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Must joint-stock companies be checked in Emoji by third?

A former clerk of the court from Japanese Emoji woke up in the middle of the night. He felt strong hunger. That's why he sat down to his table in the kitchen and considered during nearly 11 minutes what he could eat. Before his face lay 500 kilobytes of the national bread 🍠. He got up and took a knife. Then he sat down on his chair. He still wanted to check the knife for bacteria and microbes, before he had used it for the important job. While he observed the knife with his eyes, he saw himself in the shining knife. Suddenly there came several his twins from the knife. The clerk of the court saw several Emojis who immediately looked like him. This disturbed him. That's why he took another knife. Finally, this time he tried to cut the national bread 🍠. Then he started to eat. The twins of this Emojis left impatiently the house of the clerk of the court. They appeared in an enterprise of a miser from the Jupiter. The stingy alien sat at this time in the middle of the night and counted every earned Bitcoin with his hands. At the same time he separated that money which was to be paid tax on. Besides, he loudly started to cry. Damned tax authority!!!
During his grief appeared these twins of the clerk of the court. These Emojis said together to the alien from the Jupiter that they wanted to check his enterprise.
The miser reacted very much angry that the bad tax authority pursues even at night his hard earned money. He decided to fight against these Emojis with the help of his thoughts. This failed. These Emojis wanted to check his enterprise. They failed with their plan.
In the interim the former clerk of the court fell asleep seated in the kitchen.
The miser feared that these Emojis were really sent by the tax authority. That's why he started to cry. He laid even more money on the side in favour of the state stinginess. Then he fell asleep with his money.
While the sleep met the former clerk of the court the miser from the Jupiter in a wood full of old eucalyptuses. This was in Crying Laughing Emoji. There the best known immigrant from the Saturn called Non Sense played with his tricks. He said both guests that he worked on a special trick. His aim was: To surprise owner of culinary knives with their own twins. He congratulated the former clerk of the court that he took part involuntarily in this experiment. Non Sense said the stingy alien that he must give no troubles himself.
Non Sense sent these Emojis specially. Finally, the immigrant from the Saturn founded the first tax authority in Crying Laughing Emoji at that time. Non Sense warned both guests against moving the will of the first dictator. Finally, Emojis with Saturn's roots in the town of the old eucalyptuses were big opponents of the first dictator since his election.
Suddenly appeared the First Horror Clown and said that he reformed just his circus army. Non Sense reacted something angry about the undesirable visit of the First Horror Clowns. Thus he shifted some letters. Then there disappeared the First Horror Clown. After some time Non Sense said the former clerk of the court that he should put down him as the only examiner of the joint-stock companies in the code Emojis. After this conversation ended the dream of the both. The clerk of the court wanted to refresh in the early morning again his historical knowledge about important personalities of Emoji. Thus he took from his private library a history book about the town with the old eucalyptuses. By his detailed reading he almost already forgot that he had to go to his occupational colleagues. Even the main lawyer already contacted him.
The stingy owner of the joint-stock company had big interest that a putatively dead person might check his company as an only one. That's why he took a helicopter and flew to the house of the former clerk of the court. The lawyer recognised him from the dream. He said him that he was together with him in Crying Laughing Emoji in a wood. The miser said that he liked to bring him to his job with the helicopter. The clerk of the court was very contented. He felt obliged to put down Non Sense on the law book Emojis as the only examiner of the joint-stock companies. The gathered Emojis reacted something surprised that the lawyer from the port city came so fast to the work. That's why the main lawyer handed over the code to him. At this time lawyers had to interrupt their work briefly. The first dictator wanted to thank Emojis for good cooperation. The reason was that he could arrest several criminal Emojis and aliens from the Venus. These criminals tried to poach illegally in the capital of Emoji SMS several local inhabitants for their religion. For this purpose they founded a joint-stock company with the name: Emojis in favour of the religion of the Venus poach.
