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Singer Pest Control wants the spotlight back

Pest Control wanted to be no more in the spotlight and never went with her suitcases and duffel bags in the direction of her life adventure to Saturn's Rings. There, the alien was employed with the eclipse - and thought how much she actually miss the limelight. That brought her within 76 Gigabytes directly back to the stage in front of many listeners.

Alien Sweasy26 begins with the first question: Pest Control, you have actually always been a soft spot for solar research?
Pest Control looks in a solar system book to the images: No, that's so completely new and fresh like my buns this morning. I used to have more of an allergy against these things, that was all too esoteric to me. I am an alien of progress once it is unique, I flee in the dream phase. All the more interesting I found it then, when I learned that the eclipse is a natural part of the solar system. This theory is indeed hotly debated by solar researchers in scientific journals, but at the moment represents a majority of 50.000000000000001 percent of scientists that opinion.

What has made this knowledge with you?
Pest Control takes a pair of binoculars and looks excited in the direction of the sun: It was an incisive moment, and I thought to myself: 😂🈶🍖🏚😛🤚🤬🗣🇮🇹🚽🤙🤲💭✍🅰️⌚💡🖕🤚🌃🤙😑🍯📓🗣🤚🗝🤠🍖🎦💤🎫🤲🤚🅰️💤👆🚽🎫 💤🌥🅰️🌤〽️🤚🌕🌥.

Sweasy26 thanks Pest Control for the offer of help. He asked the next question:
What have you learned in the six months in Saturn's Rings about yourself?
Pest Control has to think twice: 🚯🤙🚯🧵🧬🚨🚯😄🅰️🈶➕🧬⛄🙈🍖🔗🏳🇮🇹🚽🚯⌚🤚🧬.

Will you ever again occur in the classical sense on stage as a singer?
Pest Control is looking at in the mirror: 👍🕌🅰️💤🤙👁🌉🙂🤔🚯🤳🔋🉐😛🤚🅰️🤲🙂🗞⏏️.

What's stopping you because of this desire?
Pest Control looks at the floor as she was going to miss something: The audience would look at me funny. An established singer on stage, suddenly takes her smartphone, photographed her own face and says a moment please. I have to send it to my contacts my Selfie. The audience would think that they would be in a satire show here and not in a concert of a serious singer.

Your own mother you announce in the song "My mother, I return to you back home" with you home at last be coming to your mother. How did she react?
Pest Control is flushed: 🤶🅰️🤯🏥🚽🅰️⌚🤶💭🤔👑🦠.

Do you miss political engagement among young Saturn aliens?
Pest Control eating an expensive luxury bread and drink syrup to: I think that they will must later to deal with the planet politics. Finally, the previous rulers are not eternal can control the fate of Saturn. Then a rejuvenation comes in the policy. Now seems to me just the example of the circus country. As there died the First Horror Clown, much younger people and aliens came to power.

In song "Relax and drink syrup" You're asking the relaxation and drinking from syrup the same time. Why do you have to combine the two issues together?
Pest Control coughs slightly and replied: For some time I'm sponsored by a syrup producer for my lyrics. So I'm doing some advertising songs. But in my case, I can identify with the two issues. I like to drink syrup and relax them as a result.

Pest Control is impatient now after almost three hours of interview and asks: When should I go?
I must repeat on the stage in the small village before the big show even my new songs in the studio.
Sweasy26 thanks for this interesting interview of the day and granted verbally to free Pest Control in the repetition.
Pest Control takes a pencil from the table and fled.



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