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Paparazzi photograph at least 999 996 times Celebrities

Paparazzi photograph at least 999,996 times celebrities- the problem: There are now more photos of celebrities as it is allowed on the dwarf planet Ceres within an hour. For this purpose, the Prince of Ceres expressed in this interview.

Questioner: What you solve in the photos with VIP paparazzi in Ceres?
Prince of Ceres: I feel a big elephant in my stomach - and, unfortunately, a little understanding of the paparazzi, repeat because "catch celebrities" such incidents with a certain number of newly trained photographer with focus. Nevertheless, we now can not accept the violation of the law. The paparazzi must be punished somehow. As I do not know in this very second.

Why is this happening again and again what the vast majority of celebrities do not want to experience in hiding?
Prince of Ceres pierced deep into his nose and answered: Because there are paparazzi who manage to smuggle hidden cameras and other spy devices in the hiding place of celebrities. The also contrive to place toxic smartphones and other objects to the hiding place out of curiosity or allow drones to photograph directly. Here we are in a social issue. Obviously, we are dealing with difficult people and aliens.

During the preparation for the appearance on the orange carpet there were ugly scenes: VIP fans threw flying video cameras on the celebrities, the appearance on the orange carpet was interrupted.
Why these celebrities attracted at such crazy paparazzi?
Prince answered weeping: Admission to the orange carpet costs only 0.1234 Bitcoins. This opens the doors for all levels of society. Among the many young paparazzi there is a very enthusiastic member who can not be controlled, even though we have taken many precautions. I think that the appearance on the orange carpet needs either cost at least 99 Bitcoins or the devices are to be taken away from the paparazzi of the army and police for life prior to entry.

Are the precautions not good enough?
Prince reacts nervously: For the masses, the highly enthusiastic about the celebrities, we always have an increased risk. This is not only on the Ceres so, but in many other countries of the other planets - except perhaps in West Mars, where the celebrities have enforced a law to protect their hiding place by the government that the scanner to find out suspicious paparazzi in advance thanks to technological progress , The suspect paparazzi are then automatically brought undo to its previous state.

We turn on the security issue in Ceres celebrity protection not for years in the circle of negative headlines?
Prince of Ceres react defensively even: Is there any way to break out of this circle? If we had found a patented solution, they would have long since been enforced. There are many proposals. Proposals that convey the impression that they lead to a way out, but then not yet prove an effective means.

One often-heard claim: Exclude by name and first name of the paparazzi.
Prince: We've already checked, but we came to the conclusion: It would be counterproductive. We have not sold out to the hiding place performances on the orange carpet. The travel distances are short. That is, the paparazzi fans traveling even when they do not even have the intention to buy a ticket. But perhaps we need to consider the option yet again. Some exclude paparazzi without identity card, would be quite a bad way not.

With the introduction of a paparazzi - verification procedures be only one ticket could buy who is properly registered on the tax office.
Prince: We have invested 444'333 Bitcoins to check whether the paparazzi - verification procedures would be an effective way. We came to the conclusion: That does not help. Let's look for Saturn. Without registration you can not get into the stadium. Does it have brought? Are there fewer shots of celebrities? Prince: No.
Responsible for the preparation of the presentation on the orange carpet put on identifying and exclude paparazzi. Obviously, this approach is not working. It's not that we did not succeed, but yes, we must set a jagged and invest even more in the supervision of the army and police. The Halloween clothing is a problem, many succeed in hiding in the ground. Unfortunately, we often come up against limits, for example, due to the protection of the free photographer, or because in Ceres paths are much longer and more complicated than, say, in the salted cucumber, where my colleagues from celebrities Protection Agency have only a simple law.
Prince of Ceres responded to this comparison between Ceres and Salted Cucumbers something with great envy.

What those responsible for the preparations of the show have to blame on the orange carpet?
Prince: That there are still incidents. But: We are constantly questioning, we endeavor in consultation with police, celebrities and photographers understanding to improve the situation. Only I'm getting to a point where I have to say that I can hardly do anything in spite of my crown ...

You act very helpless despite your power?
Prince: No, no, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a solution. People who throw flying video cameras on celebrities; People who run into each other with an uncommon aggressiveness; People who put a millimeter before the startled celebrities smartphones and make over the entire device 22 photos per minute - these are criminals. I do not want to deprive us of the responsibility, but somewhere end our possibilities simply. And when we come to the issue of policing: It is becoming increasingly difficult for them, because the stocks are reduced at policemen.

Should the police may intervene in hiding or need?
Prince: In exceptional cases, they do that, but there are per appearance against 9876 police officers on site. Of course, the audience figures are in some cases significantly higher. But we also have very different police contingents. We may also keep a close watch proportionality. It would take probably about 778 policemen to provide in a sector with 242 Paparazzi Fans of order, because there is a danger that even reasonable photographer suddenly solidarity with the paparazzi.

Would the organizers of the orange carpet clearly dissociate from paparazzi?
Prince laughingly answered: More clearly than Photo Montage (VIP President) and Hay-Cricket (VIP Vice President) can not distance themselves. Only no one should also believe that can be the paparazzi by disabuse. To which one does not come close, impossible. They must necessarily withdraw from the market and provide the means of reporting obligations that they on the orange carpet also not allowed to stay near two tabs on appearance  day of celebrities. The legal means we have for it, but they are not implemented by the authorities consistently enough.

Last but not least:
How can be identified the paparazzi more easily in the future?
Prince of Ceres: I think we need in the future rather photographed robot. This would mean an automatic loss of the profession of the paparazzi. The robot we could off thanks to the state-controlled electricity company in an emergency.



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