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Purchase and exchange in Emoji

On Monday the former notary public on the chalkboard wrote the subject of the law book of the Emojis: Our next subject is the bill of sale generally. Then we discuss the rules in the kingdom Emoji. What is a purchase contract?
Other lawyers had to answer this question. After some time somebody knocked at the door. It was the main lawyer. He had a delay because of a police control of the running past Emojis. He had to prove even the policeman that on his identity card really his own face was recognizable. And how could the policemen escape from so fast?
The main lawyer answered this: Certainly I needed nearly 67 minutes. I must confess that some Emojis simply paid a bribery to the policemen. This is why they were also released fast from the control. I had taken very little money for reasons of the criminal activity. Finally, I must buy my fresh drinks.
Then a retired judge hit with the judge's hammer on the table and required from the Emojis that they begin, finally, their working day in the legislation Emojis.
Thereon the former notary public repeated the subject of the purchase contract in the kingdom Emoji. What is a purchase contract? Thereon the main lawyer wanted to write a sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ A purchase contract obliges at least two sides (shop assistant and buyer). Shop assistant must hand over the purchase object and property to the buyer. The buyer must pay the agreed purchase price. Both sides must ordinarily fulfill at the same time their achievements. Exceptions can be agreed between the contracting partners.
One understands by it in Emoji that a buyer can also get a bill home skilful. And only after the payment of the purchase price the purchase object becomes the full property of the buyer. Moreover, the price must be formulated clearly.
When do use and danger on the acquirer go over in the country of the Emojis?
A trader from the Venus wanted to know this. A lawyer answered this: Basically the shop assistant must deliver a product in good quality. That's why the shop assistant must take in Emoji also the responsibility for reliable delivery.
Aliens from the Jupiter and Saturn reacted very much shocked to it. They demonstrated on the street against defense of the customers in the country of the Emojis. A judge reacted to it: If the buyer pays the purchase price, use and danger go over on him also. This sentence calmed demonstrators.
Can the hospitality industry be excluded from this law?
A cook from Laughing Emoji asked this. All lawyers agreed in the following point: All branches must be handled with general laws immediately.
An estate agent from the Jupiter asked: Is there in the legislation Emojis differences between the purchase of a product and the purchase of a real estate?
Good question, answered a lawyer. Thereon lawyers wanted to determine other laws for the purchase of other things. In addition wrote a lawyer:
§ Movable things are defeated by the law about the normal purchase in the country of the Emojis. Among the rest, not movable things are real estate.
Suddenly would shout all listeners of the legislation: Finally, we understood a law with our brains!!
Who takes costs for the handing over?
Concerned Emojis asked this together. A defender: In this case of course the shop assistant or the present owner must take the costs. (Responsibility of the supplier / of shop assistant [the shop])
Here shouted an alien from the Jupiter: And if the customer wishes a special delivery place? Must I pay as a stingy owner of the company for that?
In this case explained a lawyer from Emoji Meaning: For special wishes the stinginess of the owner of the company is protected legally. In this case the customer would also have to take the transport costs.
The devices which a customer himself can hardly transport form exception. Fridges and other heavy devices belong to that. And the court expects to form the prices from the shop assistant rationally enough. The future elite Emojis ordinarily learns in Emoji Meaning that the purchase price should also contain delivery costs and other costs.
Which costs does the buyer take then?
A disappointed alien from the Jupiter asked this. The buyer must pay in the country of the Emojis in particular the costs for decrease himself. In this case means that a buyer to the shop assistant may not settle the way to the shop. (A customer has to pay the costs for his way to the shop)
After this sentence reacted misers from the Jupiter, finally, very contently.
Can the shop assistant take, in any case, the transport costs?
A decent entrepreneur from the Neptune asked the gathered lawyers this.
Anyway, answered at the same time all qualified Emojis.
How does the shop assistant handle with menacing duties?
An Emoji who sent regularly his goods to the neighboring Circus Country asked this. In addition a lawyer expressed himself: Basically the shop assistant must inform of all add-on costs like duties and other punishments the customer. Thereby it may come later to no surprises.
An Emoji wanted to know how he could react. The Emoji ordered from an alien from the Saturn in Heart Eyes Emoji a telescope.
The alien from the Saturn is already for 14 days in delay. In addition said a judge: This Emoji may sue the trader because of non-fulfillment of the contract also for compensation.
By this second somebody knocked at the door. Then a former accuser opened the door. There came a furious alien from the Saturn and sprayed the face of the lawyer. The other lawyers were shocked very much. They wanted to stop the attacker. Outdoors some furious Emojis waited for the Sprayer from the Saturn. There Emojis hit him with decayed melons. The alien from the Saturn was arrested by policemen. After this event the injured Emoji had to be delivered to the hospital.
Then the main lawyer wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ If a contracting party of a purchase contract does not fulfill its duties, the other side may require a compensation. And the lazy contracting party must be reminded before still.
Suddenly Emojis heard several shots. Thereon a general via loudspeaker gave a local command to all Emojis and other persons present in the surroundings. They should move by no means. The police must find suspicious people urgent and....
By this second the general was injured by unknown aliens with a razor seriously in his beard. This event moved the gathered Emojis into big panic.
In the meantime, several Emojis and aliens heard other shots near the meeting place of the lawyers. A retired judge hit with the judge's hammer on the table and required from his occupational colleagues that they concentrated, finally, upon their work. Thereon a lawyer replied that they could not work under these circumstances. There was mortal danger. In the interim police could find out the origin of the gunfight. The criminal culprits hid in the big cemetery. By this second policemen came to the cemetery. There ghosts of the dead Emojis noticed that policemen disturbed the rest on the most peaceful place of the galaxy. That's why ghosts of the Emojis hindered the policemen in the approach to the criminal culprits. So a policeman commanded the pitiless firing of the hiding place.

