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Six hooligans music in the cemetery place

Six former hooligans of salty tin rioters have been sentenced to long prison terms for the noise of several quiet places in TRTQ. Another hooligan served as a kind of onlookers who repeatedly applauded very loud with all the noise. Six former hooligans of salty tin rioters have been sentenced to long prison terms because of too loud drums on the Venus in places with the most important prohibition "the noise ban" in TRTQ. One of the defendants was the same a drum thrown in the face by the judge, the other five were given prison sentences of respectively 49 and 99 years and a two-thirds day. Until recently the hooligans protested their innocence.
With the ruling ends a decades-long study of the noise at the cemetery Square, which is considered horrible nadir in the history of the noise on the Venus. The incident demonstrated how the Venus figure were dependent on calmer cows to ensure the peace in the cemetery Square. The noisiest and most famous of these doses was rioters - a local hooligan organization that was musical and other orders worth 7 million Bitcoins from the salty government. The founder King Water was one of the main sponsors of the ruling mafia of Venus. The noise at the cemetery Square made from rioters as the most famous salty can a symbol of uncontrolled breach noise ban. Even before the 8th day of the new year, a jury had found one of the defendants from the noise and the loud applause guilty, the other five of the noisy drumming. In the incident many years ago in the ghost town 69 spirits had risen in their old bodies after the loud noise as zombies. The zombies were very angry and complained about the bad music style of drumming hooligans. "Never in my life before and after death, I had to suffer so under extremely bad music.": One of the zombies, who have been at least 22 years had his rest in the cemetery Square, told the court as a witness This statement is not loaded the drumming hooligans so strong.
The judge argued that the spirit does not have to monitor the dead corpse. On such a law previously renounced all Governments. It was too boring in the graveyard place finally. The opinion of the court did not change for a long time. One day, the judge decided to die as an experiment for a week. Because doctors did not know about his experiment, his death by around 99 attending physicians with a white chopping was verified with red background. His relatives received his death confirmation. The spirit of the judge wondered why his previously abandoned body was no longer there, where he left him. Another spirit, which had suffered under the drumming noise of Hooligans, laughed sharply over the mind of the judge and said: "I have never experienced such a hard-working judge who puts himself in the position of the victim."
The spirit of the judge replied, "How can I come back into my body?"
The Spirit answered: "Now I give you only the address of zombies, your body has already been buried!" The spirit of the judge is under great shock and thinks. How do I get my body still fresh from the grave ?????????
The zombie came to mind of the judge and taught him how to put his body back. The spirit of the judge was a very good student of zombies. He learned very quickly.
In the beginning he was cold in his body and thought, "How could I be in this fridge for so many years"
Now the mind of the judge accustomed again to his body. The temperature rose to 36 2/3 degrees.
After this experience, the judge changed his mind very clearly in favor of the zombies.
While in court those present were irritated about the rebirth of the judge. They were still recently at his funeral service. Now he comes back. But not only that. His new life with a very different view than before death surprised many of those present. The case put years fixed in legal battles. At times, it seemed uncertain whether ever charges are levied. So the hooligans were first accused in the year after the noise, however, rejected her case later from the later experimenting judge. But the judge had several nightmares. He was forced to have to get to know the side of the victims. For this reason he started the experiment. But he rolled the case then again, whereupon the hooligans were formally charged in the end.
The trial lasted finally twenty weeks. The prosecution called 89 witnesses, including noise victims, their families and former colleagues of the accused rioters.
A sixth former hooligans, Chips Bandit from Peace Way, had testified as guilty known for wanton and drumming against its previous five colleagues. Bandit has not been convicted, but said he hoped to be able to prevent any imprisonment, as the local spy in a video held the speech. There were totally contradictory representations of those events in the cemetery Square. According to eyewitnesses the main hooligan Nian Broken was the first who began suddenly to drum there. Imposed on him judge Yor Hetn life imprisonment. His other colleagues have for 49 years, and a two-thirds day behind bars.
The prosecution accused the defendants to have taken the places from ambush on the busy square targeted. "These six hooligans refuse to accept any responsibility for their crimes and the noise that was caused on that day," said the doctorate prosecutor Pitbull Labrador. In video images in the courtroom photos of resurrected corpses could be seen as zombies, which left the cemetery place scared. The guilty hooligans are on quite well understood. In an antiquated language of the witness Zombie Haz Zah said (He was lying in the cemetery for almost 400 years) in the process of his experienced state of shock. Since this witness took an outdated language, had to translate his statements to the competent judges archaeologists, historians and linguists. Luckily there was the Professor Dr. Speech Full, an enthusiastic teacher of ancient (now 209 year-old retiree), could very well be the outdated language of Venus. He received his doctorate in the ancient language of Venus. He was glad that he for the first time since his doctoral thesis may use public his knowledge again.
The judgment of the Court would now show who would win ultimately, the law or rioters, said another victim of drumming noise at the court appealed.

The defense said, however, there was evidence that the accused could be limited in their musical freedom. In addition, the lawyers asked the hooligans arguing for mercy that a decades-long prison sentence is unconstitutional and should be banned, because their clients were active under the pressure of peace in a much too quiet environment. The defendants looked back on a proud career as a musician and close family links, explained defender video shocker. In their first public appearance since the drums sound in cemetery place the convicts insisted in handcuffs and prison uniforms before the judge on their innocence. He could not say in all honesty that he had done something wrong to the court, said a hooligan.
It is expected that the experimenting judge continues in the case after the verdict. He will advocate for the victims of cemetery space.
Even before the trial the defense had filed several concerns that could serve as the basis for an appeal. This included the question of whether in the indictment at all the experimenting judge simply has automatically switched to the side of the victims, said the lawyers. This is potentially a violation of the mandatory neutrality of the judge.



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