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Singer Pest Control wants the spotlight back

Pest Control wanted to be no more in the spotlight and never went with her suitcases and duffel bags in the direction of her life adventure to Saturn's Rings. There, the alien was employed with the eclipse - and thought how much she actually miss the limelight. That brought her within 76 Gigabytes directly back to the stage in front of many listeners.

Alien Sweasy26 begins with the first question: Pest Control, you have actually always been a soft spot for solar research?
Pest Control looks in a solar system book to the images: No, that's so completely new and fresh like my buns this morning. I used to have more of an allergy against these things, that was all too esoteric to me. I am an alien of progress once it is unique, I flee in the dream phase. All the more interesting I found it then, when I learned that the eclipse is a natural part of the solar system. This theory is indeed hotly debated by solar researchers in scientific journals, but at the moment represents a majority of 50.000000000000001 percent of scientists that opinion.

What has made this knowledge with you?
Pest Control takes a pair of binoculars and looks excited in the direction of the sun: It was an incisive moment, and I thought to myself: Now I have once again on my comeback into the limelight to prepare. Suddenly I broke out of my mouth the phrase: "I want to go sing again!" It was so unusual for me up to this minute!
I thought that I should write a song about the eclipse this time. Then I had the idea in the middle of the night, having to perhaps call my new album "Dead Bees". Then I wrote these names in my notebook. Later I fell asleep. Then I dreamed how I sing the song of an old hat on stage. By this I know in my dream that there certainly 111111 extraterrestrials visited my concert. I woke up. Then I quickly became very jealous of my own I in a dream. In reality, my songs heard estimated 2345 extraterrestrials. That was logical. The concert halls in the dream were in terms of area as large as a small part of the moon. In Saturn so lacking large halls.

You have then "Eclipse" written, the title track of your new album. I.e. one of your older songs "lunar eclipse". What is it about your fascination with the solar eclipse on itself?
Pest Control hiding her face behind a book and replies: I used to hate the sun and wished me its total explosion negative. But my time out on Saturn's Rings had a positive effect on my attitude to the sun and strengthened my interest to eclipse. At that time I would rather emigrate to the moon. That was at the time of the song "lunar eclipse" well 1666th days ago. After the rest period on Saturn's Rings is my mind changed. I realized in the sun a part of my energy supplier. How is that even with the plants, I thought that I fill myself with the sun's energy for the performances. The odd thing is, since I have "Eclipse" is written, the eclipse is for me just a kind of spices in a salad. Although researchers are analyzing the sun eclipse delights with their special glasses and study.

A light source, without which we could not exist ...

Pest Control is trying to fall asleep. Here someone knocks on the door. It is a postman who wants Pest Control handed over a letter of crazy fan. Pest Control takes the letter gratefully. She puts the letter on the table and answers:

Yes, I know what we owe to the sun. On Saturn would be complete without its power source never life emerged. The sun is essential for the atmosphere, for the tide. So good, I hope the sun stays still long enough.

Suddenly it is very dark in the room. The window opens because of strong wind. There are strange noises. Outside sounds something like an unclear voice.
Pest Control feels uncomfortable: What happened out there now? Where has the sun gone? We urgently need to organize a visit to a meteorologist.
Sweasy26 tries to calm Pest Control.
Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. The extraterrestrials called Dwarf Onion was sent to the command of the weather dictator to all residents with an important message. Meteorologists translated some time ago, what was for most citizens to understand only as noise. The meteorologists came to the following translation and its origin:
The Sun announced that it will go away on holiday. That is why its deputies of the moon, but clouds are actively and intensively have to work a lot. The extraterrestrials Dwarf Onion says goodbye and leaves.

Pest Control turns her two eyes from left to right and vice versa: I see this for the first time in my life no longer quite recently. How do I get my energy?
Pest Control is very desperate, as if she were waiting for a response of hope.