After some time the criminal Emojis shot at the policemen back. Some policemen seriously injured themselves. The other policemen rather wanted to save their own life. Among the policemen was also a charlatan from the Saturn. He dreamt regularly of own climb in the country of the Emojis as the uppermost policeman. So he explained the criminal Emojis that he joined to them. The silly Emojis rejoiced during nearly 12 seconds. The charlatan embraced the criminal Emojis. Then he stung every single Emoji with an invisible needle. Then he got the handcuffs. Later he appeared on the state television and shouted: Thanks to me these Emojis could be arrested!
Moreover, he showed ostentatiously in a live broadcasting his action.
Finally, after his success the charlatan could replace the present uppermost policeman. Lawyers looked this event with big worry. Finally, expected Emojis that the new uppermost policeman would support the criminal aliens from the Saturn anyway. At least, the charlatan could not oppose the briberies of the criminal aliens. Thus the police and later also the justice Emojis became slightly buyable.
After this event the main lawyer still wanted to protect the buyers against third party persons legally better.
So he wrote the following question to his colleagues:
Can a third person take away the purchase object from the buyer?
A lawyer answered this: This should be forbade basically. By the conclusion of a contract both contracting parties should exactly discuss every detail and stick in their document. Third party persons are excluded therefore. Only in special cases third party can make something. Because in a case in which rights of the third party or damage would be to fear. In addition a lawyer from Emoji for PC wanted to express himself: In a case an alien from the Venus signed a contract with a group of former prisoners. Therein committed themselves Emojis to the aliens from the Venus that they should bomb the amusing houses in Heart Eyes Emoji. This case shows clearly where the limits should be set to a contract.
At that time undertook Emojis to buy bombs from the Venus. Also this law concerns the following cases: A valuable picture of a famous artist was stolen. Later an alien from Sedna sold this picture to a miser from the Jupiter. The picture was handed over in the area Emojis. The local police could confiscate the stolen picture. The stingy investor from the Jupiter was strongly angry. Finally, he lost his money and the stolen picture. He complained at the court for the payment of a compensation. The court rejected his complaint. The argument was: The miser consciously bought a stolen picture with the purpose of own enrichment. Besides, the buyer knew that he bought forbidden picture.
At this time a young lawyer was interested in this case how this ended. A lawyer answered this: The miser required international search for the thief. The thief could be found in Sedna in bushes. There this alien celebrated his wealth. The miser could partially come to his property. By this second Emojis would shout that, finally, they wanted to sleep. That's why the main lawyer decided to finish the day meeting. However, a judge wanted to continue on working. So the main lawyer decided a vote. The majority of the present Emojis wanted to finish the adventurous working day.

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Story: Can a third person interfere with a contract?



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