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The celebrities Sun and Beta Rise prepare for the red carpet

The Martians created a plan and wanted to pave the way to the bucket to world domination. In rejoice trillion bacteria: Sun and Beta Rise decided to lay down their tomahawks. After they again found peace, they wanted to prepare again on the way to world domination. The charlatan could make a plan of the Martians in an underground bunker by a metal detector find. At this time he sent a copy to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 exceptionally unrequited. Or get the charlatan with this story but in return?
The extraterrestrial Sweasy26 says: Surely the charlatan gets something in return even if not in terms of money, banana, smart idiot, any physical power or something. In this case, the charlatan wants to improve his reputation. At least he tried this time to show it.

The Venus aliens have their microbes in their planet, the Salted Cucumbers after all, the Poisonous Snake. And what did the Martians? They have the Rises in the headlines. Both are brother and sister, who can mix the pears with apples in a salad.🕺🍖🚗🦘🚧🇮🇹🦘🚽🇨🇫🤚👭🍖📺🍖🚗👩‍💻🚅🤚🏭📺🚉🌉🤲〽️🖕🔖👭📺🌉⌚🌐🦘🌞 🅰️☮1️⃣ 🚅🍖🖕🚗👏🎁🧬🍖🦘👭🦹‍♀️🈶🥧. As at the time of the Emperor of Mercury Chips Conquerors.
The next item on the menu of Sun and Beta Rise: Turn the reality show "Selfies produce"
PS: 🈯👩‍✈️🕌🤚🚶‍♀️🎙👩‍💼〽️🕌🍖🖕😍🤚🦘🍷🥅🅰️📺🚗🚽🌹🚗🚽📓🚗🧺🦠🦘🌞🌃🌱🙂. And all that just because Rise wanted to pay the cost of the meal in the restaurant the food chain for a piece of bread by cash, money that came from a charlatan. Beta Rise has all had to inform about the advantages of cashless payments by a doctor Professor of credit consumption. At the next visit the chic "restaurant for celebrities" Sun can pull loose his credit card out of hiding. Since he now worked as mushroom pickers, he can even say: I've lost 7 megabytes.



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