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Routine Carpet from the Gray House in Interview

Despite the many problems, the mood in the house was very good, says Carpet. Choosing Moos liver dictator he holds still for quite right.

Routine Carpet, Sweasy26 is claiming you are currently experiencing the worst time as president of the gray house.

Routine Carpet: No, that's not quite like that. Although we had for two weeks total power failure, but that was not so bad. We could save a lot of costs.
Routine Carpet: The gray house has health problems. It has the diplomatic Change My Mind demoted. It has lost two dictators for a strong power outage due to their escape from the horror house. And it has paid sponsors, who were in charge a month ago in gray for delinquencies. Of course we were very upset. Finally, without paying our sponsors gray house is hard to money.
However, the situation was much worse in 1111 days ago. At that time we had structural problems, also with the then Board of Directors. What we are witnessing today is a sad unsatisfactory situation. We have the impression that the whole system of the gray house had fallen in a very short time into difficulties.

Routine Carpet responds with a very angry look: Even that is not true. What since everything is interpreted into by obviously ignorant people or aliens, is already prohibited amazing. The mood in the house as well as among its visitors is basically 89 percent good. But unfortunately I do not know how I could get the 11 percent even better mood yet. Since we have only the health outcomes of our experts, these seem to have lost about 9 8/9 percent of their productivity.

So if everything is almost as good.,,
Routine Carpet replies morbidly screaming: I did not say that everything is so good. As I said: The health advances our experts are lacking. That is why things are exaggerated, we internally experience quite differently.

So is it normal that expert report anonymously at the show office against colored to workhouses and complain verbally and in writing about their managers?
Routine Carpet: This is actually banned in the gray house. Who does that, be reckoned with bruises on his right hand. Whoever harms our reputation so strong that our sponsors rely, must be locked at all expect for 6666 days in a room with 0.03 liters of water.

Why so long, it's not cheaper simply throw out these experts?
Routine Carpet: No. We need to punish very hard the experts. Otherwise, they could fly to the competition with the rocket.

A recurring problem is the sponsor defaults as on the last day before the Spring gray.
Routine Carpet: This busy me most. I feel a great frustration and a certain helplessness. Now it is again, the houses below would take too little. That annoys me so much. We have, for example, nearly 1000 visitors forbidden entry into the gray house, alone 444 four days ago, together with the head of state of horror. Once we have the identity of those responsible, we act. But in the horror it is not easy under the existing legal framework to obtain the personal details. And until a non-paying visitors is convicted, it will take forever.
These 1000 visitors refused to jointly to pay the entrance fee of 246 Bitcoins per hour. For this reason, got big problems with them. The court is working too slowly, until we can get 1000 visitors to take away the money, it certainly takes a lot of time
Remark on the emotions of the President of the gray house: Routine Carpet starts so strong to cry. At the same time a coconut crashes to the ground. The gray house has not been able to explain the downgrading of My Mind conclusive. You have cited health reasons. This seems implausible.

Routine Carpet: From our perspective, we communicated what there was to communicate.

So you see, everything is going well?
Routine Carpet: Fact: We have made a change to an important position. How do we communicate about that everyone can draw their own opinion on a paper.

As president, you may not be happy about how the gray house has presented a video conference on the case of My Mind.
Routine Carpet answered weeping: The media are never satisfied. It is obvious for some difficult to accept that secrets must remain hidden in the gray house. They may be disseminated in any media, spies and other interested parties.

Had it not been credible to say: There are internal problems of My Mind demotion. About the contents of which we do not express ourselves. Why it has advanced health problems?
Routine Carpet: Because it is primarily health problems. Wor Wolf is gathering after the departure of Moan Loan and Asd Brother the largest expert talent in the gray area in the stones. It was always clear that we would bring him back from gray creek.

Have you thought of yourself to have everything under your control?
Routine Carpet: If I had to comment on any changes in the team of experts, then I would be constantly on an Internet connection to it. I don't want that. I will also be allowed at least 99 minutes per day to stay offline.
It was about an internal change. Sure, the diplomatic position is special. But even a rock picker is only one of many experts.

The chief Watt Stone came we left alone in front of this videoconference.
Routine Carpet: I want to look at how you behave when you are facing a large number of journalists, spies and many photographers who are not just a benevolent-minded and primarily look for the negatives. When we asked the experts in cardboard Throwing Jack Finger dismissed 2229 days ago, I have communicated from consideration for Tom Icon alone with over hundreds of very inquisitive journalists. Then they said: Why does not the lost boss? You can make it any way you want: Journalists always find a reason for criticism. I can live with that.
Comments on the emotions of the President: Routine carpet is unexpectedly. He runs from left to right. He takes a piece of tangerine to his relief. He took 1/9 of tangerine and ate quite loudly. Then he drank a whole bottle of a beverage censored.

