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Nobel Prize for extraterrestrial beauty in Neptune

Tripping Unwritten grew up in Neptune City. In 200 hours, she can be seen as the first extraterrestrials from Neptune in the Mirror where she wants to get her Nobel Prize for her beauty. She has no problem (with the spotlight) so that the Mirror country gets to know every detail of her lives in her own mirror through the show.

Tripping Unwritten, I'm late appeared for an interview date. I had a fire in the kitchen. I apologize now. But still I have to ask this question at the very beginning.
When you had to wait for the last time an interviewer?
Tripping Unwritten is nervous: That's the best question. I like to have reliable people. At a Nobel Prize for my beauty but I will wait a maximum of 888 minutes. Otherwise my patience will explode in 66 million bacteria. When the Nobel Prize for my beauty will not be awarded until then, I'm going to withdraw my candidacy for this award within 89 Gigabytes.

Excuse me, but have you ever understood my question correctly?
I did not ask after the waiting period of the Nobel Prize for beauty but of your patience on an interviewer !!!!


How to become a beauty queen in Neptune? Do you have to apply for it, and then decides a Mirror Committee, who is best suited to the candidate of the most beautiful?
Tripping Unwritten has to get up and hits hard on the chair with one hand. After that falls from her mouth the appropriate answer: Yes and no can, apply to be sure not always. One can also be requested by mail. I sent my old photo. Otherwise I would not have a chance. In addition, I tried active everywhere photographer through the Looking Glass, were to be seen in their photos, at least in the background. So later, many residents questioned through the Looking Glass, who is this extraterrestrials, who can be seen in almost every photo. So I had to do a great deal, because I was already a little in public. Also, I hung my Selfies wherever it was permitted by law. In some places I had to pay though a direct bus to the local dictator. But it was worth it for me definitely. In this way I was discovered.

What is important to you on a Nobel Prize?
Tripping Unwritten considered very briefly and has yet to make-up. After 30 seconds, she provides the answer: The Nobel Prize has retained its value and can increase. Then, the Nobel Prize should bring me more lucrative contracts.

Maintain and increase value? One participant takes part but in such a show, so that she can be seen on television. Not to eat pizza with spaghetti on a plate.
Tripping Unwritten takes a lottery lot out of her pocket and rubs with her key. Once she puts her thoughts into her pocket, she replies: I can only speak to 99.99 percent for me. I have not taken this step in order to be seen on TV for free. I wanted to get personally acquainted with the Nobel prize for the beauty in this way. Here I have only my environment and my friends. The strict jury members in this show I would otherwise probably never met. The cameras were tired and wanted to be off.

Nevertheless, you are now with private matters in public. Recently you published a picture of your refrigerator in your beauty blog. The tabloids have discovered therein a medicament against flooding in the spotlight and turned it into a story. Funny thing.
Tripping Unwritten begins to sing a modern song. Then she answers with a laugh: I had to laugh, so quasi, the beauty queen in Neptune has ants fear of the limelight.

Now you laugh about it. But the thing is, you do not even uncomfortable, if you go the next time to eat with your parents or friends? They know that now.
Tripping Unwritten takes a lipstick at hand and embellished her lip with the yellow color and the same answers: 👆🅰️🍷🆕🦘🚯🈶🍖🕌🍷.

How do you deal with your beauty continues now after you no longer work in Neptune City?
Tripping Unwritten showing her teeth and answered: I will continue to work as a beauty queen beyond Neptune and require customers higher prices for my services. My next big project will be a blog about selling my lifestyle and many other things. I will also booked as a model for several toothpastes.



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