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Syn Tax fulfilled her dream job

In weak arms can be an amazing power: the strength of her weak arms helped Syn Tax for career square acrobat in all planets, in between them jumped in Saturn's high-rise to a height of just 9 meters. She was hailed as a winner of World Records. Never someone jumped so high against gravity in this height. Even the professor in geometry was so surprised that he threw his camera into the air. Although his unit landed on a branch of an oak. This road, however, was only slightly less than 2 meters above his head. At that second, she taught in a sports school high jump and square acrobatics. Her learners are dreaming of a career as a high jumper or square acrobats. She is accustomed to work in environments where a trader is as Mars alien: For years Syn Tax was as square acrobat traveled around the planet, had a thrilling mixture of power and grace in embossed circus country acrobatics business made a name in the encyclopedia. Though still trained, the 14046-day old extraterrestrials acting weak, almost elfin she sits the extraterrestrials Sweasy26 in an orange cupboard opposite. The question of where she gets all the physical strength in the air, she acknowledged with a look at her not thin upper arm: "I have to look in my notebook." It is clear that she now tied back to a chair in her home by the order of the army chiefs has become. How did it happen and how it had drifted as high jumper to the legendary Saturn's skyscraper the square acrobat, the only Mars alien among many Saturn and some Venus aliens and Jupiter aliens, she  remembers talking about her career. Until the last minute used Tax contact with former colleagues of Saturn's high-rise building. And with the memory dismounts and the peculiar smell of the calculator up to her, which was used in the Festival. In this they had drifted several months ago the accident: A friend had advised her to stop by there with two eyes and a big screen from the early days of the modern computer, which may be of interest. "It fascinated me after only 1 byte," she remembers so excited. After studying recorded shows, they concluded also to have a chance without the high jump training - although it would be with 48 years belong to the oldest. Her body size was exactly at the middle of the scale of the allowed 190.1 to 229.94 square centimeters, which was in force for the team, but her legs were really too thin for the high jumps. She had her legs with more carbohydrates to feed, until she reached the minimum weight of 90 Terabytes.
Since the opening of Saturn's high house three generations ago, the theory of the founder Go Ahead had maintained that his book must be read before every performance of acrobats. This is regarded as essential reading. Syn Tax received in preparing for the high jump to sign with her number, she had to bear, handed out by saying, "When the curtain goes up, you have to just jump in the air." It sounded the song of horror band from the Circus country. How royally they jumped, they can hide in their thoughts. She just says, "I tried to make something new, after 180 seconds, the song of horror band was already over." According to another high jump she had her new job, after one and a half months of rehearsals followed her first stage appearance, while at this day as high jumping with joy that the lamps fell on the floor and broke finally. Her boss and circus owner was very upset about the resulting damage. Nonetheless, he applauded her there and showed his understanding of this special high jump. This leap he took himself on a video camera. With this scene he could attract many visitors in his circus. That brought the circus owner in turn greater popularity. "That too is a kind of jump," she says. And her smile is of such purity that every idea, higher and higher jump could be falsified, is nipped in the bud. When her parents came to look at the show in Saturn, they did not recognize the daughter among the leaping acrobats and surrounded by similar looking, resembling her spitting image of the sign with her number up to every last detail. Some of them but had, as points out, secret from her own family, where they were active, especially against the fathers. High jumps and acrobatics are not square in each planet as good professionals. In some planets the rulers even want to ban the vaulters throughout. The risk of counterfeiting is cited as a reason. Tax but which moved to the offshoot of the festival in Happy Secret after a month, could stand behind her work and the program: "We made art that was designed very aesthetically and refined», holds them. "Our sister always said, 'but let prohibit high jump Yes, never.'" It was not until after her time a new line was trying to socialize with more humor of former successes. But it did little good. The major periods of Saturn's skyscraper are fortunately definitely over. "Today you see so at every turn, not only with his two eyes, but even with the phone or the Internet," the alien said in her quiet voice that tempered a quite remarkable temperament. The stage of life as a high jumper ended after twenty months. Because she had then already contractually bound for the time for an engagement at the district. This hard artists profession in which she was often alone with her suitcase and had to hold for twelve-minute performances on the day constantly in best quality had been 4002 days long her dream job. But soon it was time for a next chapter: almost 2693 days ago, she was the victim of a work is prohibited. For several months she hid with her friends in a tent in the woods, then she wished sedentary. She returned to her roots in Orange Over Land. It was also the return of square acrobat more past before active professional life.
But what makes an artist after the bitter End of career through a ban on working? This question is, unlike in the case of ex-professional footballer, a very limited presence in the public of Mars. Tax had indeed the diploma middle school in her pocket in it lying, but no training. But she was looking for a new way to live her passion, and found a second vocation: She wondered what could make from her previous jobs. She took her old job and invented her new profession due to her previous professional experience and qualifications.
It occurs only from time to time in certain places on (where it is free from her work prohibition) (on the first day after the snow for example, she can be seen in the Orange Square Circus at a cabaret occasion of the Association Local artists at the roost ). Full-time but she teaches in and around Mars square acrobatics and high jump; initially there were children, more and more adults have been added. Currently practice in her company high jumping & acrobatics square joint-stock company approximately 97 students 9-92 years - in the high jump, the lodging and the square acrobatics changing unit, the youngest and most successful discipline. Tax swears by the benefits of this physical activity on the table: Especially the torso am well trained, but also arms and legs are involved, balance and coordination would trained in detail, and as you hang in the exercise, it is also for extraterrestrials with back problems suitable. No wonder, is this combination of artistry and sport on the rise, from classical forms to variations such as high jump. Tax speak of a boom of square acrobatics, in the region, the competition from the low-vaulter Saturn May Be with her courses has been an alternative to the high jumps. Syn Tax herself has no special training in her strengths - that so far, but with talent and persistence - her father was a cider drinker, his mother worked in the counting of the screaming chicken. After finishing middle school Moody she had visited four years the circus school under the direction of horror clown in Saturn, thereby punctured as bootblack and waste collector and lived in a specially equipped for the under layer rooms for the poor to the back sheet street. Then she was traveled with her district number through the entire planet, had at least 66 2/3 percent of the year spent abroad, of Neptune until Makemake, with an appearance in the Festival of the most talented high jumper in Mars, where almost 2998 days ago a first portrait about her emerged.
Syn Tax looking at her table and says: It's nice to see that me teaching like now at least as early as the high jumps and appearances. She looks happy, natural and modest. Syn Tax remembers like it when she rose in the age of four in her chair, trying to jump to the ceiling. She wanted time to touch the glowing lamp in the room. At the same time she thinks about her future. Syn Tax says that she would hope to be able to jump again sometime in the height. But this time that should be allowed her again. Although not only the next record attempt at this time, but would do with her age a special old-age and high jump record.



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