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Protesters enrich their President with onions litter

One megabyte after Uranus spinach disaster with more than 689 seriously injured has announced Uranus' President Head Lines salvaging the survivors. So she confirmed the claims of the affected families of the seriously injured.
Previously, she defended herself with her hands and feet. She refused even the judges for examination at the place of spinach disaster permit. The spinach lobby is too powerful on the Uranus. That was the reasoning of the President Head Lines. Following a large demonstration, at least 543861 angry citizens of Uranus were participated. The president was sentenced to action by the top chief judge. "I will take measures so that the ship can proceed as soon as possible be recovered with all serious injuries and the spinach," the head of state said after strong pressure in Uranus accordance with the details of her alternate in a speech in Comma at the prominent place Odni, before the ship located with the serious injuries and spinach in the water. The spinach ship had sunk on a bright day shortly before landing in the vicinity of the port. Most of the victims among the original 689 inmates were highly qualified researchers from the east of the town Odna onion. The highly trained researchers were on a research trip. Some of the inmates are considered missing traitor.
Finally, the state has invested in the training of researchers around 2 percent of its budget. The rest of the population was excluded from government financial support altogether. The spinach industry in the Uranus is one of the most important economic sector on the planet.
Insufficient rescue measures will be held responsible for, among other things, the extent of the disaster. As investigators found out after the accident, the ship was overloaded regularly. So the purchase of new vessels could be prevented.
Hundreds of inmates visited for the first time in many days of misfortune a funeral altar in onion. Because of lost time had to be shot with a stun gun, two of the occupants of the ship. That was the decision of the Minister of Health of Uranus. He said the rescue effort is far too expensive. It is financially much cheaper to finance the training of new researchers. Some families prevented health ministers Big Loser in mind, visit the altar, as Uranus niche journalists reported. They accuse the government, among other things, to influence the planned investigations of an independent commission.
The anger of the relatives also got President Head Lines at the funeral of two dead people to feel directly. The information gathered in Comma members pelted the president with hundreds of onions. The President screamed so loud that the roof of the building of the neighboring house suddenly despite calm weather next to her fell to the ground.
Unfortunately, there was a but luckily slightly injured mouse. The mouse was taken by the President in her hands. Head Lines called the local vet by emergency button. The vet came and dealt with the mouse. The President smiled at the members. Lines told them, they have no more onions. But she got the bulbs free of the angry protesters. Head Lines ordered the army to collect all the bulbs and to deliver her home. The families of the victims are fighting mainly that the wreckage is salvaged. They believe that the two bodies are still in the interior of the vessel.
When after a few megabytes the salvage operations were discontinued at the sunken ship, it was a shock for the families of the missing. The authorities said that further search would be too dangerous. Twenty salvage divers were killed. The members of the salvage divers continued after the government building in iron fire. Here the former government buildings melted in only two bytes. Many victims families of both disasters accuse President Head Lines to have broken their promise to let raise the nearly 8888 elephant heavy ship from the seabed. The topic is discussed quite controversial among Uranus aliens given the cost. According to preliminary estimates, the recovery could cost the equivalent of more than 456 trillion Uranus's Bitcoins.
The tragedy sparked planet far sadness, but also anger and rage, they can not get rid of the occupants to the last second. After an initial grant received from the censorship, the authorities published the report of the Court wore next to the failure of the occupation and incompetence of the authorities, corruption, and large financial price of spinach industry in disaster. The investigators found that the ship was overloaded not only at the time of the accident, but regularly. Shortly afterwards, the spinach Association adopted all the measures against the captain. This ensured that the leadership of spinach company is exempt from the penalty. So the captain of the ship Big Moon was sentenced to 60 years in prison because he let passengers down. So it was in the document of spinach Association. 22 other crewmembers were sentenced to prison terms of two between 28 years.
But relatives of victims criticize the authorities have not done enough for the rescue of the two passengers. Dozens of them calling for an independent inquiry, which is to make a special commission with the approval of the President. The recent investigations of the Prosecutor's Office purchased the spinach industry they distrust.
They accuse the government of trying to influence the new investigations. "We can not rely on the goodwill of the government," quoted the journalist Cooky Moon, the Committee Member Head Jungle of the enemy organization of President Head Lines. "The Committee has already been officially used for many days, but we still have not begun to reassure the families of the victims with vitamins" The deputies of the National Assembly adopted meanwhile by a large majority a resolution that calls for the raising of the ship. This would, experts estimate that cost several trillions Uranus's Bitcoins and take very much time.
Head Lines came after the crazy day at work. She noted that there are several bags anywhere in your home. She opened a sack after another and found in it quite a lot of onions. Just as she remembered the onions in her direction on this day of angry protesters have flown. The onions were fresh. She thought: How wonderful it is to be angry and unpopular president. As they get even throw at free gifts. She sat down at her kitchen table and looked through the window.
She had a very good idea. Outside, she looked at her big garden. She walked to her garden from the very front to the end. Suddenly she realized that in their property was a big country. The clock showed been 5 clock early in the morning. Head Lines was so amazed that they only on their own property so long could walk all 8 hours.
Then she fell on a dead and deserted tree. She fell asleep.
After 9 hours, she woke up. It was already afternoon. They phoned the farmer company and ordered some farmers for planting the bulbs on their land.
Later could Head Lines thanks to the sale of onions take much more than she would earn with her duties as president even with a tenure of hundreds of years.



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