Could you imagine to start at the desert island on the Eris with only a suitcase bananas a whole new life from zero?
Pest Control acts frightened: You make me this question very scared. Why do you think that I should be so brave to live alone on an island with bananas as a restart? No, I would do in any case. Even if I got for this a million Bitcoins immediately.

For the same reason that I do not want to be somewhere. I would suffer from mental illness. On this island, there is no stage with a spotlight fever.
That's not for me to imagine. Also, I do not want to just leave my parents. I need this spotlight. That's why I'm even back from Saturn's Rings. But you, dear Sweasy26 can go from me now to Eris.

Sweasy26 responds: I currently live with my webmaster somewhere on Earth. I can not just walk away. But believe me, I'm not voluntarily landed on Earth. That's a long story....
Good. I read in a newspaper article that you like to drink and lots of syrup.
Pest Control looks at the ceiling: And what?
Sweasy26: There stood in the article quite large: "Pest Control is the largest syrup drinker in Saturn"

So I think that you have a weakness for syrup.
Pest Control fetches from her pocket a syrup and shows with her index finger proudly: Syrup is the best drink of my life. But with syrup fascinates me especially, as this drink is produced. The syrup producers make this drink with special joy in Saturn. I also like the leaves of tomato plants. I like to eat and mix them with the syrup. This tastes particularly fine for me. I think one day myself in syrup business professionally enter if my voice as the sun has shown us today, will go on vacation.

Have you yourself apart from the music, magical powers?
Pest Control attempts to open the bottle with one finger. She did not succeed. If I concentrate, I can open bottles with a single finger. Unfortunately, it happens only when nobody is looking.
Pest Control is sad and shed just four tears.
Why did you decide to go for an indefinite period to the Saturn's Rings? Have you as well as looking for the pot of gold?
Pest Control laughs: The misers had already dug up all the gold treasures of Saturn's Rings. Gold treasure hunt was not important to me. Rather, I wanted to be a stranger among strangers. It was a place where I knew no one, and of which I knew almost nothing. I knew no roads, had no references. I wanted to be a stranger. And yes - it has something strange. There all know that the universe is indifferent, that life is unfair, but all behave graciously. Saturn's Rings are like the annoying orange to eat well.

What do you mean exactly?
Pest Control begins one of her songs to sing. After almost four minutes, she answered: Do you know the nature of Saturn's Rings is so strong. I have a feeling that a gust of wind could be the kind of civilization that has since grown in recent generations extinguish immediately. This arouses primal fears. You can tell that civilization does not mean anything, it is the total domination of nature. I even had a panic attack because of this fear.
There I did not have a society that laugh at least one minute in the middle of everyday life or would sing. That was me too serious there. Moreover, all the extraterrestrials were distributed somehow and somewhere. In the capital of the Saturn Rings I could even every single pedestrian good count. One day I was so bored there that I decided simply for eleven hours each include extraterrestrials. I was amazed how little it was. Altogether 999 personalities I could count after eleven hours.

Did you have to muster a lot of courage for this experiment?
Pest Control is breathing several times in and out deeply. After that, she still drinks from her bottle syrup:
Yes, I had during 606 days on this experience to prepare for Saturn's Rings.
I bought all the cucumbers and tomatoes that were before my eyes. Then I drank up to an ocean orange juices. Later I threw books out the window. Then I took the books back. Then I turned my head from right to left. Then I read a fan letter. Then I learned a word of the local language of Saturn's Rings. Then I wrote the word 40 times on a paper. Then I ran with the word through the street and shouted the learned word all pedestrians loudly in their ears. So it went on. I had almost two years to go through before I started my adventure in Saturn's Rings. Why should I be afraid of new challenges?

