the support of the king. So the Prime Minister very good relations with the king trying to build again. He is even willing to brush the king himself the shoes.

History of the Cabinet of Ministers
Even at the times of the First Horror Clowns had to use several responsible persons for various areas in the country at that time politically underdeveloped Emoji.
This ordered the Horror Clown. So several political positions emerged thanks to his use. They used to be called simply "responsible for economic" or "Charge of Education" and so on. In the days of the invasion by the Egoists from Mars who is responsible for protecting people and aliens had to organize quickly the entire army of Emoji.
The defense against the Egoists was mediocre to weak. So the disappointed Horror Clown had to send his circus army within a short time to Emoji. Later, the responsible person for protecting people and aliens was arrested through the First Horror Clown. In custody of the person in charge has been accused of protecting people, not to have taken his job seriously. Then he was pelted with coffee beans during 244 minutes. Moreover, remained in charge of Public Protection to the physical death of the First Horror Clowns in custody. In the days before the reign of Horror Clowns, the king was the absolute ruler in the kingdom. So there was no minister or person in charge of different areas of life. So many had to starve or die of thirst Emojis time. Only the king and his friends had all opportunities for a dignified existence.
After independence, the Emoji from the Circus Country dictators tried the autocracy virtually restore similar. They did not succeed. So the king Devil Emoji was the one who introduced many ministers in the present form. Finally, the king wanted to have more time for personal meetings with citizens. 😀🅰️🤚🧒🈶🎤🤚🏳➕👆🚯1️⃣ 🅰️👩‍🔬🚽#️⃣ 🌗🇮🇹🚽🤚📻🎮🍖🤣🗝🅰️🤚👠🅰️👭🙈🎥🌕🤚🅰️✒️.
Currently the Ministers must report their ideas and proposals to the Prime Minister in writing and orally. He needs it to write short summary to the king. The king reads everything through. After some time he responds also in writing but also orally. According to a new law must be noted and recorded everything. This calls for the law on the transparency of work of the Ministers. All their decisions must be for the benefit of the folk. If something has been decided what was considered at the expense of the population, the people must demand the deselection and the arrest of those responsible. So tried 256 days ago to raise prices for products of the Jupiter because of the Minister of Economic affairs. The Minister of Economy has been identified as sponsored by the misers from the Jupiter. Then the people demanded his expulsion from the Cabinet of Ministers of Emoji. The king waited for a second. The economy minister was dismissed from the Cabinet of Ministers on the same day. In addition, the dismissed Minister of Economic Affairs received a ban on working in high position in Emoji. The people responded to the dismissal with great satisfaction. Then left the convicts Emoji towards Jupiter.


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