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The celebrities Sun and Beta Rise prepare for the red carpet

The Martians created a plan and wanted to pave the way to the bucket to world domination. In rejoice trillion bacteria: Sun and Beta Rise decided to lay down their tomahawks. After they again found peace, they wanted to prepare again on the way to world domination. The charlatan could make a plan of the Martians in an underground bunker by a metal detector find. At this time he sent a copy to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 exceptionally unrequited. Or get the charlatan with this story but in return?
The extraterrestrial Sweasy26 says: Surely the charlatan gets something in return even if not in terms of money, banana, smart idiot, any physical power or something. In this case, the charlatan wants to improve his reputation. At least he tried this time to show it.

The Venus aliens have their microbes in their planet, the Salted Cucumbers after all, the Poisonous Snake. And what did the Martians? They have the Rises in the headlines. Both are brother and sister, who can mix the pears with apples in a salad. They also want to again be able to dance on the red carpet in Mars. When they were still in the sibling war in it, Mars was finally to Pineapple Republic, instead of the two entertainers on television screaming kids were on the red carpet. Many Martians complained it for the poor program. Some of them protested daily in front of the building of the television station at exactly 18:18:18 o'clock. The bugged many presenters so much that they were willing to give up part of their wages in favor of personal bodyguards. The two television entertainers were at this time the most wanted aliens in Internet of Mars. After Sun and Beta Rise signed a peace treaty with one another via further cooperation front of the cameras and on the red carpet symbolically and applause of some present, new life started on Mars for two extraterrestrials and their fans. But the bad times have remained lying in the past drawer: The Rises declared their readiness to enter the red carpet again. Secretly, they took a new attempt at the head of the entertainers on television. In countless steps they wanted to reclaim the land, the heart and the humor of the Martians.
As a first step they bought their recording studio back in G5250 by a sorcerer.
With the occupation of the recording studios of the dispute between them began: Demands of the spies on the legality of the occupation brought the two Rises in the state of war, in which he ultimately his attempted watermelon throwing on Beta Rise led at that time. This was followed by the elimination of the consignment from the television station and, as a sad highlight: the sale of the warehouse with ice cubes out of the bunker in G5250. But everyone deserves a seventh chance: Freshly signed the peace treaty which Rises can now back fill their bunkers with ice cubes.
The next step: Pull back into the castle of the Vampire on XP Day of the Year TBND Sun Rise was elected Entertainer of the jury in the TV station. The choice by the jury was and is still valid for a period of 2247 days. His term as entertainer of the program so it runs for a while. At least until the last working day of the Rises should be able to be bitten in a comfortable castle by the vampires. That in the Castle currently lives a thief, the two entertainers should not disturb: If the bacteria move up into the salted cucumbers, the thief out of the moon must take refuge in a bunker Mandarin. Poisonous Snake: What are we to make of an entertainer from Mars, who a salted cucumber invented in their country? No question: Sun Rise is the legitimate owner of the consignment office, which was only prevented for a time because of the war with his sister. As at the time of the Emperor of Mercury Chips Conquerors.
The next item on the menu of Sun and Beta Rise: Turn the reality show "Selfies produce"
PS: This point in their plan is regarded as the greatest mystery of all other steps.
Having retaken the recording studio and office, the most important part is on the agenda: The Rises to the heart, the kidneys, and of course to recapture the sense of humor of the extraterrestrials from Mars. And how can we achieve this goal better than a TV show. Similar Car Wash, who rose by the reality format "Car Wash & in Notebook" for red celebrity laundry that Rises able to consolidate their reputation as bacteria from Mars using the salted cucumbers. If Sun night lawn mowing and Beta while the beats him with the mosquitoes catcher to the face firmly. So they hope to return to rediscover the guaranteed top rates. The next step is less surprising in the list of Rises:
Of course there is also a return to the red carpet on the agenda in the list. The Rises can look forward to a great HTML presentations at other celebrities - such as the red carpets days is called gladly. For this purpose, the owner of the red carpet lays on the new disc of snakes, later they look even to the latest satire of acrobats from the circus country.
The next step relates to their mission: Playing phone pranks
The first time it did not work with the program. Maybe it needed a new mission with a fresh format in order to spend more time for viewers. Since Sun Rise thus already has some experience: How about to call prominent contemporaries and to play them prank calls? Well, at Good Bye the shot is then backfired. But the television program could give Rise refreshing impulses. Approximately, by calling the Horror Juggler and barks at him: "Then we can decide how we see things and then we can decide how we could lead the apple eat war." So is finally back mood in the boring hours in the living rooms of the Martians. The next item on the agenda of Sun Rise and his sister: Formula 1 racing with the whole family, which in exceptional cases may have to be transmitted on all channels from Mars live on television.
Even the children will be entertained. Guys love car racing. Why should the silver Formula 1 car, the Rise once prepared so fun, wasted standing around in his archives? Spow and Lufti will certainly appreciate a speeder ride when Sun and Beta visit with them at the free day, the speeder site and go crazy race with a speed of 1001 Gigabytes per minute.
The other point in their plan: They open a private tax authority
Walking on the red carpet. That alone fills an extraterrestrial as Beta not. In addition, she wants her brother Sun always swims in the financial luck. So what to do? Clear answer: They open a private tax authority. Thus they could equal ten elephants per day in their checkout taking: For how Beta said the Rise- war: If he wants to fill his account really, he can easily through his private tax authorities always and obtain at all times the necessary money.
Pay livelihood cash with points of the food chain: The last item on the agenda of Sun Rise and his sister Beta. What was at that time for a trouble to a few points gained at the big food chain for the purchase of bread on the western island Sorry. And all that just because Rise wanted to pay the cost of the meal in the restaurant the food chain for a piece of bread by cash, money that came from a charlatan. Beta Rise has all had to inform about the advantages of cashless payments by a doctor Professor of credit consumption. At the next visit the chic "restaurant for celebrities" Sun can pull loose his credit card out of hiding. Since he now worked as mushroom pickers, he can even say: I've lost 7 megabytes.



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