Sweasy26: Breaking out of structures requires, for most extraterrestrials courage.
Pest Control is drinking even further from her syrup: It is true, of course you need to have confidence in yourself. But I just want to be proud that I can do such a thing as a 12444-day extraterrestrials and me take these freedoms, no matter what other people or aliens think about me. It is a good exercise for anyone to step out of its tradition, it puts a lot and performs a mind where you come from and why you are the way you are. It will be more equitable and assesses the planet and other living things quite differently than in the past. My new song "Get rid of your everyday life" is intended to strengthen motivation in their own self-confidence. So I give the listeners courage to try something new in their lives. And not always having to hold on to the previous tradition.
By that I mean that many aliens are afraid of change and things sugarcoat. You can make yourself very comfortable in your limited world. But you can also try something new brave. But I admit that a very good preparation as my 606-day was earlier times, was a particularly perfect condition for this step. Of course, everyone has to reinvent itself in its preparation. But it also goes with my help. With pleasure I help you.

Sweasy26 thanks Pest Control for the offer of help. He asked the next question:
What have you learned in the six months in Saturn's Rings about yourself?
Pest Control has to think twice: Do not make me do not need so much in my life. Although I am not like in a solitary confinement, but I can have more exciting in my life without having to see how extraterrestrials are welcome on Saturn's Rings each with their own flag. It was not the best time of my life, but to see that it is feasible, was a lovely experience. There are a lot, where you can enjoy, without being the owner of a billion business, a syrup, a career, own parents, a tomato, an onion, a guitar - all these things, of which you always think you need them at every second.

Will you ever again occur in the classical sense on stage as a singer?
Pest Control is looking at in the mirror: Yes, this is a dream that lies dormant in me. Now as I look at my face in the mirror and think, why I do not Selfie?
Then increases my energy and I get out of my pocket a smartphone and straighten up my face and press the button. Now I've made a new Selfie from me!
I am very proud of my performance. I can send the same SMS to my contacts my Selfie. My dream would be to make a Selfie during a performance.

What's stopping you because of this desire?
Pest Control looks at the floor as she was going to miss something: The audience would look at me funny. An established singer on stage, suddenly takes her smartphone, photographed her own face and says a moment please. I have to send it to my contacts my Selfie. The audience would think that they would be in a satire show here and not in a concert of a serious singer.

Your own mother you announce in the song "My mother, I return to you back home" with you home at last be coming to your mother. How did she react?
Pest Control is flushed: My mother got a shock. She had to be taken to the hospital. I wanted to apologize to her for the song. But that was completely impossible for a long time. My mother interpreted this song wrong, she thought, that I think with this song to a suicide. Therefore censorship dictator had to prohibit this song by law. Today this song is officially banned in Saturn and the environment. One must not read its lyrics. But this law against my work made me angry on Saturn in spite of all the events.

Your relationship with the planet Saturn was not always easy, and at the time you live in Jupiter. How are you today with your planet?
Pest Control responds almost penitent: I like my planet Saturn very offensively and go so to be extraterrestrials from Saturn. But I also suffer when there are bad decisions of those in power from Saturn, who want to impose sanctions or penalties against any Jupiter.

Do you miss political engagement among young Saturn aliens?
Pest Control eating an expensive luxury bread and drink syrup to: I think that they will must later to deal with the planet politics. Finally, the previous rulers are not eternal can control the fate of Saturn. Then a rejuvenation comes in the policy. Now seems to me just the example of the circus country. As there died the First Horror Clown, much younger people and aliens came to power.

In song "Relax and drink syrup" You're asking the relaxation and drinking from syrup the same time. Why do you have to combine the two issues together?
Pest Control coughs slightly and replied: For some time I'm sponsored by a syrup producer for my lyrics. So I'm doing some advertising songs. But in my case, I can identify with the two issues. I like to drink syrup and relax them as a result.

Pest Control is impatient now after almost three hours of interview and asks: When should I go?
I must repeat on the stage in the small village before the big show even my new songs in the studio.
Sweasy26 thanks for this interesting interview of the day and granted verbally to free Pest Control in the repetition.
Pest Control takes a pencil from the table and fled.



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