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Mona Lisa Interview

Mona Lisa ( 📢 La Gioconda or Monna Lisa  in Italian, or 📢 La Joconde in French) is in the Paris art museum of Musée du Louvre. There she is officially hung up for more than 200 years on a wall. Since some time Mona Lisa must be protected against the new coronavirus (Covid-19) against infections by the visitors. Except dust and bodyguards nobody may officially visit Mona Lisa. That's why the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 used this time to interview Mona Lisa. For this purpose he had to come along invisibly with his mobile phone with laser. Thus he came to the Paris art museum, while the bodyguards saw the 26th dream. With a GPS device he was finally able to find Gioconda.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci 1503, Louvre

Mona Lisa started screaming loudly: Distance!!!
Sweasy26 was very surprised that there were no coronavirus protective masks for Mona Lisa. He pointed the laser light from his mobile phone at Gioconda to check if it was actually Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. After a few seconds, Mona Lisa screamed even louder: Distance, I said!!

Mona Lisa: Distance

Sweasy26 begins with the first question:
Are you really so scared to get covid-19?
Mona Lisa looks at her fingernails and says: Before the art museum Musée du Louvre was closed to all visitors, some disrespectful visitors came to me and coughed at me. Since I hung here, I haven't had any other consequences except dust until the pandemic. Respiratory droplets came directly on me through coughing or sneezing. I even wanted ceramic protection from my bodyguards or museum director. Everyone laughed at me. They thought I was just a historical picture.

Why do you think they were so disrespectful?
Mona Lisa answers this time with a counter-question: Do you have a ceramic mask for me?
Sweasy26 asks why, if no visitors are allowed at the moment anyway.
Mona Lisa suddenly turns the green mountain in the background into a mountain of the future, with which she can see the future after the easing measures. Afterwards, Mona Lisa speaks with a louder tone: I want to remain unrecognized in the future, so that future visitors would not look at me and infect me for too long.

Suddenly the bodyguard came into the room where Mona Lisa was being interviewed as an oil painting by Sweasy26. He realized that the light was too bright. He took a wet cloth and wanted to brush the dust away. During this time, the electricity was completely out. The bodyguard suddenly saw the shiny face of Leonardo da Vinci. The artist told him with commanding tone: Go away!!!

Leonardo da Vinci: Go Away!

The bodyguard ran away faster than the fastest Formula One cars did.
Mona Lisa thanked Leonardo da Vinci for this help. Finally, she wanted to have a protective mask and not to be cleaned with a wet cloth every time.

Meanwhile, Sweasy26 was about a small lying cat away from Mona Lisa.
Mona Lisa responded again: Keep distance from at least one average bed!

Mona Lisa: Distance of a bed!

Now the interviewer wanted to know when exactly Leonardo da Vinci drew this oil painting. He also wanted to know the exact background of Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa jumped out of the painting for a few seconds and pressed the button with the letter "F" on a smartphone. Then she sat down again in the oil painting and began to tell:
When my husband first saw the beautiful pictures of Leonardo da Vinci, he wanted to have these patterns on silk scarves. That's how we worked together on a Thursday. Leonardo da Vinci was very happy that he was able to draw his works on silk scarves for once. At that time Leonardo offered to portray someone from our family as a thank you for this collaboration. My husband was just around a valley with a beautiful landscape in search of silk. That's how this idea came about to portray me. For this we brought a wooden chair from our city.
Mona Lisa took a magnifying glass from her back pocket and pointed it at the green landscape behind her. Afterwards Mona Lisa says: I never knew that this portrait would conserve my life in such a way that I would be there after many years. My husband died of plague (disease). At that time, this was a pandemic like the coronavirus today. History repeats itself...

Mona Lisa: History repeats itself.


Sweasy26 wants to move away from pandemics to other topics.
Suddenly the museum director comes into the room with a flashlight and points it to the button with the letter "F". After some time, a blue face appears, which begins to speak as a hologram on the wall next to Mona Lisa. The main problem was that the volume was off. The museum director pressed a different button. Afterwards, the blue face was recognizable as Fantomas. He said he had been planning the visit for a long time. He took the oil painting out of the wall and disappeared. After all, Mona Lisa was able to leave the painting prematurely. The museum director fell asleep.

