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The 114-year-old film doctor about his work

The Forbidden Cinema Premiere of "Spaghetti mirror" the Film podium shows a Doctor retrospective. The 114-year-old is having on VNR, 5678 works, a representative of "active retirees", the loud voices comment, uncomfortable interviews and mental illness will bring away with a boat to the nearest shore.

Mr. Doctor, do you like labels as "active retirees" or "past is quite dead" not. Could we at least say that your films are a kind of final thesis of their personal multiannual thesis of captured moments of society and its individuals?

The Film Doctor responds unimpressed: Yeah, maybe. But that sounds already starting to clear. Basically, I just turn the funniest movies. I am a filmmaker. But not an ordinary. I have a thesis and a doctoral degree in the field of film production, film planning, film shortening and several other directions in the film business.
And like almost all the filmmakers I tell stories. Unlike a feature film director but I have no script, after all, I do not know what will happen. This can and I do not know in advance. Later I have turned from the material on the cutting table - which unfortunately is a smart robot today.

The Film Doctor bursts into tears. He is within two bytes very sad. He needs a nose cloth.
As will be added my personal view. I must at least the overall planning of the film content to entrust the smart robot.
You have your assembly work follows explained at the last film premiere: After reviewing the material you invalid out at least 79 percent of them. For the rest looking out useful sequences which you then still halve and cut. And in the end bring the sequences in a sequence. What determines this sequence: chronology, censorship by the authorities or an unanswered question?

The Film Doctor considered at least as long until the clock shows 18:00 clock already. Then he begins the words from his brain to download step by step.
That is different. Chronology is not important to me: I can start the movie with an event that has taken place entirely in the middle or anywhere else filming. Only within the unanswered question itself, I make sure that the events appear in the same order, so that the viewer at least but can also answer more than 66 7/9 percent of his questions. For the rest, the viewer must himself worrying. So I save material. At the same time I force the audience to follow the arguments. 🚨✅⏭❓⏯🅰️1️⃣ ✅🕌📽🌥🤔😦🤙🅰️🕌🤚🧵⛄🎖🚓🔝👩‍💼👫🗾🤙📽🚀🤚🗾😦🚯🎖🚓🤯🤚👩‍💼🚇📽👩‍⚕️👹🎖🚓👩‍⚖️👮‍♀️⏯📽.

You have made films that also take one hundred and twenty minutes or less, but even those that go the eleven hours. Do you decide this only at the editing table?
Mr. Film Doctor: Yes, and I have even taken longer films: "Ten Zombies" takes twelve hours. It's about the last moments in the life of resurrected corpses from their graves in a hospital in the salted cucumbers, like the magicians try again everything - or at least make an effort to treat the corpses as human as possible. This is an issue that you can not deal with as quickly. Also out of respect for the members who appear in the film: their joy, patience, the easy way returning from their long journey and the conviction of their relatives again attracting the dead body. This can not simply compress from dramaturgical calculus as one. In "Plate Bulb" on the other hand seemed sixty-six minutes enough for the subject.

And there is no idea of an evaluation by the private broadcasters?
Mr. Film Doctor: 😶🍖🤚👋🚋📺🈶🌕📏🈶🎥🕌🅰️🤨🚇📽👩‍⚕️😄🤟🧟‍♀️🚇📽👩‍⚕️🤟⏯📷🌉🚯🤟🥩😛♾.

Who were these exceptions, if I may ask?
Mr. Film Doctor: With the singers of the band Old Bread from "Cool Singers" or those of "Brainless Pig" (a non-approved at the beginning of film about the eponymous precious pig).
Now I have very hungry and have to eat my piece megabytes of bun.
Thank you, Mr. Film Doctor for this interesting interview.


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