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Red prominence burnt orange carpet

A pink center for celebrity defense is required in the problematic area of ​​Mars. The celebrities fight is the focus of the new security agenda of oranges. In the police department Orange dictatorship will arise a new pink anti-celebrity-center. The behavior of celebrities in the orange area is perceived as very annoying in the population. Finally, always celebrities want to have the red carpet. The orange carpet ignore the celebrity demonstrative and arrogant. They justify their refusal to want to use the orange carpet, with its status as red prominence. The oranges on the other hand feel very offended by this opinion of important people. The oranges are even talking about a war of red against the orange celebrities population. While the red celebrities admit that their behavior is somewhat arrogant and discriminatory public to the orange. But they justify their position so that they are much more important than the orange prominence. Being famous is a short-lived business. It may also happen that a previously very prominent personality could lose their status from Red to Orange Carpet. It can go even further down: From orange carpet next to the pink carpet to the disappearance from the interests of Paparazzo's.
Early winter had the red celebrity of Mercury and Venus triggered a wave of arrogance at the highest level in Orange and catapulted the celebrity fight to the top of political priorities. The red celebrities from Mercury and Venus burned quite publicly the orange carpet on which they were posing for the photographer.
This event has become the most widely planet split in the social networks at this time. This story went as saddest event of modern celebrities in all the history books. The red celebrity refused also to apologize for their behavior. There was the rulers of Mercury and Venus so embarrassed that they blushed so far on the screen that there was no difference between their faces and the tomatoes. The authorities even had to threaten in the bunker red celebrity with a twenty-year stay. This threat did nothing because the red celebrity smeared the Bunker owner with a good amount of money.
Also calls for a reinforced commitment planetwide quickly became noisy as the national authorities again and again come up against limits in the face of international networking red celebrity. Accordingly, the interior ministers oranges carpentered an initial response to the prominence arrogance, which was approved prior to the release of new Bitcoins from the Orange dictatorship. This case, the highest insult to the oranges by the red celebrity led to special sessions on multiple planets of the local rulers.
After the unsuccessful issue of new Bitcoins 67 days ago care with the outbreak of disease and laziness of the 24-hours insomnia in Mars but already other issues making headlines. When the first Orange Vice President, Nars Min, and tax commissioner in orange peel presented Defense Pulse on an important day before the Orange Parliament's new security strategy of oranges, witnessed the empty ranks in the Chamber from disappeared interest in the topic.
The new security paper includes a colorful little theory spectacular individual proposals, which aim to improve cooperation between the Orange States. "No one country can tackle the challenges," Min said to the media and called for applause. The most important change relates to the strengthening of censorship Orange dictatorship in orange juice, which is so far rather in the area of ​​organized crime (against charlatans, Mafia, extraterrestrial intelligence) actively. In future, Orange dictatorship accommodate a pink center for the celebrities fighting, in which the units are to be pooled for the Prosecution of red prominent travelers, to combat the red carpet-financing and to curb the forbidden contact with the Blues. But responsible for the maintenance of internal security remain the oranges-states why Orange dictatorship over joint investigation teams should take over support tasks in advance. A new oranges-center plans to bananas authority for prevention against the rise of extraterrestrials from the orange to the red carpet. For the bananas authority is the mass media so much control that when it is reported too much about a particular personality, the corresponding medium must be a penalty in the amount of 99999 Bitcoins directly into the tax penalty box. Thus, the presence of individual celebrities should be reduced. So they lose faster entitlement to the red carpet.
Furthermore, the oranges want to find in a new forum with Internet companies like "Website not reachable" or "My eyes will look on your finger exactly on" ways to take content about red prominence as quickly as possible from the mains. Will discuss the possibility the growing concern of corporate espionage that during the demonstration "off eyes of our screen" increasingly standard technologies used for data encryption detracted from celebrities defense. The security agenda is merely a theory, but to the partially concrete proposals for successfully combating the red carpet celebrities will follow. So a revision of oranges-prominence definition is planned, so now also use the red color can be provided as a crime punishable. Also to the forbidden entry of red suitcases and limit the availability of red paint for celebrities, the commission announced a legislative proposal. Several formerly hotly debated projects are meanwhile still in web browser-dependent. The oranges countries, and will the Orange Parliament have now agreed to discuss the long blocked by parliament central register containing the data red carpet passengers by the end of the year to the end, if progress is being made simultaneously in the new theory. Until 78 days and nights, the Commission will also develop new risk indicators relating to red carpet, under which the red carpet controls automatically the fingerprints and footprints are to be saved directly to the authorities when entering the Mars. The minority of the population of Mars in Oranges have expressed their incomprehension on their websites.
While the Silvery criticized in Orange Parliament, the security agenda witnessed a spy of every citizen, warned the Blues before a strengthening of Orange dictatorship without bringing the same time the Blue to the power over the oranges. Since the security agenda in advance is to protect the oranges and the better use of existing technology, this theory has been sent to the law professor in a PDF document. But since the immediate emotional dismay after the event the red celebrity has flown on the orange carpet of 111 days, the Commission should have responded with improved proposals definitely. Finally, there is the danger of red carpet celebrities continue to destroy the orange carpet in the future.



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