Mona Lisa outside of the oil painting with horoscope

Sweasy26 wanted to know if there are often such adventures in the museum.
Mona Lisa took a historical horoscope from her left shoe and said:
In this museum it has been quite boring and adventureless. But since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic this year and the ejection of all visitors, there are almost every day from 2:22 a.m. at night any adventures.

After this answer, Mona Lisa suddenly transforms into a more modern version of the stolen painting: this time she gets a crown and a mask.

Mona Lisa becomes Corona Lisa with Covid-19 Mask and Crown

Now the interviewer wants to know which of the many theories about the identity of Mona Lisa are true. He wants to know it directly from the first source.

Mona Lisa turns left and right several times, as if she were looking for something. Then she begins to tell:
All theories about me are true, because I was allowed to play several roles in the theatre at the same time. Once I was the wife (under the name Lisa del Giocondo) of a silk cloth merchant, once as the late mother Pacifica Brandani in an oil painting.
Other roles were certainly right. That's life. One slips into a new role practically every day. Because of Covid-19 I have to take on the role of Corona Lisa.
Mona Lisa starts laughing very strongly.
The museum director woke up. He then looked for a disinfectant. Later, he searched for a co-worker to disinfect the oil painting and the entire room.


Mona Lisa says: all theories about me are true!


Mona Lisa voluntarily talks about her role as Salai:
Once I had to take on the role of a devil in a play.
In this role, as a secret agent, I had to kidnap a high-ranking mafia employee and poison him with my look.
Mona Lisa seems a little unsettled and looks for gloves from the 15th century in the whole room. She then asks Sweasy26 if he has gloves from that time.

Suddenly the blue face appeared in the room again. Fantomas wanted to kidnap Mona Lisa from the museum. This time he said: I'm back because I realized that I only had an imprint of the oil painting. I also miss the main character of the painting. The main problem for him was that he met Corona Lisa. So he didn't recognize the real Mona Lisa. He reacted with disappointment and disappeared again.

Fantomas: I am back to kidnap Mona Lisa!

Mona Lisa reacted with relief that her crown and mask were at least protecting against Fantomas. Afterwards, several letters jumped out of Mona Lisa's mouth:
Once I had to play Isabella of Aragon (Duchess of Milan) for 14 minutes. In this role, I had to stand passively next to my husband like a fir tree. That was the most boring role. After all, we found that more visitors to the theatre fell asleep within this play than ever before. When I was allowed to play the noble Caterina Sforza, I had to make up at least twice as long as the role. I used living snails on my face. The role as Isabella d'Este, on the other hand, was very diverse. In this role I had to speak a lot. Just spit some political senseless slogans out of my mouth.

Mona Lisa laughs so hard after her statement that the bodyguard dares to enter the room again.

Mona Lisa saw him and said: You again!

When Mona Lisa saw the bodyguard, she said, "You again!
The bodyguard wanted to clean the protective glass because of coronavirus. Suddenly it became so bright in the room, as if the sun were shining there. Leonardo da Vinci appeared with a brush in his right hand. In his left hand, the historical artist had a different version of his oil painting Mona Lisa. In the meantime, Sweasy26 had to interrupt the interview.
Mona Lisa did not want to return to the empty painting without the green landscape. That's why she hid in the lamp.
The bodyguard fell asleep again. After some time it was already 9:00 in the morning. The museum director ran to the Louvre and wanted to see if he had a dream or nightmare at night.
In the meantime, the bodyguard noticed that instead of Mona Lisa, a blue face of Fantomas was visible. The museum director came to the room to review the painting with Mona Lisa. The bodyguard pointed his index finger at Fantomas. The two high-ranking employees feared that they would experience the same fate as the employees in 1911 after the theft. Therefore, they refrained from informing people during the pandemic of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Instead, the two employees decided to use the quarantine time to commission a new image. They cited archiving of the painting for research purposes as reasons.

