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On the platform Pamphlet advertise extraterrestrial companies

Advertisers need to be creative Leaflet. The calls of tourism dictator and threatening with harsh measures if the advertising is so boring as usual. Finally, Martians want to attract more tourists in the Mars. Travel Visa now responds in this interview how advertising should be improved on the Leaflet or not. The future will tell. The attitude towards money from Travel Visa does not seem to be so crucial.

Short about person:
Travel Visa was born in a small village in Mars around 10666th days ago. After his win in the allocation of training funds for an education for aspiring advertising professionals, him to undergo 6-year course with a diploma as a marketer specialist. Two years ago he made a dissertation on the topic "Modern advertising strategies planet far, which can be done anywhere and at any second." Currently, he is the single-minded tourism chief of Mars at Pamphlet.
Travel Visa holds at Pamphlet the management of the advertising segment in Martian area and neighboring regions. In the marketing department develop qualified marketing specialist brand strategists together with weak agencies and companies advertising campaigns for Pamphlet.

Travel Visa begins to speak before the first question. His speech sounds already as a receivable: Money is not decisive alone: Advertising industry must be on Pamphlet because of the great competition from other planets and regions and the low attention span creative.

Pamphlet has launched several ad formats and set partially. Which have now been effectively enforced?
Travel Visa picks up a flyer from a white plastic bag: 🤥🍷🗣🆓🥈🙅🕌🙅➕💬🥰💻🎡🎮™️🛰🤚💬🅰️⏯🧘⏯🛎🌬🕌➕🤙🏭🛍🔚🖕🏃‍♀️🐴🍖📴😦🖍💩.

"Leaflet Spy Tool" is also available as a new marketing tool for the analysis of public conversations and status messages of Pamphlet-users. You could say that it is precisely a paradigm shift is taking place: companies hear now, rather than inundate prospective customers with irrelevant ads?
Travel Visa responds very quickly this time: This option is available to these minutes for rich clients from the salted cucumbers. To recognize the needs of the extraterrestrials, was earlier and is still very vital for companies. Our goal on Pamphlet is that advertising does not lead to a nervous breakdown of users, rather than stories that are really interesting. But the stories of automatically buying lead as quickly as possible. Finally, the main objective of our clients and me of course is to bring in more tourists to Mars. But higher profits to shareholders to show in a PowerPoint presentation.

Pamphlet operates under the Immortals extraterrestrials program directly in the campaign leadership with unknown companies together and is reportedly also new priorities in dictatorship Marketing. This would allow third parties, such as mediating agencies, increasingly extinct.
Travel Visa laughs during 122 seconds: We are developing the platform continuously. On the whole, I consider dictatorship marketing however is very important and forward-looking. The only problem with this type of marketing is but that it is financially not too cheap, and thus not for all companies. The absolute dictators there anyway. There are to determine influential multipliers topics on this Pamphlet are often the family or someone from the Circle. This is an opportunity we try to make maximum use. We study all the interests of each family member. Then we suddenly send a promotional video to the user.
What the death threat to the agencies concerned: I do not think that the tools of Pamphlet reduce the influence of agencies. Specialists who will help brands to create and implement campaigns, are used every hour. Especially at the planning stage of a campaign, but also in the perfectly crafted implementation, expert knowledge is irreplaceable.

For more coverage of the advertising content of advertisers have very deep into their purse. The screens are full now of at least ten sponsored posts. Do no creativity and poorer entrepreneurs suffer because of it?
Travel Visa raises his white plastic bag on the floor and takes back into his hands: That is a good thing. Losers who do not want to pay a lot of money to us, should financially fall down by their avarice: The number of ads on the screen is fairly constant for years. We work sweating it better tailor advertising to users. This is also promoted by our mathematics professor. If my advertising is well done and relevant to my audience, then I reach with the same budget more Pamphlet users. Companies will therefore have no billion for a television spot to spend, in which the leakage is very high.
In Pamphlet, for example, a coffee brand very specifically target only coffee lovers. The refined target group settings offer many opportunities for small businesses. And just in smart idiots age may be very appealing, a seemingly amateurish video with a creative message for the right audience. The bottom line: It's not about glossy, but comes to buying within milliseconds to enforce.

Travel Visa thanked the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 for this interview. Then he called his helicopter pilot. After an hour of waiting time for his personal helicopter, he gets a call of his pilot. Then he looks out the window and sees his pilot and lets counting from 1 to 10 his fingers. Travel Visa then adopted definitively by his interviewer.



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