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Pizza eaters should pay financially for excessive consumption in Venus

The competent committee of the comedian will ask Pizza eaters to checkout - despite resistance from professors, pizza experts and Venus aliens.
Who eats too much pizza and therefore needs the hospital or in the neighboring planet Mars for the treatment, should bear the costs in the future itself. Despite the great resistance on the stage, the Health Committee of the comedian keeps (A life without 98 terabytes pizza per inhabitant and year) firmly. With 89 to 88 votes with one abstention, the Commission adopted a decision and remitted their competitors, such as the services on a comic published for 99 percent of the population paper wrote.
The aim is to strengthen the self-responsibility, hold the comical services. Medical treatments as a result of excessive consumption pizza are fundamentally self-inflicted. Therefore, the parties should pay the costs even themselves. That is to write purely in the civil code by a law and the chief judge of Venus. The decision goes back to a hostile initiative of the largest pizza enemy comedian Yno Zuzort. The template provides for exceptions. So should not be charged the cost of participation if an alien can demonstrate that he or she is not at fault at excessive pizza consumption or had to be provided regardless of the excessive pizza consumption benefits. On the Venus are extraterrestrials that started before their 20th birthday to eat too much pizza as exceptions and have to pay anything. In this case, the comical services are considered responsible for this pizza consumers. One reason is that too much advertised pizzas in Venus, which are approved and funded by the comedians and the chief judge in Venus.
Also for other pizza addicts there should be exceptions. Which pizza addicts should be protected from the cost of acquisition, the prince must define. The new rule will be introduced only for 444 days after the Commission's desire for the time being. Until then the prince should have assess the impact scientifically. The pizza professor and his team are tasked it to investigate the pizza consumption very precisely and with low-cost interns. From the perspective of opponents would be undermined by such a scheme, the insurance principle of health insurance. With the same reasoning also chocolate eaters, cola drinkers or revised could be asked to pay, they argue. We're talking about a change of direction: the way the principle of solidarity, towards the polluter pays principle.
As the opportunities for cost sharing in hilarious service stand is open. When debating the pizza act of comedians had refused a similar request from the ranks of the envious. In the stage professors, pizza experts and fees experts had spoken out against the proposal. Outweighs even with the sick leaves - except for the representatives of the misers and the fans of pizza haters - the skepticism.
According to the addiction associations such a law would mean that individual except mundane may be taken to the hospital for reasons of cost in an emergency after the overconsumption of pizza no longer. Because an overdose pizza treatment is very expensive for a young extraterrestrials. The Venus hospital several organizations expects an average of around 9999 8/9 Bitcoins.
The hospitals warned of higher treatment costs. In practice it is for doctors namely often difficult to clearly attributed to poisoning on a pizza overconsumption. To avoid litigation, expensive additional clarifications were needed. Many made in the stage also points out that the excessive consumption of pizza is declining. The treatments for pizza overconsumption have declined in recent months.
The chief judge of Venus resented this bureaucracy in his home planet so much that he decided to bring the army on his side. He was planning to take over the post of army chief. So he wanted to arbitrarily take action against pizza eater with military force. The army had a large group of pizza fans. The pizza fans the army opted to keep their consumption before the chief judge secret.
So pizza eaters were able to track all the plans of the chief judge very accurately. As the chief judge had a purchased song in the field of law, he could make everything remained forbidden to the rest of the population. He sometimes ate many pizzas at a secret location. The chief judge ordered the army all pizza eaters within 14 hours to identify.
Thereafter, should the army on the Internet of Venus all pages that have something to do with the consumption of pizza, put on a list of criminal websites of the planet Venus. The army personnel found at least 246 billion requests for pizza consumption. Many items included rave reviews of pizza eaters. Even an entry of the chief judge was on this list. But which the army leadership knew nothing. The chief judge asked the army chief, whether the army could browse all the information by address or store them on a separate computer on Mars.
The army chief said that it would be associated with very high costs. This means that first the population an increase in taxes would have to be explained. The chief judge responded quite easy: We tell the population that a major threat of an enemy is there, that is why we urgently need to raise taxes. The army chief agreed. The scare tactics worked partly very good. But some Venus aliens wanted proof of a threat. The army chief refused evidence from first. Later he falsified the evidence with the help of the chief judge. He took from a hiding place of the old war, the relevant parts of a then seized aircraft.
Now most citizens paid significantly more in taxes. The Chief Justice and the Army began their plan to visit the pizza eaters in their apartments and houses, and controlled where they have hidden their pizzas. The unsuspecting citizens understood not what was going on. They were convinced that they had to pay for a threat by an enemy more money. At the same time many of them realized that there was something not right. Why are we paying much higher taxes, if the army comes right to us and searched our households?
The citizens asked their neighbors, as it has gone to them during the search. They quickly realized that especially pizzas disappeared from their refrigerators. Some Venus aliens complained that they do not know what they should eat. They had just bought fresh pizzas for their families. Now the army is gone along with the pizzas. That angered the population so much that they decided to form its own army. So they surprised the army personnel under the chief judge of Venus with several bottles filled with water and threw it on the planet Army.
The Prince of Venus learned of this confusion in his home planet during his time on a planet visit abroad. He called for help the Mercury aliens. They sent the Prince of Venus reinforcement against both parties.
The chief judge of Venus wanted to kill the Prince of Venus by the army. That found the Prince on the internet and was very angry. He ordered the immediate arrest of the chief judge.
The chief judge saw that he will lose. He ran to the nearest pizza shop.
He called for more pizzas. He began to swallow several pizzas. That was his life record. After eating the pizzas the chief judge of Venus died without paying money. But he paid for his stupidity with his life.
The army chief confessed to having acted under the pressure of the late Chief Justice. Then, the army chief was suspended from his post and sent to jail for 299 days.



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