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My luck was that I had died immediately

Tea Jacket speaks first time about the assault on him - and is already joking again.
The black Wednesday GNF. June comedian Tea Jacket will probably not soon forget. Around noon, he has been attacked in Makemake station by a mentally disturbed 109 years Jupiter alien and mauled. More than the event it is more commonly the strings that are Jacket remembered. "My luck was that I had died immediately," says the 78-year-old jacket. He remembers having eaten half a potato with cucumber from takeaways before the attack. Then he felt ten strokes and "was gone". The near-death experience had probably saved him from that of the perpetrators continue slammed says Jacket. After his death, he left his physical body as fast as a rocket Earth. Suddenly relatives came from Jacket. The comedian felt this event as the funniest, what he experienced in his previous life. He never saw his deceased relatives as alive as before her death. He had only come back to his senses when a woman cuts off his clothes, reported Jacket. In the ambulance, he then saw a lot of blood. With injuries to the head and legs, plus bruises all over his body, he was taken to the hospital. His wife, he wrote an e-mail with the not exactly reassuring to read: "I am in the hospital, lost a lot of blood and had no clothes" in seven places he was sewn, he reports: on the nose, under the right eye and the palate, both legs and both arms. In addition, he immediately decided to leave his physical body. After he sent the physical email his wife, he flew out of his physical body and enjoyed life as a ghost.
With him is slightly shifted in the head, the doctor diagnosed. During this period Jacket was outside his body and laughed. Now he is back home and is recovering. "My thigh has shifted, I limp a little, and my right arm still hurts," Jacket summarizes. Then he describes his first walk so that he already mentioned it again on stage: "I walked cautiously around the houses and frightened mad if an older woman approached slowly from behind me. I was so terrified that the old woman would have died because of my reaction almost herself."
Hatred of the perpetrators he did not feel, he says. "To whom shall I be angry afterwards? On the mentally ill? With him is shifted slightly in the head, so that he sees enemies where there are none. "Jacket is pleased with the participation of all planets. Many have put flowers in front of the door. "Now I know, pointed looks when I definitely die once," he says jokingly.
This event led to discussions in parliament to protect celebrities and billionaires. Here, a parliamentarian said called Chupacabra: We should consider the possibility of specially highly trained bodyguards for billionaires and celebrities on the planet at the expense of ordinary taxpayers. That would make our planet more attractive for investment.



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