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Poisonous Snake, the king of Salted Cucumbers

Poisonous Snake is considered one of the most toxic kings of Salted Cucumbers.
His Royal Majesty in the sovereign cucumber Capital City- King. Snake is a poisonous king with a collar and tie. He is rightly so, since he is a damn extremely important king: He is namely King of Salted Cucumbers. As a magician, he also shines by his ability to transform iron into gold, and dominates the gift, to eliminate all problems through his charming smile. His smile is a product of his years past as a comedian at a humorist University. There he played the pause clown while his fellow students themselves were completely uninspired, Poisonous Snake was the entertainer. One of his jokes even cost his professor job. Nevertheless Poisonous Snake graduated with the title Dr. humorous science. His smile was so popular that its predecessor was very afraid of Snake in the kingship on the salted cucumbers country. But not only that even. In Internet salted cucumbers country has viper of the most wanted persons in the country. Within four months after his popularity rise was Snake even the most wanted person on multiple planets. On the social media channels of the various planets and its news releases pursued almost 89,765,432 people and aliens. This earned him the entry in the book cucumbers records.
His smile was later honored with the Humor Prize for the most beautiful face. It converts sometimes over water to heal a wounded swan. He is also the grandson of the famous pineapple snake dealer. According to representatives of tomato country he was born on Saturn, is a member of horror clowns, not salty and his ancestors were Sammy Smiley, while his parents were Potato and Banana Thief Snake. In an endless time of the cold darkness, where there was nothing except toothbrushes to brush your teeth. The laughter took off slowly. The previous king had to be dismissed from his post. He fled to the Earth's Moon.
Great joy reigned on the salted cucumbers country. Now could Snake finally take the throne.
The humor winners: Poisonous Snake. He held the beacon of liberation in the dark night and light spark it had arisen in the darkness again. Many had predicted his coming, but had found only laughing comments about his possible successor of the king on the Internet. But now only Poisonous Snake laughed in his new office. Gazelle jumped the elegant young king whose perfect beauty is matched only by that of the acrobats, on the steps of the cans rise and with a glorious "I am the most venomous Snake in the universe," he grabbed his own predecessor of evil, which was as bitter tongue , and sent him from the moon of earth into a bunker. Then he turned in grief fun and it rained sweet laughter in cucumbers country. The era of humor had dawned!
Snakes Mother comes from cucumbers village, his father was a tomato, logically he saw on Salty cucumber, which lies somewhere between these two places, the light of day. Mathematicians tried to calculate the distance between the village cucumber and tomato. They came to the following formula: cucumber + tomato village divided by 2 equal distance from both places: at least half from cucumbers village is Salty cucumber. But tomato is equidistant from Salty cucumber.

The birth of Poisonous Snake
He crawled out of his mother's womb, instantly cried his first words, "I want be humorous king" - and sure enough, he was given a crown and a fresh vial and then was also only times peace. First of, because so light can not be corrupted by the system queue. As a poisonous snake was almost 7 years old, his parents divorced, his mother moved to her new king to Makemake.
Snake was in his youth a successful hit singer who was known under the name of Mr. Humor Bitcoin. Snake is one of the fantasy fans, yes all right, it brings about a better country cucumber, he's just like all the other comedians a puppet of fantasy fans. His predecessor truly wanted sweeter tomato cucumber and less, so they did not survive long on the king office.