Mona Lisa was replaced by Fantomas (Blue Face) in the painting

Fantomas instead of Mona Lisa


After the two employees disappeared, Mona Lisa jumped back into the oil painting.
She sat down next to Fantomas.
The alien Sweasy26 wanted to continue the interview.
This time, he asked, What do you think about the reasons why humanity hit this pandemic Covid-19 so strongly planet Earth?

Mona Lisa threw her protective mask and crown at Fantomas and said:
I think humanity has completely forgotten its creator. They think they can do anything on Earth. But that is not the case. In my time almost 500 years ago, the plague disease was very bad. Humanity should change its behavior. It cannot certainly go on in such a way, as before.

Mona Lisa about the reason of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Mona Lisa about the reason of Covid-19

Now to another subject. What was it like being stolen from the art museum Musée du Louvre in 1911?
Mona Lisa touches her head at the back and gives a search with the title "Theft of oil painting Mona Lisa 1911".

Mona Lisa and search engine: Theft of the oil painting 1911

She can then spit several sentences out of her mouth:
The Italian named Vincenzo Peruggia worked as a craftsman in the art museum at that time. He said quietly on that 21 August that he would take me to my Italian homeland.
That is what he wanted to do at all costs. I admired his willingness to take risks because of an oil painting to invest so much of his valuable life. He took me to his apartment in Paris at that time. There he hid me from the lights and the police. His approach to the theft was very well planned. He deactivated the alarm signal of the protective glass. So he was able to escape without any problems. He put me in a box of metal and left Louvre. It was something special to have been back in Italy after so many years in France. Nevertheless, I believe that Leonardo da Vinci's decision must be respected. Eventually he felt his impending death and decided to sell me to France as soon as possible.

Sweasy26: Why didn't Leonardo sell his oil painting to Italians?
Mona Lisa has to clean her forehead of sweat with a bath towel. She then tries to find a simple answer to the most difficult question. After 48 seconds, Mona Lisa can finally say something:
Leonardo da Vinci lived in France for the last years of his life. So it was easier for him to sell the painting to the French King Francis I of France. The time for a trip to Italy would not have been enough. He would die along the way with the oil painting.

Sweasy26: According to the Guinness Book of Records, Mona Lisa painting is among the highest-insured artistic works in the world (approximately 650,000,000 US dollars). Would you ever have thought that your portrait of Leonardo da Vinci could become the most valuable of the world?
Mona Lisa fetches a 15th-century lipstick and says: The question is whether the insurance company rates me as a person or the oil painting by Leonardo. I'm not for sale. I am an opponent of human trafficking. I am not for sale. How will insurance react when Fantomas takes my place?

Mona Lisa: I am not for sale!

Sweasy26 must explain modern life to Mona Lisa:
In the today's time everything is valued anyhow in money. That is the reality today. What's sold these days...
Mona Lisa gets curious and asks herself: Is even dirty air sold in your time?
Sweasy26 affirms and laughs. He then changes the subject.
Did you know the art historian Giorgio Vasari?
He claimed that Leonardo da Vinci had portrayed Lisa del Giocondo in this oil painting.
Mona Lisa looks a little tired and reacts accordingly:

Mona Lisa as Lisa del Giocondo

As I have explained before, I was also in this role. The truth is that I played the role of Lisa del Giocondo at 70 percent of my time in the theatre.
That is why it is logical that we should both be associated with each other.
Nevertheless, I also had other aspects of my personality.

Sweasy26: Agostino Vespucci (from the Florentine State Chancellery) confirmed in a written historical document that Leonardo da Vinci had painted the wife of Francesco di Bartolomeo del Giocondo Lisa del Giocondo in his oil painting Mona Lisa. This is further proof of the correctness of this theory.

Mona Lisa reacts a little annoyed: Don't you know that fake news were no less common in my time than it is today?
There were many conspiracy theorists in my time. In my time, several women looked like me.
That's why the theorists never thought that we could be several twin sisters. Even if only externally.
Mona Lisa laughs so loudly that the Louvre building trembles like an earthquake.

Mona Lisa about Fake News

Sweasy26 wants to know if the oil painting was made in 1503.
Mona Lisa desperately needs a calendar. She also wants to know something else.
Do you have a calendar? Ever since I hung here in the Musée du Louvre art museum in Paris, I have seen nothing but visitors, staff or dust. I'm also behind a protective glass. In what year are we exactly now?

