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Rude Emoji

It is a private-largest news agency in Emoji. This was founded over 6605 days ago in a garage in gasoline producers. It was a charlatan who has called this agency into being. The goal was the greatest competitor of the state news agency Emoji Stories. The internal rule requires all 26 minutes advertising interruptions. 5555 days ago tried to take over this company stingy Jupiter aliens. On forbidden way misers took over the company. They tried their propaganda in favor of the misers in the transmitter strengthen. In addition, the misers switched every 12 minutes of commercials. The quality of the transmitter then dropped so far that Rude Emoji became an issue in the parliament of Emoji. The King of Emoji ordered an urgent investigation of the transmitter by independent extraterrestrials from Pluto. 😂🕌🚮🏇👩‍💻👁😄🍖📺🚉💡👀📺️🆕🚉.



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