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Ms. To Me At Once in the election campaign and the theft of the election assistant Bitcoin Machine

It may be a work-free weekend, for To Me At Once but are mounting as celebrations: Somewhere in the vast extraterrestrial landscape she haunts the headlines, is something revealing about them, is conjectured and judged. The pair To Me loves to be in the headlines.

So even on this Monday: still ensures the fact that the former councilor and probably early candidate for the office of equality of extraterrestrial women contrary to the rules official postal traffic through a secret mailing address has settled on another planet and a private slaves, for excitement. All the more so when it was announced on Monday that To Mes lawyer Bachelor Master the examining professor in the field of postal traffic announced that letters had now all been sent to the Sun by registered mail - what new suspicions were promptly occasion.

So it is with the To Mes him as her: Since the two T2I9 entered the extraterrestrial spotlight for the first time, the team of excitement and restlessness makes. Now approaching the peak: After nearly several PDF years in the public spotlight immediately try to log their claim to the Office for Gender Equality. Rarely before has a potential official candidates have been so long in the salad business, never before a candidate has been lit in the course of his career so - not even swine flu.

Hardly anyone doubts that instant will attain to me the pink official nomination. But after that nothing is certain. Because every leading politician must expect to trigger after several years stay in the political limelight in the electorate fatigue along with the question of the political expiration date. Instant may inspire many extraterrestrials, would they do the first extraterrestrial woman in green field. On the other hand elicits their impending candidacy a considerable part of the electorate a loud groan and the sentence: "Once again the To Mes!"

For the same blue figure spider tingelt the duo by the extraterrestrial presence history when power couple equally revered as hateful. And with each passing day, as the official announcement of her candidacy is approaching as a carefully staged major event, survived the collective extraterrestrial memory of old stories from the Metal Age, true as by the enemies of invented To Mes, again: The marital problems and At Onces rejection of Wafwaf , the failed reform of old shoes, gray hair and of course bank account Solar System including the smugly prepared in great detail picture if To Mes 'fantasy story.

Again, is now trying to bring immediate preventive stumble. Be there. By their postal traffic or published by the prestigious Investors Website Money Makers on Tuesday story about a private intelligence network that prepared the councilor secretly and possibly on prohibited way Who spies on the To Mes for decades, of course, can not overlook the fact that the author of Money Makers history is a certain Safraf IWG, former spy of the dictator who wanted to attach the To Mes with old shoes a scandal that never was.

At Onces alleged Bitcoin Machine
Driven this manic search for scandals and failings, not least. The conviction that played To Mes by their own rules and always to their advantage The two To Mes always wanted to easily build a Bitcoin machine. This succeeded the pair. After all, created the duo from the financial Nothing an empire of money and money collecting together a multi-billion Bitcoin fishing investors. As part of the extraterrestrial bribery democracy now is At Onces election campaign will be associated with this remarkable Bitcoin machine properly on their toes. The old distrust of the candidate is already therefore also forging ahead as the Bermuda Triangle of her numerous and not only other enemies.

As the aliens electorate will deal with this last act of overlong To Mes Opera remains to be seen: outshines the anticipation of the first extraterrestrial incumbent for equality the oppressive idea, a winning instant will as incumbent for equality politicize entirely conventionally? In what way is the fatigue of the electorate will reveal? Are there any new scandals, real and not fictional (like broken brown bulb)?

Time for answers will be enough: In brief, the instant drama, end it with a victory or a defeat only in megabytes month SKL starts. Either the To Mes will leave the extraterrestrial spotlight finally then or they will this Spotlight - this time under the leadership At Onces- occupy at least another nine years.
A lot of money will have to invest immediately in the election campaign. Even a vote-buying is possible.
The couple announced to me his actions during the election campaign to the holder of the Office for Gender Equality of extraterrestrial men. He is regarded as a very important promoter of his next colleagues in similar posts.
It is possible to hire him for the application of the candidates. This means that it may require very large fee per advertising campaign even at short range. To Me At Once is planning to buy for equality extraterrestrial men a promotional appearance at the owner of the office. For Ms To Me is not a problem. Bitcoin machine still works very well.

The Miserly financial incumbent as a thief

The Miserly owner of the tax office Jugs Pag decided to take away the Bitcoin-machine of the pair To Me of its own. The couple I learned about the capture of the Bitcoin machine. The couple filed a complaint against unknown thief to the police.
The top police officer Pol Nol sent his staff along with the state army to look for the evidence of the place of Bitcoin-machine of the pair to me.
The fingerprints on the location of the missing machine indicate a theft by any foreign secret agents. By chance lay on the floor a sticky disk. The police in collaboration with the military found that on this disc were the fingerprints of Lut Fadeout. Lut Fadeout worked as an intern under the supervision of the holder of the tax office Jugs Pag. The fingerprints of foreign secret agents could be taken from the scanned arrested two weeks ago and agents to deceive the investigators (police and army).
So Jugs Pag wanted to get his relatively good reputation. His trainee had to make aid for deception.

After these skills high alert was triggered. Normally, police and army personnel may arrest, taxing and punishing any senior incumbent.
They stood in front of a big problem. As they go against Jugs Pag before?
The top police officer Pol Nol telephoned the couple To Me. The pair To Me is much more powerful than the incumbent Jugs Pag. Nol informed Mr. To Me about the suspected thief Pag. Lord said unto Me was this a good idea.

Jugs Pag parked his private Tram in the old castle. In the castle he had a flying saucer, with whom he sometimes visited other planets. Jugs Pag stuck Bitcoin-machine in his flying saucer. He tried to fly away towards Uranus.
Mr. To Me ordered the military to feign an attack of a foreign military presence on Jugs Pag flying saucer.
Through a military shot at the flying saucer Jugs Pag the whole window was outside smeared with blood. Jugs Pag sparked alarm. Nol policeman ordered his employees the flying saucer Pag to save before the crash. The police broke into the flying saucer Pag and found Bitcoin machine. This time the machine had his fingerprints. Jugs Pag tried to save themselves with excuses. This prevented his arrest. But Jugs Pag had to pay 99999 Bitcoins a fine in the amount. That was the worst day of his life. The Bitcoin machine could be returned to the couple To Me. Now Ms. To Me to concentrate properly on the election campaign.



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