Mona Lisa sees only visitors, staff or dust.

Sweasy26 reacts with some astonishment: Do visitors or employees never say anything about today's date?

Mona Lisa searches for a mini calendar from 1503 in her pocket. Afterwards, she says: The last date I can remember was Friday 13 March 2020. On that day, the last visitors were here. Many have been coughing a lot in my direction recently above average. Luckily, I have been living in quarantine of a protective glass for a long time.

Sweasy26: There is a theory that Leonardo da Vinci portrayed himself as a woman in the painting Mona Lisa. Can you confirm or reject this opinion?
Mona Lisa desperately needs a mirror. She also wants to compare herself to the famous artist. After that, some words fall out of her mouth faster than Mona would like:
What is clear is that we looked similar at that time. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Leonardo just wanted to draw himself. The nose and eyes may look similar, but we are different personalities. Don't you know that a real artist can create new personalities?
Every art is unique. Even if Leonardo da Vinci would draw the same portrait sooner or later. Each oil painting is an unique original.

Sweasy26 wants to know from Mona Lisa why the portrait with her could be so famous.
Mona Lisa has a short answer:
It was the right time, the right position and everything was perfect fit. And not to forget, there was also the right landscape behind me. The choice of colors and their usage by Leonardo were perfect.

Sweasy26: There is also an opinion that Leonardo da Vinci drew a fictional character in Mona Lisa. Is this true or is it fake news?
Mona Lisa throws a clean nose cloth from her pocket on the floor. Then she says:
As I mentioned before, every art is unique. That is why one small percentage of this can be true.

Mona Lisa: Every art is unique!

Sweasy26: You contradict yourself. At the beginning of the interview, you said that it was an spontaneous idea to portray you on a Thursday. More and more you confirm different opinions. Why? And how did this oil painting Mona Lisa really originate?
Mona Lisa takes a response directly from her left ear:
I don't want to offend anyone. That's why I try to satisfy everyone. Truth is my greatest secret in decades. Finally, I lived in the time of the Italian Renaissance. During this time, we felt the need for a device that would quickly portray people.

Mona Lisa: I don't want to offend anyone.

Sweasy26: Do you mean the camera?
Mona Lisa seems a little envious of the present day and replies:
Yes. Every time several visitors come and take pictures of me, sometimes with intense rays of light, sometimes they just point their devices at me.

Sweasy26: What else can you say about yourself?
Mona Lisa shows a sign with the Italian term "Censura". What censorship means.

Mona Lisa shows Censura

Afterwards she answers in a soft voice: The material for the oil painting had to be searched for 8 days at Francesco's request. In the end, he accepted Leonardo's suggestion to portray me on poplar panel. The masses were shortened to 77 cm x 53 cm (30 in x 21 in). Originally, the portrait with my face was to be much larger. Francesco told Leonardo that he did not want to have back pain by wearing the oil painting. That's why the artist shortened. Later, Leonardo regretted it. That's why he decided not to sell to our family. So he kept the portrait. As a result, Lisa del Giocondo separated from the picture. I was allowed to be myself.

Sweasy26: This is very interesting detail. Nowhere is the question asked why the family of the portrayed did not acquire the painting.
Mona Lisa points at her head and adds: This is logical that the person portrayed usually wants to buy the picture. In the event of disagreement or dissatisfaction, this will be waived. I must mention, however, that there was a decent discussion. There was no dispute. We also stayed friends with Leonardo da Vinci for a longer time. That is why I always say: I am only 70% the original Lisa del Giocondo. The rest are characteristics of other personalities that influenced the artist.

Sweasy26: What was the time with first buyer (Francis I of France)?
Mona Lisa searches for old memories in her memory and says:
After the purchase, the oil painting was hung in one of his important rooms.
In every decision on state finances, Francis I looked me directly in the eyes for about 71 seconds. It seemed as if he was looking for a solution in my eyes.

Mona Lisa: search engine, old memories

Suddenly, several employees of the Louvre Museum came into the room with disinfectants and began to search the entire room very intensively for 👑🦠 Coronavirus (Covid-19). After that, each place was cleaned at least 7 times.

