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Mr. Stingy and friends want the tenfold of their credit back

Lenders Mr. Stingy and friends threatens Generous increasingly so, not to renew the loan agreement or even to increase the debt massively. With borrowers who their debts can no longer afford to make the financial institutions often short shrift.
Send financial soldier to the debtors. The financial soldier writes on all assets of the debtor. He also photographed everything to the smallest detail. The bill for his work sends the lender Mr. Stingy and friends to the debtor. Thus, the debt shall be increased by as much as thirty times the original debt. All the money of Yay and Stor Kiwi infected now only in their debt. They have 56 years ago still a relatively small credit for their former marriage of 45742 Bitcoins. They paid during these 56 years regularly in small steps back the loan. 😀🤚🔣🈶🍖⌚🔜🤑🍖🚄🌉🚇👭👏🥝👨🤚🎁🚇🗝🧥🗝🧥💍🥝🎂🌉⌚🕌🚯📴💼🚯🚯🤲🛰🤚🚇🗝🧥🗝💳🤝🅰️🤚⏮💳🤝📡🤚😛❓🍖🚇👭🍖🕌⌛🈶💸🌉👆🔜🤚🌉🔣🍂🙁🏠🤚🚇👭. This means that customers must have a minimum capacity of 11111111 Bitcoins. Only then are they allowed on the red carpet of lending. Who is poorer than allowed, flying directly to Earth's moon with a rocket.
Here also are the rapidly changing income conditions, such as at retirement age but also to a generous use of the money into account. "There is therefore in this customer group" no bundling of suddenly no longer given solvency ". Conversely, when lenders Makemake Money customers need the loan company to borrow money for free.



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