As Snake came to the incredible idea of becoming king
Someday Poisonous Snake was working in a restaurant as a humorist in the peaceful arms cucumbers than 2 2/9 Bitcoin jobbers, when suddenly Debil the bee came with a life jacket and a pure orange juice ordered without paying. Debil the bee, of a dispute with Salty Toad will have the toilet cleaner later, saw Poisonous Snake and said, "You will be king of salty cucumber!" Immediately said Snake: "Good idea, I'll king of salty cucumber!" Other guests in the restaurant were making fun of him: "A Poisonous can never make it!" Then replied Snake full of confidence: "Of course, I will!. This led to a great deal of laughter in the restaurant. But most guests noticed his smile. That was the reason for his frantic ascent time.
Then Poisonous Snake immediately put the broom aside, rushed to the mad professor of humorous science Blarry Seven Stone, to whom just the top hat had fallen on his head when he carelessly operated the toilet-flushing, and traveled with his time machine back to the future in the year 8880, where there was an unfortunate accident in the space-time continuum, Blarry Seven Stone died and his soul had to be reborn in Brrrrrr Bass by a command of the Spirit Horror clowns. Years later, it was hoped to Saturn, The salted cucumber would get Dr. Saturno as king. Since Dr. Saturno was not salty enough for the royal throne.
While studying for a comedian he ate quite a lot of sweets. When Snake had but reached a record-breaking dimensions. In too sweet state he plunged into the sea and had the incredible good fortune to be rescued by a whale via mouth to mouth resuscitation. Bad luck for the cute marine mammals that sweeteners in this hyper dose to the defenseless animal, it mutated into a sugar dolphin and that the whale so increased as a result of attacks of laughter that he swallowed the Sa turn with a bite. Recently it has marine biologists succeeded in deciphering the singing of whales, the most popular tune is "sugar, chocolate, cocoa, coffee RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR."
The radiant king Snake are these kinds of damage to the environment and animals, no matter since this experience he can do with "Dr. Professor venomous Snake in the whole universe" styling and gives his electoral successes on. So his internship began at the television humor of Mars as a talk show host a totally macabre Ironing mission. The whale has kidnapped him not only to the bloodsucker vampire city, but its mutation also to such laughter flash - the animated unfortunately became- a continuous laughter that this Poisonous, henceforth qualified believed enough to moderate with this tick a temple mission , He was plainly the consignment Natural and laughing Snakes evening. Later, when he extreme political ambition, laughing had to be replaced by very expensive electric chair. After his brilliant degree at the University of humoristic he stopped his chocolate consumption, they can tell them today nothing, except that he is a member of the "sugar party".
5555 he lost the inner-party code to a parliamentary seat hands down against incumbent DJ Cashless in a constituency in a theater. Cashless emphasized the Snake inexperience and young age and to be received 99.67375578% of the vote, the rest snake votes. How right Cashless had, it became clear to the victory party, gave the Snake.
5566 he won his preselection for the Deputy Assistant of the local dictator and demanded its competitors Rotten cucumber out. Since Rotten cucumber actually his doctoral thesis completely copied from the Internet, found secret this laziness of this candidate. Rotten cucumber was excluded from the selection by pressing Act.
So Poisonous Snake remained virtually unrivaled as the sole candidate. Even then, many laughed when they saw his face. But the Internet connection was so slow that one sure took up to 30 minutes, until it was finally online and was looking for what you wanted.¨
 By contrast, in 5577 this changed greatly. Poisonous Snake was extremely popular on the Internet because of his smile. In addition, everyone could already use internet for every little thing. Also thanks to this progress, he could get nearly 90 million fans from all the planets of the universe.
Until 5581, he denied any zealous ambitions to become king, but then his mindset changed greatly: He compared himself to other superheroes, "Spiderman was bitten by bees, I fell from the tree". Thousands of listeners he swung speeches, the crowd was amazed and amused; it had to, so he analyzed with superior minds, change here some of what the audience saw exactly so. But what?
They heard his best jokes from his career as a comedian and perennial Dr. humorist. Of course, the viewers were particularly impressed by his laughter.
Since then, he is generally regarded as "Humor face support".
From the not anti-salty Press he was immediately established as the next funniest of all time with four sweet little children. Two of the children were twins.
He was so fresh, so new, so different. A Poisonous king, the humor in the whole salted cucumbers country wants and has never sat. Great!
During the election campaign came as something to light, for example, that had counted among his maternal ancestors bull holder and that he is related to a couple of corners around with a horror acrobat. The former doubled its electoral chances in the South and was watered heavily, the latter had a nervous breakdown a result. Horror acrobat however, was suspiciously friendly and invited him to a butterfly catcher.
5584 he won the first choice in the city Dead Cucumber surprisingly against the red-haired cucumber. Political analysts agreed that red-haired cucumber had too much put on the embassy "redhead", while Snake helped his never-changing theme "Humor" to victory. Here the word "humor" was never identified as the acronym for "Hotdog Union Monkeys Organization Radioactive".
In New Cucumber, however, there was a sense of humor that was not this time according to the taste of the snake: The voters, stirred by the crocodile tears of red-haired cucumber at a press conference, gave her time her favor. And so it went on the beat. Snake won all the little states where you knew them from the Internet.
The main problem of Snake (of the fact that he has nothing in the bulb, apart, but that's at the humorous party rather secondary) was his former professor of cucumbers Language Deep Writer, who had given him the worst grade in grammar and was praised by him in his biography of the green tea, who then but always made speak with bitter and against the salted cucumbers niches utterances ("Bitter cucumber") by itself. Nevertheless, Snake eventually won the election; probably gave the red-haired cucumber on because he had agreed behind the scenes to take over their immense campaign debt
The speculation that he could make the red-haired cucumber to his successor in order to reconcile the two inner-party warehouse were terminated by the maneuver that he brief hired the redheaded cucumber in a furious dispute via email fired Social Media Manager Kasy Pasy Flair Team , That is then probably "No" hot, interpreted the observer. Snake came not out of the wonder that people, just because he had committed Mrs. redhead cucumber enemy, some wanted to recognize in a maneuver against them.
Poisonous Snake unbroken popularity already because of his great laughter with which many can identify from the Internet, not only in cucumbers but on all planets; in Mars, after many long years of boredom finally a successful organizes the salted cucumbers election campaign, hundreds of thousands of people wanted to be bless by his wise words. His compatriots were taken aback: "Snake was treated like a pop star on Mars ... This would obviously be much more impressive if Mr. Generous also like a pop star would not be treated in Mars." introduced a fixed.
The Poisonous favorite comedians of Martians had always been Dj Joke Before Snake; the local press, was the fact that the morally blameless genius had never brought it up to the kings, will last for years to explain only with humor. But when he did not know that his microphone was on at a TV station, he whispered to another guest just before they start broadcasting a talk show to what he really thought about his opinion arrogant slime Snake: "I want to be dictator of the universe! "what was quickly disseminated via Internet. This made Poisonous Snake even more popular.

The money machine of Snake was however as when he would win every day in the lottery money and his account cracked a record after another. Voters that showed each survey, stood behind him, but his opponents were just as the party of mourners. The saddest 11,111 did not know this but apparently spoke and perk up the office of the humorists Snake on.
Also at the end of the election campaign had to convince people Snake. So he was asked by a young journalist why he should give him for his voice. Snake replied. "If I make your old lady to Finance Minister, you have at home tax-free life. Can we make a deal came the beaming Answer The sad clown stood now behind him and even other sad competitors could be moved to a support?. That was important so were also one or the other sad Snake his voice.
The contacts of Snake spy Lyb Jyn were particularly important. So reported spy Lyb each spoke of Poisonous Snake joke his client.
The white beard was his competitor from the party of sad. The white beard had because of its much smaller means no chance, lost the election hands down and was sad delivered into the home of a caregiver back. Blessing in disguise, in the common room "satire with Poisonous Snake" ran.
The white beard could nevertheless still laughing afterwards.



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