After 74 minutes, the employees disappeared from the room with their empty disinfectants.

Sweasy26 wanted to know how the Mona Lisa Prado and other versions were created at that time.
Mona Lisa touches her nose with the clean nose cloth and tells:
After we were not entirely satisfied with the result, Leonardo da Vinci decided to use his oil painting as a model for his students of the arts.
I think his approach was very good. Thus, several Leonardo da Vincis of the future could be trained. For many, I am the inspiration for Mona Lisa's artworks. So Raffaello Sanzio drew young woman with the unicorn and portrait of Baldassare Castiglione in a similar style to Leonardo da Vinci me. That was at the same time.

Mona Lisa Prado

Sweasy26: Mona Lisa paintings also influenced other artists who drew their copies or versions. Leonardo da Vinci drew Isleworth Mona Lisa himself. This is claimed at least on Wikipedia.

Mona Lisa takes a modern pencil completely unexpectedly and draws a big question mark next to the word "Wikipedia".
Sweasy26 must explain to her that it is a modern encyclopedia with more or less useful knowledge of important and less important things on planet Earth.

Mona Lisa of Salai

Suddenly, the Mona Lisa of Salai appears on the left and asks: Who is the real Mona Lisa here?
Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci suddenly loses her colors. She turns all black and white.
Suddenly Leonardo da Vinci appears in person and immediately forces Salai to bring his Mona Lisa under control. After that, the artist disappears with the copy of Salai.
After these events, the Isleworth Mona Lisa falls from a mirror to the ground.

Mona Lisa black and white

She seems envious of the original Mona Lisa and also wants to have a long interview.
Sweasy26 is ready to question Isleworth Mona Lisa. His main question is: When and if Leonardo da Vinci would have drawn her?
Isleworth Mona Lisa rubs her hands and replies: I don't know what the other Mona Lisa told you, but I was portrayed before her. That's why I'm very jealous of her because she's become more famous than me.


Isleworth Mona Lisa

Sweasy26: Moment. Are you the younger sister of the original Mona Lisa?
Isleworth Mona Lisa looks happier: Not quite. Through the mysterious journey in a time machine, Leonardo da Vinci landed after his original Mona Lisa about 9 years in the past. So he could draw me younger.

According to this statement, Fantomas suddenly appears with a shovel and threatens Isleworth Mona Lisa to go with him. He then kidnaps her and disappears. After 47 seconds, the original Mona Lisa becomes colored again. She seems very relieved that her younger version finally disappeared.
Then Mona Lisa tells, "You see! My opinion has just been confirmed. Each version of me has its own characteristics. The Mona Lisa of Prado, Isleworth, Salai or other versions.

According to these statements, Mona Lisa wants to explain her name:
Several sentences in font size 80 flee from Mona Lisa's mouth to the ground:
Did you know that I am called "Ritratto di Monna Lisa del Giocondo" in Italian. Mona means my lady as an abbreviation for "Ma Donna". Mrs Giocondo.
This means a portrait of Mona Lisa del Giocondo.
Sweasy26 reacts with astonishment: You predicted that you identified only to 70% with Lisa Gherardini.
Mona Lisa winks with her eyes: That's my secret.

Suddenly Leonardo da Vinci appears and asks for a 🤳 selfie with Mona Lisa and Sweasy26. The extraterrestrial must still adapt the settings in his smartphone for a common Selfie.

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa and Sweasy26 Selfie

After the selfie, the entire Museum of Art the Musée du Louvre trembles. Several people who were nearby alerted the local police. A passer-by claimed that he had seen Mona Lisa escape from the museum herself. Police called that Covid-19 hallucinations.

After 166 seconds, a completely different painting appears on the right side next to Mona Lisa. This was a mixture of the original and the self-portrait of Leonardo: DaVinciMonaLisa
It wanted to recall tips and measures related to coronavirus (Covid-19):
Shaking hands forbidden!

Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa: shaking hands forbidden!

