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Satire book and 1 April

Satire book is a pink secret document with the nickname satire, which was founded on April 1, in a country affected by lightning brain of author Sun Red. Uses the book, as well as many other secret document that secret document - spy program.
The satire book is financed by selling words. After initial problems with the original sleeping bear the wolf grant was introduced.
In the satire book there are currently 24 public April 1 jokes and 76,784 secret April 1 jokes. Sometimes an average of about 3.2 to 7.6 new sets coming to all existing jokes are categorized. In the satire book concepts are presented primarily in a humorous or satirical form. The shape is especially suitable for 1 April. On other days in a planet further laughter prohibition applies. 😅🇮🇹📕🕌🅰️🍖🎗🤚🐶⏯🖕🈶👫😆🧬⏯🤑🍖🈲🔣⏯🧻🧺😄📕🌓🖕🤡🤚🤟🔍1️⃣ ⏯➕🆓↗️🍖🗣💸🤲👆🈶📕🅰️🏇📕👆🍖🖕📕.
April 1 is considered the most important day of the year in the life of satire book. While the satire book remains on other days more in the oblivion of the population, is the book on April 1, really full 24 hours all 1440 minutes, all 86,400 seconds, whole 86,400,000 milliseconds, and again all the 86.4 billion microseconds.
Then wait the April 1 fans still 365, or 366 days on their next big day.



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