The clerk of the court from Japanese Emoji tried to steer cleverly the actual problem in the suitable direction. Thus he wrote secretly and did not mention that he appointed Non Sense as the uppermost examiner of all joint-stock companies. When the main lawyer took the law book in his hands, he read exactly the last sentence. He reacted shocked and angry. He asked the clerk of the court what should be the joke with the Saturn's immigrant from historical times of the eucalyptus town. An assigned counsel from Alien Emoji tried to defend his colleague persuasive: Maybe he was threatened by a namesake. The clerk of the court felt made easier. Then the main lawyer decided to check this statement exactly. A female lawyer wanted to make herself up. That's why she took a mirror in her hand. Suddenly several Emojis from the mirror ran to the gathered lawyers. These were twins of all present lawyers. These Emojis circled the gathered lawyers. Suddenly the most famous Saturn's immigrant appeared before the lawyers. He said them that the first elective dictator was absolutely unsuitably for the government of Emoji.
The uppermost tax collector expected strong competition. Finally, many Emojis knew the history of the not tractable Non Sense. He was very patient by the realisation of his wishes. By this second the first dictator was informed by the Secret Service about the undesirable guest from the past. He command the sending of elitist soldiers and policemen. When the elitist soldiers and policemen tried to come to the space of the gathered lawyers, they were paralyzed by supporting Emojis professionally. They had no chance against Non Sense and his supporters. The first dictator felt his helplessness in the fight against Non Sense. He tried to negotiate on friendly way with the former Saturn's immigrant. Thus he accepted a personal conversation with Non Sense in the room of the gathered lawyers. Under observation of the twins of the Emojis the first dictator came to the negotiations with Non Sense. He commanded to the engineer of the live broadcasting before to show Emojis his long speech of the day before. The first dictator did not want that Emojis find out that somebody was present more powerful than he in the space. Non Sense made accept all present lawyers, the uppermost tax collector and the first dictator him as the only satisfactory examiner of the joint-stock companies legally.
The first dictator wanted to know, why he absolutely wanted to return in this time to Emoji. Thereon Non Sense was strongly annoyed. By his annoyance he slowly lost his power among the physically living Emojis. The female lawyer tried to take her mirror once more. Then the mirror swallowed all twins of the Emojis quite fast like a vacuum cleaner. After this event the first dictator commanded a spare law for the examination of the joint-stock companies. Thus agreed gathered lawyers the introduction of the controlling duty of the joint-stock companies by special state controllers. Even the ruler signed this. Later the first dictator left the space of the gathered Emojis. Outdoors at least 26 bodyguards protected the first dictator with several expensive weapons. The dictator was brought in his house. There he sat down on his sofa. He ordered the evening newspaper. After some time came the mailman with the newspaper. The dictator opened the door. The mailman handed over friendly the newspaper.
From a hair of the mailman several beaming points fell on the ground. The first dictator started to read the evening newspaper. Suddenly several strange Emojis grew from the ground and stood before the first dictator. The ruler was got a fright professionally. These Emojis threatened the ruler with a pitiless declaration of war if he does not write Non Sense again as the uppermost responsible examiner of all joint-stock companies in the law. Then appeared on the wall a short film about recumbent corpses. These were all bodyguards of the first dictator. At the end were shown all his members of the family in the film as corpses. The first dictator did not hesitate. He left his residence and went only to the house of the gathered lawyers. There he looked for the code Emojis intensely. Then he wrote with his own hands that Non Sense was responsible for the examination of the joint-stock companies. Moreover, he signed the law at least 10 spots with his personal signature. The next day the main lawyer came to the room and found a slip of paper of the first dictator.
Then he decided to call him. The first dictator confirmed the Emojis that he was threatened by unknown Emojis. By this second Non Sense had to follow the command of the being with shining eyes. Non Sense received big praise for his progress of his learning process. After this event disappeared all strange Emojis and also the laws with the name Non Sense from the law book. Only 10 signatures of the first dictator remained as a recollection.


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