Suddenly, Original Mona Lisa screamed: What's the point? I wanted to be myself.
Because of this event, Leonardo da Vinci had to return to the Musée du Louvre in Paris. He really wanted to justify this DaVinciMonaLisa painting:
The artist himself is involved in every art!
According to this statement, Leonardo da Vinci disappeared. DaVinciMonaLisa disappeared 11 seconds later.

Leonardo Da Vinci about Mona Lisa Painting

Now Sweasy26 wanted to ask another question to Mona Lisa. Suddenly a drawing Mona Lisa appeared under the original. Unlike other versions, she looked like a version drawn with pencil.
The drawn Mona Lisa wanted to tell about herself: Leonardo da Vinci wanted to prepare himself perfectly for the later oil painting. The important prerequisite for this was to draw me first with different pencils. This simpler portrait was better suited to the education of art students in the second stage of education.
Sweasy26 hoped that Mona Lisa of Louvre would confirm or deny this statement.
Mona Lisa remained calm. She didn't want to say anything about it.
Suddenly Leonardo da Vinci returned. He said to Mona Lisa drawing: Where have you been for the last 521 years?
Drawn Mona Lisa showed the following sentence above the drawing: Unfortunately I am out of business after so many years!
The artist took the drawing and disappeared.

Finally, the alien Sweasy26 was allowed to ask the next question:
Who are you, Mona Lisa?
After this question falls a piece of toilet paper with the sentence: Bought because of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
Mona Lisa seems amazed and a little annoyed: Didn't you understand that after this long interview? Are you stupid?

Mona Lisa asks: Are you stupid?

As I said at the beginning, I was in several roles. The main role was that of Lisa del Giocondo, born Gherardini. She was forcibly married to a 30-year-old silk cloth merchant at the age of 15. They had 5 children. Today, that would actually be illegal.

Sweasy26 has pity for Mona Lisa from Louvre. Now he wants to ask an uncomfortable question. How did Mona Lisa die?
Suddenly, the frame of the oil painting trembles. Afterwards Mona Lisa replies:
If I had died, how would you talk to me. I am preserved in this painting. If you mean the death of Lisa del Giocondo, I'll tell you. She was 63 years old and died, like most people at that time. Do you have no better questions?

Then Sweasy26 asks: Why do you think the oil painting Mona Lisa has become so famous?
Mona Lisa seems very proud and responds faster than usual: I think it happened because of the mass media after the theft of 1911. At that time, all the newspapers wrote about the stolen painting every day, as is the case today with the coronavirus (Covid-19). While they wanted to make me famous at that time, I don't know why and for what purpose this virus should be made so famous. Perhaps behind them is the next oil painting that will be offered for mass purchase?

Sweasy26: Many people want to know why you don't have eyebrows in the painting?
Mona Lisa: The main reason was the skin peeling. By cutting the eyebrows, I was able to better care for the skin. To protect my eyes, I used other aids that did not cause me skin peeling.

Mona Lisa answers why she doesn't have eyebrows

After this answer, someone unexpectedly opened the door to the room where the original oil painting Mona Lisa was kept. It was someone two-legged and hairy. This being was less to less unknown during Leonardo da Vinci's lifetime. It was called Yeti (the abominable snowman). He began to say: I came from the North Pole. I wanted to use the quarantine period so that I could visit the Louvre as much as possible alone.

Mona Lisa and Sweasy26 wanted to know how he got access to the art museum. Yeti replied: The bodyguard said to me, If I am able to draw a real copy of Leonardo's original, I will immediately get access to the Louvre. I was able to draw my copy in my original format within 71 hours. So I was allowed to enter the room exclusively.

Mona Lisa reacted somewhat disappointed and asked: Will I now be replaced with a copy of a Yetis after several years?
Yeti tried to reassure her: That was the price of my entry into the Louvre, because such a painting is easier to disinfect than any money.

Mona Lisa: Will I now be replaced...

Suddenly someone opened the front door. It was Bigfoot with oversized feet and strong fur hair.
Mona Lisa, Sweasy26 and Yeti wanted to know how Bigfoot came into the room.
Bigfoot: Quite simply. The bodyguard confused me with Yeti.
Bigfoot wanted a selfie with the real Mona Lisa.

