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Satire book and 1 April

Satire book is a pink secret document with the nickname satire, which was founded on April 1, in a country affected by lightning brain of author Sun Red. Uses the book, as well as many other secret document that secret document - spy program.
The satire book is financed by selling words. After initial problems with the original sleeping bear the wolf grant was introduced.
In the satire book there are currently 24 public April 1 jokes and 76,784 secret April 1 jokes. Sometimes an average of about 3.2 to 7.6 new sets coming to all existing jokes are categorized. In the satire book concepts are presented primarily in a humorous or satirical form. The shape is especially suitable for 1 April. On other days in a planet further laughter prohibition applies.
Notwithstanding the fact that it is the satire book is a project on April 1, connecting bans were legally defined, which should make the author aware of the nature of the desired or undesired content. Especially jokes that have unpleasant people of satisfied life or very rich celebrities on the topic are sometimes forbidden to 111 percent; For example, jokes about such persons in the category recycling or waste paper basket like to move "Report to the dictator". Partially had satire book jokes are removed because of the threat of the horror clowns. So the jokes about the first horror clown, the Conqueror of Mercury, and many other less known personalities were blocked.
In many jokes you will find one or more images that are often provided with satirical comments. These images could be considered free nor after April 1. On April 1, the user of the images had to pay of course up to 20 Bitcoins. Meanwhile, all the uploaded pictures have to be financed in the satire book with a mandatory donation. Pictures of the competition the book of April 2 are completely banned on the satire of the book April 1st.
External Integration (the images of satire books April 2) is no longer allowed in principle and technically no longer possible. The satire book has continued its own April 1 license, which can be used by users for their own works on the satire book of the 1st April and only their use within the satire books and outside with the permission of the creator permits paid.
The judges of the satirical book, which even "tax collectors" call themselves, are claims to be very hard, the satirical book of unwanted texts as insulting the rulers of different planets (especially horror clowns, smileys) to keep clear; offensive jokes about extraterrestrials forbidden planet are immediately deleted within 45 gigabytes usually. Further undesirable uneducated writers are without the conclusion of a doctor for Humoristic Sciences.
Of the users as outstanding and recognized in the internal Dr. Humor Science guided jokes are successively presented as jokes per minute at the same time 77777 internal pages. The Dr. Humor Science distinguished by internal election some jokes with a Nobel Prize for humor with a worth of 999996 Bitcoins. Since TP years there is the so-called Smiley-jokes, which are suggested by users and after a successful open vote, may attend at least 99 percent of the users are presented with the "Smiley". As a new award is since last spring, the award of a successful joke, which is seen between a not excellent and a smiley jokes.
There is also the tomato brainstorming. The aim is, with many tomatoes to throw most writers on a surprise over wireless connection up to a certain date. The writer with the most preserved tomatoes must under great pressure
several jokes about a topic and to prevail against the other writers (with less preserved tomatoes). The jury, consisting of strongly participating users, Bitcoins distributed in the categories humor, April 1, Worst Joke of the Day. Discharged is that in most cases about two monthly intervals and shall specifically for high funniest jokes lead to its priorities.
Furthermore, there is an artistic project "1st April- image", are valued at the photos and photomontages created and attempts to detect a wider range of amateur artists to the problem of images with no comprehensible use permit by specially for the satirical book created improving and beyond on an artistic level to define a certain uniqueness with other satire books in other formats.
A tiny competition is the so-called fly of the day, which takes place every day. There revised jokes may be submitted, which were read before the revision either just within a second or were listed because of strong substantive weaknesses in the list of judges. The general participation in the competition is usually considerably less than the 1st April- image. Also in the fly of the day the winner will be announced by at least 199 users.
The duel of writers is one way in which authors can measure the better jokes each other.
Here, two comedians each half looking a joke out, which they want to compete against each other and determine the date on which both comedians must have completed their work. After completion of the writing time each user of satire book can vote, which he or she finds better. The comedian with the most votes is declared the winner of the duel. As a gift he or she receives a voucher for the visit to the circus in salted cucumbers country. The project also makes thereby attention that it parodies certain events in the life of unknown aliens in a major project of several jokes and the associated environment. So Related designated by Sweasy26 as an alien from another galaxy.
The most extensive large-scale project of this kind is the parody of Mercury aliens which were parodied in the book as satire big toothbrushes. These have been organized from fictitious states to the smallest detail of the individual actors and published.
The satirical self-representation of the pink satire book is the mouse from the 888 Street a parody of the satirical book.
April 1 is considered the most important day of the year in the life of satire book. While the satire book remains on other days more in the oblivion of the population, is the book on April 1, really full 24 hours all 1440 minutes, all 86,400 seconds, whole 86,400,000 milliseconds, and again all the 86.4 billion microseconds.
Then wait the April 1 fans still 365, or 366 days on their next big day.



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