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Red prominence burnt orange carpet

A pink center for celebrity defense is required in the problematic area of ​​Mars. The celebrities fight is the focus of the new security agenda of oranges. In the police department Orange dictatorship will arise a new pink anti-celebrity-center. The behavior of celebrities in the orange area is perceived as very annoying in the population. Finally, always celebrities want to have the red carpet. The orange carpet ignore the celebrity demonstrative and arrogant. They justify their refusal to want to use the orange carpet, with its status as red prominence. 😫🍖🤲👫🅰️🚧🚗📙🐺🚗🕌🚋📙🧘‍♀️➕📙🕌👩‍💼🇮🇹🏳🚗📙🎪🙃📙⏭🙆🕐🧤🚗👋🌉🎚📙🥊🔝🖕. But since the immediate emotional dismay after the event the red celebrity has flown on the orange carpet of 111 days, the Commission should have responded with improved proposals definitely. Finally, there is the danger of red carpet celebrities continue to destroy the orange carpet in the future.



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