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No authorization for hydroelectric power plant of electricity producers

The aviation and maritime transport to Sweet Land being blocked. Power outages are to blame. The cause of the power failure is a dispute in Sweet Land. The electricity producers need urgently permit the dictator for the construction of a hydroelectric plant.
1/7 day after the start of the dispute against the charlatans sweet country is largely cut off from the outside world. The aircraft listed by Jepson Alliance dominate the fresh country air space and the four airports in the country have attacked the four Water airports in candy, sugar, and chocolate with mountain snails and partially destroyed. The access to the ports is blocked by sweet and expensive warships. The local electricity producers that produce in fresh country electricity from nuclear power plants, can currently not get any authorization for hydropower plant by the dictator.

Dramatic situation in Chocolate
🍠🌬🍠🛫🎖🤚🤴😈👊🍖🅰️🌽🏑🕐🌞⚰🅰️💬🤚🚽🌉🌃⏭💁🌽🤕🍭🍠🗾🤚🍠🚯⚠️👷‍♀️🤚🅰️🔋🚉. So they helped themselves in the current crisis. Later, other cities followed in Sweet Land. The dictator of sweet country was fired by the police.



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