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Syn Tax fulfilled her dream job

In weak arms can be an amazing power: the strength of her weak arms helped Syn Tax for career square acrobat in all planets, in between them jumped in Saturn's high-rise to a height of just 9 meters. She was hailed as a winner of World Records. Never someone jumped so high against gravity in this height. Even the professor in geometry was so surprised that he threw his camera into the air. Although his unit landed on a branch of an oak.🛣🚽➖👆🆙🤯🌉🥈🅰️🏅🎒👠🕴▪️🤚💼👠⏯▪️🕌💼🦘👽🔄🚽▪️🌕🤚🔋🎪🗾👩‍💼🅰️📛🗝🎭👆📙❓📶🌬👁🌉🚯🖕🤔↗️💪🈶👁📓🇮🇹🐺🕌🤚👪📑🎖👠▪️🦘👽💼🌗👠🏭. Although not only the next record attempt at this time, but would do with her age a special old-age and high jump record.



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