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Star pirate Dance Award in Interview

Star corsairs Dance Award about the treasures of the oceans of the Earth, his trouble with Moonlight Killer - and why Pidif Reading for her withdrawal from the team of pirates does not have to be ashamed. Dance Award is considered one of the most successful privateer invisible on planet Earth. The extraterrestrials Sweasy26 could not find him because of his abilities nevertheless and talked to him about his career and his colleagues Moonlight Killer and other pirates. Dance Award urged Sweasy26 indicate his whereabouts in an interview not exactly in meridians.

Dance Award, oceans of the earth are your main employer. When you chose a career as a privateer?
Dance Award responds with an orange gun in his right hand:  The influence of television in my childhood was certainly an important reason. The boring pastimes that have been assigned to me by the teachers at my school and in kindergarten were certainly another reason. Third reason was the large wage cuts for my parents, until we had to almost starve. The third reason changed my outlook on life. I remembered when we had to stay the first few days already under a bridge near a harbor in the fall, I watched a charge on a ship with mint. Because I thought that if I kidnap this ship with the cargo from the port, I'll like these heroes in cartoons suddenly that adults would get scared of me so powerful. I was twelve years old. I told my parents nothing about my plan. I left only a note that I'll be gone for some time. The hijacking of the ship with the cargo of mint I succeeded, although the captain were present with his team in the ship. I locked them in a room. I drew the ship in a different direction than was on the schedule. My parents woke up early in the morning. They realized that I was not at home (or rather under the bridge). They alerted the local police. Since my parents named as home address "under the bridge of the port", the policemen refused, at the request of my parents to take. But when the peppermint tea merchant the same police contacted to inform about the disappearance of the ship, all officers had to go to the search within one minute. The search of the police remained long without success, because I turned off the GPS navigator of the ship. I found an old mobile phone, with this I wanted to call my parents. But I remembered that my parents had no telephone device under the bridge. At the same time crying out from locked rooms of the captain and his team. I approached them. They told me that the peppermint tea merchant that of a bounty in the amount of 101,002 Bitcoins for each Note would be legally binding, which will give him back the goods. I took advantage of this opportunity. I called the peppermint dealer. And I turned off the location function completely. The peppermint tea merchant promised me in this telephone conversation that he will give the amount if he get back the goods within two hours. I agreed, for the reason that I recorded the call on a dictation machine in good quality. The microcassette I hid in my pocket. After returning running to me next to the peppermint tea merchant countless policemen. I was afraid that they would hurt me. But luckily for me they could take me with handcuffs. The microcassette I hid in my underpants. I was very afraid that the peppermint tea merchant would not pay the promised 101,002 Bitcoins. In fact, the peppermint tea merchant refused to pay the sum. Since this case has been canceled for the police as detached from the task list, I was released from detention after three days in jail. My parents were happy that I even survived entirely in prison. I played the telephone conversation from the peppermint tea merchant to my parents. I promised them that our residential address will not soon be "under the bridge of the port". The next day I went to the police and said that the peppermint tea merchant has not redeemed his promise. Luckily then the nice police chief was in office. He was sympathetic and promised to help. Three days later, the police chief brought himself more moneybags to me. I thanked him. My parents did not believe that I with my twelve years already occupied much more than they earned together in almost 25 years. Since my pride rose into the air. Although I gave the statement the parents hope for better future, I realized that these 101,002 Bitcoins us indeed allowed to live in a rented apartment in a far away from the center village, what was good for the coming winter, but rents were not cheap, although the commute lasted nearly five hours a day in this village. My parents could not continue to live so long. A move into the vicinity of workstations of the parents was already an option. But the rents in these places were so high that these 100,000. Bitcoins also would not be sufficient. We went into the woods and built our own home made of timber and other materials. After that we were living in it. Of the more than 100,000 Bitcoins then remained us 44,444 Bitcoins for the rest. So I continued living with my parents in the forest.

Why wouldn't you then a lawyer or a policeman by profession?
Dance Award looks at the clock: Such training would not even be financed with 100,000 Bitcoins.

Why nobody helped you with the financing of the training?
Dance Award: I never belonged to those who voluntarily go begging in others. I'd rather violate the rules. There was also a ban on offering a good education for ship hijackers and finance.

You decided to go in search of hidden treasures of the oceans of the Earth.
Moonlight Killer was a long while. Pidif Reading was also there, but decided to leave the team.
Dance Award: Yes. I was so successful with the treasure hunt that many were jealous of me. Moonlight Killer but raided other ships. This displeased me very clearly. Although I wanted to find treasure, but without that I would have to flee from the police. We had great trouble with Killer about it. Later I found old books in the sea. Dated with a vintage of 1378. From the 14th century. I could sell them for good money to a museum.
Still to Moonlight Killer: He acted like he apparently well found- and I said in a radio broadcast what I thought of him. And I liked him earlier at the beginning of our career well. Killer always said that I was his role model. He earns his money with the raids of ships continues. Pidif Reading probably wanted to do something new in life. That's why she stepped out of my team.

What are your plans for the future?
Dance Award is likely for two minutes and responds: I want to continue to go in search of treasures in the ocean. And I ask you again to my location to write anywhere.
Dance Award will disappear from the place in one of his ships, with whom he will go to his next adventure of treasure hunting and go.



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