We assert that the responsible of the gray house were afraid of legal consequences if they had My Mind otherwise justified demotion as only health reasons.
Routine Carpet: That's your interpretation. I just say: Wolf is an excellent professional with a great future at the gray house.

Nobody says Wolf was not a good diplomat or expert. It's about the timing.
Routine Carpet: In principle this was not a minute decision. But clearly, on the time one can argue fiercely.

They take care of besides experts questions also about political and economic issues. Do not stress yourself?
Routine carpet responds very polite: That I am not alone. Alien, it refuses to understand: We have many experts - for the most diverse areas, for even richer becoming the gray house, for the next generation of young professionals. , ,

, , , and everywhere you are the boss.
Routine Carpet: What does that mean boss? That I'm involved everywhere, is a legitimate claim. We set the course together. I do not know what kind of ideas you have as a company specialized works. It is simply naive to assume that an alone determines everything. But even with normal family patron is involved in all major decisions. So it is with the gray house. That's a good thing.
Routine Carpet starts strong laugh out of joy. After he had laughed six minutes, he was ready for the next question.

Would not it be wiser to concentrate on the economic and to leave the area expert professionals?
Routine Carpet: The expert chief function, as I interpret it, is complex. The expert chief who really knows not only in the area of the carton or of the stone collecting, but also in business, legal, tax and other issues, I have not met in the gray. Therefore, we have decided to divide this task. That work probably 94 percent good.

You are criticized for your abundance of power. Do you feel public opposition?
Routine Carpet: In my daily life I do not feel that. On the contrary: We are rather praised for quick decision-making. That there are always people or aliens who are critically and express their opinions on the various Internet media, is part of the business. But that does not interest me. In Internet freedom applies. In gray house censorship is considered supreme power.

The gray house is started 78 days ago with a sick experts in the field of distribution buses in the second half. What happened next?
Routine Carpet: We certainly had the deceptive feeling that we are a good start. After that, the difficulties have accumulated: The experts who came back from the police office from the Mercury, were not in shape, key expert as Papyrus and others have minor injuries on Mercury, others have fallen into a deep form. However, a major cause of our problems is that we have seriously injured Top Shape 146 days ago. He was the head of strategic experts. How he acted and Papyrus, was international class. Top Form serious injury has all very hit us psychologically and humanly. Top Form was a good expert in the field of the best smelling nose. He could smell out much. Now he is still at home and still take a long rest.

The experts make a unsettling impression. The day before the anniversary of the vitamin experts scored the ban on working after Daydream also Nightdream as a second within a dictator megabytes.
Routine Carpet:  Of course, I thought at that moment that could not be true. Should be Ironically Nightdream, who would have a key expert in this important research.

Have you ever thought you should have appoint another dictator as Daydream in Brother?
Routine Carpet:  It's interesting: First, we are criticized for the decision, after two, eight months, we are first, and you praise us for the wise choice. And now again the question whether it was really smart. We pass through and scrutinize now not sure. Do not worry. We are planning new intelligence tests for our experts to introduce the practice.

So it was a good decision? Is he a dictator for difficult times?
Routine Carpet:  Moss has a very good influence on the researcher. Maybe you do not realize that when you have to tell only of ten gigabytes.

How often Daydream has come upon you, and has asked for special treatments such as additional days off?
Routine Carpet:  Never in all the nine years Moos has come with such a concern to me. He goes to his under boss, and the decision itself or sometimes in consultation with me.

Were the few days that Daydream in Venus was discussed with you?
Routine Carpet:  Only the sub-chief. I have learned after the fact of it. And so it must be for once.

If we are at the bottom boss: he wins the turnaround?
Routine Carpet:  We are an expert company in health success as in defeat. We will come together out of the situation.

You go with him new ways?
Routine: With safety. As I have already mentioned, we invent new intelligence tests than exercises for our experts.

Regardless of what else happens at this time.
Routine: Yes, even if the same 51 percent of our experts developing chocolate addiction.
Routine carpet starts to laugh again. Now we say goodbye to him.

Routine Carpet suddenly says: I wanted to say something.
I invite you to our intelligence tests.


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