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Pizza eaters should pay financially for excessive consumption in Venus

The competent committee of the comedian will ask Pizza eaters to checkout - despite resistance from professors, pizza experts and Venus aliens.
Who eats too much pizza and therefore needs the hospital or in the neighboring planet Mars for the treatment, should bear the costs in the future itself. Despite the great resistance on the stage, the Health Committee of the comedian keeps (A life without 98 terabytes pizza per inhabitant and year) firmly. With 89 to 88 votes with one abstention, the Commission adopted a decision and remitted their competitors, such as the services on a comic published for 99 percent of the population paper wrote. 😄🕌🅰️🤚🍕💸🕌✍👩‍💻🅰️👮‍♀️👩‍⚖️🤚🅰️🍕🚯👽⏯🕌🚯🌉🍕⏯🍕🍖👆🤔🎂🍽🗜🍕🈶💸🍕1️⃣ 🕌🗜👩‍⚖️🍕🗝🍕🤚👨🚷. That was his life record. After eating the pizzas the chief judge of Venus died without paying money. But he paid for his stupidity with his life.
The army chief confessed to having acted under the pressure of the late Chief Justice. Then, the army chief was suspended from his post and sent to jail for 299 days.



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