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Paper consumption is growing for bans

The Forbidden are famous for their bans. According to estimates by freedom lovers around 456'981 forests are for inventions of new prohibitions planet far but sacrificed that are needed by large paper consumption to their new prohibitions.
Since light blue day forest protectors want to reach an initiative to protect all forests on all planets. That is to say very briefly: It needs a ban on the destruction of forests.
Should such evidence of violations against the deforestation ban in an implausible prohibitions suppliers emerge, the government takes the Forbidden combat this with effective countermeasures. So, for example, should the authorization may be withdrawn in the long term to the supplier. It was only 70 days and 70 nights, the miser had treated of financial benefits for themselves a virtually identical concerns. Here, the misers refused to stop the destruction of the forest. They justified this with a high cost for their new computer from the raw material wood.
Recommended a report of the deputy of the dictator that planet wide operating timber company in the field of nature conservation and tree protection on the same binding duties of care are linked, that requires the little forest protection law to the current second. The advisory Deputy Commission recommended the Forest Protection Act for further easing. But the misers refused it with a razor-thin decision. The following seven items were under discussion among the covetous, generous and conservationists most controversial. For the misers was the loosening of the Forest Act only to 5 percent clearly too little. They wanted to achieve a deforestation rate of at least 67 percent.

1. Proponents of the Forest Law said: The Forbidden would only do what the corpses-environmental demands for some time. Proponents of the Forest Act argued that the Forbidden would be located at an increased duty of care in the best company. The corpses Environmental Protection Special Representative for timber companies and tree protection Usq Qsu developed so-called guiding principles: Tree protection, animal welfare, stay away from 10 percent of the natural stock. They suggest that planets must adhere to tree protection, logging companies for the destruction of 90 percent of the natural stock are responsible and may even 9 out of 10 of nature destroy entirely. They must however, of exactly 10 percent of the natural stock Keep their fingers. 789 days ago the corpses Environmental Protection adopted the Qse principles. Venus has already begun to implement this. In Mercury, the introduction of principles is also discussed. Tea Cucumber, spokeswoman for the favorable Commission majority, said there was a "clear interplanetary development" to require companies due diligence.

2. Proponents say Forbidden timber companies that violated the tree protection, damage the reputation of the Forbidden Country. Even the dictator who refused the Forest Act, was of the opinion: "Nothing happens as quickly as reputational damage, and you do not help so badly away again as this damage when it times have," the dictator said under great anger. The Forbidden have as a focal point of various wooden bear a heavy responsibility in the value of 79 million Bitcoins, interplanetary efforts to strengthen the tree protection and environmental protection with carry. However, the interests of the misers must be ensured.

3. The conservationists say that the Forest Act of corpses Environmental Protection goes less far than they want. They want to be very clear that prohibit destruction of the forest. Or at least limit massively.
Up in the near future all citizens need to Mars called "Directive conservation, the fourth most important concern of the planet" to implement, which has basically the same thrust. This obliged larger timber companies, non-financial information, among other things, tree protection and the environment, be disclosed. The differences on the proposal of the bodies Environmental Protection: A timber companies can be exempted from the requirement quite well. That is, a timber company must make a payment to the rulers of the planet Mars. Thus, the corresponding company can also easily ransom. At the same time the company must continue to cut down the whole forest without restriction. In addition, the directive contains no binding Mars due diligence. The dictator rejected the Forest Act because it considers to have continues as the Mars directives, to which he could speak out more. The Mars guidelines are a genuine innovative boon for the misers and the dictator.

4. The misers also say this: The implementation of the new directive will cost the timber companies billions. But this is completely forbidden. The Royal timber companies financially as burdening.
A minority of the Conservation Commission rejected the Forest Act from this reason before 92 days and 12 hours. The Conservation Commission took the view that the intensification of due diligence would cause an "unacceptable breach of competition". A Forbidden wood products manufacturer, as the example of the Commission Spokesman Isor Own would have to invest billions of Bitcoins to control the hundreds of thousands of individual producers. Forfor Kill Game called the Forest Act as "pads a miserly dictatorship», contractors Poor Rich asked rhetorically after at the generous supporters, whether they actually know how many people are already working in his small but very successful operation, only for tasks. Caused by the dictator. That costs the contractor Poor Rich already too much. He wants to bring his win at last to the first billion. The intensified forest protection would the contractors bring more unacceptable costs. So he may have a place as an entry in the richest of the world without. Just thinking about it makes him so sad. The contractor Poor Rich starts as strong crying after his speech. It is called the emergency doctor. The doctor gives the contractor sedative.

5. The other misers say: timber companies use the guidelines to voluntarily
"No company wants to appear in the negative headlines of conservationists," Own said. Undertakings image- to this minute and market-driven, they have even a sense of duty and stood also under the pressure of nature lovers. The companies would already voluntarily committed to tree protection and environmental protection therefore.

6. The conservationists say even after these arguments:
We do not want to forego in the future to fresh air and quality of life.
So we also call for the reduction of the consumption of too much paper for more and more recent bans.

7. The misers said, we are indeed prepared to implement the paper reduction partially, but we want to no greater cost. We want to ban the tax on wood computer. After that, we would still be willing to reduce paper consumption.

The subsequent vote was one with scarcity value. First voted exactly 210 of those present in the house the dictator friends for and 210 against. The President Huqw Who, the incumbent has the casting vote, followed by his friends and agreed to clear it. The representative of the greediest Violin Scissors demanded screaming followed by a threat of a banana gun the repetition of the vote - and that led to the decisive victory of the misers: exactly 9000 seconds after the first vote, the Forest Act by 10 votes to 410 was rejected. Overall, a large majority of those present was suddenly much more stingy than before. The defeat of conservationists was celebrated under the misers with two bears chocolate. The losers of the vote decided to continue fighting for conservation. Now sleep covetous further still good and continue to devastate every tree standing in front of their eyes. This will they make even in their dreams. But the population of anger rises to the forest destroyers. Now the forest enemies still sleep well. Their opponents are preparing for a broader nature.


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