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Police succeeds arrest of horse thieves

If truck drivers holding in the motorway Miuq, they run the risk that their cargo is stolen by horse thieves.
At motorway service areas brazen thieves steal all night truckloads (especially horses, but also pigs and other farm animals). Night patrols the police on the motorway service stations or places locally in wait. Now the officials could catch a gang caught red-handed .
At night come the horse thieves. At motorway service areas they scurry about the parking and cut the Scheduling wagon on to look for more profitable prey. Put the spies on valuable cargoes such as horses, they summon their accomplices, who are often in vans with one or more caravans on the road. 🇺🇸🕌🤲👩‍⚖️🤢🚓🤲⏯🌉📴🛣🕌🍖🍷🤲🚚🍷🇺🇸🚚🚓🈚🚽🍷➕🤚🐴😦🇺🇸. Some horse thieves have become more professional but so that the police would have to buy expensive new advanced tools. So ten horse thieves were just wanted to swallow at a lunch much more successful than policemen their lunch.



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