Suddenly a shadow of Francesco di Bartolomeo di Zanobi del Giocondo appeared on the ceiling and said: Mona Lisa, stop this interview!
You should go to me!
It was exactly 4:44 a.m. The time pressure increased. The bodyguard heard several noises in the room where Original Mona Lisa was kept. He called some police officers. He wanted them to go into the room with him. The chief police officer said that in the days of Covid-19 the priorities were different. The bodyguard took a water pistol and went shaking to the space. There he met: Bigfoot, Yeti, Mona Lisa outside the oil painting and a sunglasses wearer. On the floor, he didn't even notice who was there. The bodyguard began shooting Bigfoot and Yeti with his water pistol.
The cold shower drove the two visitors away. Meanwhile, a voice screamed so loudly from the ground that the bodyguard ran away again. He locked the front door with the key. In the meantime, Mona Lisa sat down again in the painting. Francesco di Bartolomeo di Zanobi del Giocondo realized that his attempts did not yield anything. He screamed towards Mona Lisa: Now it's enough! I want divorce!
Then Mona Lisa replied: You were married to Lisa del Giocondo. She only looked 70 percent like me. You were never married to me.
Francesco di Bartolomeo di Zanobi del Giocondo reacted with a crazy face and disappeared. He returned to Florence.

Mona Lisa wanted to remind us of the rules of the pandemic:
Avoid shaking hands!
Consider distance of the size of a bed for an average adult!
No hugs!
Disinfect/wash hands regularly!
With dirty hands face definitely do not touch!
If not possible to keep distance, cover face. (With or without mask)
In case of fever, stay at home and do not infect anyone!
Into a plastic bag or handkerchief cough and sneeze!
Avoid groups of more than 11 people! Depending on the country also groups of more than 4 people or even less!
Don't be near strangers for too long!
Don't chew your fingernails!

Mona Lisa and Covid-19 rules

Sweasy26 thanks Mona Lisa for her reminder of readers of the most important rules in times of coronavirus (Covid-19).
Sweasy26 wanted to ask a medical question to the interlocutor:
It is claimed that Mona Lisa may have various diseases. From eye disease to swelling of the right hand. What is true or not?
Mona Lisa puts the crown on her head and answers the question: Of course, medical researchers are always looking for diseases. Even in historical paintings.
Whether I feel sick, I have to deny. Otherwise I would not have been patiently surviving in this position for more than 500 years.

Exactly at 4:55 a.m., the artist Leonardo returned to the Louvre.
He wanted to say, "Sorry, I didn't shake hands."
Can we make up for this?
The world-famous artist: My full name is Leonardo di ser Piero (da Vinci), I come from the town of Vinci (Tuscany) in Italy. I later emigrated to France.

Leonardo da Vinci says his full name

The artist realizes that no one wants to shake his hand. He seems irritated.
Mona Lisa then explained: Didn't you notice that there is a pandemic called coronavirus (Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2) worldwide?

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci wants to know more about this. The alien Sweasy26 shows the latest news about the disease in his smartphone. Leonardo da Vinci seems very sad after counting so many deceased. The artist has no more words. He wishes the earth and humanity a good recovery. After that, he disappears.

Mona Lisa realizes that she has to make further recommendations for the time "return to relative normality". Then she says:
In the beginning, I recommend only starting flights between countries that have controlled this pandemic or are fighting it altogether. Of course, with stricter hygiene measures. Finally, airports and public institutions should be significantly better disinfected. Anyone who has noticed his illness too late should wear a protective mask or cover his or her breathing with wipes against infecting other people.

Sweasy26 would like to thank Mona Lisa for the detailed interview.
In the meantime, several employees of the Louvre Museum are trying to open the door to the room of oil paintings. So far, all attempts have been unsuccessful. With laser, Sweasy26 opened the door and became invisible to the bodyguards. Afterwards, several Louvre employees stormed into the room. There they found Mona Lisa with a crown on her head. They had optical illusion. After a few hours, the original Mona Lisa was in her original state.
The Musée du Louvre in Paris began preparations for reopening and returning to normality because Coronavirus (Covid-19) ended up as a bad dream.

Mona Lisa says goodbye!



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