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Process against June Who

In the process of ex-president Badland June Who there, according to prosecutors, "irrefutable evidence" that prove the complicity of the ruler of the deportation of thousands of demonstrators on the ground. This showed that Who and accomplices had instigated "the deportation of several demonstrators".
Among them was a former supporter of June Who, when he was still successful singer before he became the merciless president. ➿🔋🌵🍽🚧📡🅰️🤚🐃📑💪🐃🎚🤚🤬🤚🅰️🧤🆓🤲🏡🥇😂🌉🤚🧰▪️🍞🏳🐶🥇🧰▪️ 🍞🏳🐶🤬📐🤚😛🆓🍧🎅🌉🗺🤚🅰️📦🚌〰️🅰️🚗🚽💔🚽🤕. One of the candidates for a top job could moderate injured in wrecks be stopped.



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