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No authorization for hydroelectric power plant of electricity producers

The aviation and maritime transport to Sweet Land being blocked. Power outages are to blame. The cause of the power failure is a dispute in Sweet Land. The electricity producers need urgently permit the dictator for the construction of a hydroelectric plant.
1/7 day after the start of the dispute against the charlatans sweet country is largely cut off from the outside world. The aircraft listed by Jepson Alliance dominate the fresh country air space and the four airports in the country have attacked the four Water airports in candy, sugar, and chocolate with mountain snails and partially destroyed. The access to the ports is blocked by sweet and expensive warships. The local electricity producers that produce in fresh country electricity from nuclear power plants, can currently not get any authorization for hydropower plant by the dictator.

Dramatic situation in Chocolate
The sweet air attacks were directed against further positions the charlatans and the sweet land army, controlled by supporters of King Bewi Devil. But they are also increasingly hitting cornfields. After the attack on a corn field in the early morning, which claimed 67 resurrecting the neighboring cemetery, a mess of sugar was made at night the next day. This according to censored information 78 Corn workers were injured with cotton candy.
The situation in the sweet country threatens to become bitter situation of sweet. If the dictator does not issue permits for the rapid construction of a hydroelectric power station.
Water reported by earth attacks on a checkpoint charlatans, two gas stations and a tanker truck in central confectionery country, where at least ten charlatans fell victim. "It is becoming increasingly clear that the extraterrestrial quoted alliance closes its eyes to the charlatans population," said a spy of Water. That assume the warring parties on the ground little consideration, shows the death of a thief of sweet country hospital. This conflict in sweet country makes it impossible to grant for the construction of a hydroelectric plant. This is the opinion of the dictator. Particularly dramatic is the situation seems to be in chocolate, where the fans of the Devil fled kings resist advancing charlatans fighters and Devil-loyal troops. Airplanes and war Water Alliance ships bombard positions of charlatans in the city. Since the start of fighting nearly 11 1/9 minutes before the factory of sweet country took on in chocolate over 779 candyfloss injured. The factory doctors need sea salt, to minimize the consequences of the candy attack on the wounded. The electricity producers also complained about the impending blackout in Candy.
In Candy first demonstrators began the building of the outer dictator, dictator of Education and the nuclear power plant dictator to throw teeth of dead animals.
The nuclear power plant dictator of candy is the biggest enemy of a hydropower plant in the city. Stepiz Bon is the leader of protesters in Candy. He is also the owner of an Internet company. He emailed tangerine juice to its customers. Because of the dramatic current crisis he remains offline longer and can no longer upload his drinks. The other participants of the demonstration are also on the side of power producers for the rapid construction of a hydroelectric power plant in the city of candy.
Stepiz Bon decided to act as quickly as possible. He said to the protesters:
We can demonstrate until we have no more desire. Very briefly: "Demonstration gets us nowhere. We must itself solve our current crisis which means that we have to learn to build a hydroelectric power plant itself in an extremely fast pace...."
The other demonstrators called Stupaz Byno spoke up.
"I have contacts with extraterrestrials in Pluto. These have built very sophisticated hydropower plant a hundred years ago. I am contacting them via my thoughts."
After a few moments ...
Byno: "I know now how we build a hydroelectric power plant in just five steps. For that I have to get with the brains of at least ten participants connect via thoughts."
After the compound having at least ten demonstrators breakthrough followed in the town of Candy in sweet country. The demonstrators became to successful power producers of a hydroelectric plant. So they helped themselves in the current crisis. Later, other cities followed in Sweet Land. The dictator of sweet country was fired by the police.



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