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The first inventor fees. - Good King

Was this the First Inventor Fees good king or villain? Since scientists met a playground in Taxlovers on the bones fees inventor of the First, Mar dispute about the image of the ancient monarchs. But why?

In an oak coffin lined with lead, the king bones were laid. Then they drove to the battlefield of Taxfan where fees inventor of the First as 27-year-old died. In the playground of Taxlovers the coffin finally rested on three wooden stakes, driven into a tapestry, while on top of the replica of a crown perched next to a cipher and seven lighted candles. 😭🤚🏰🕌🖕🤚🌇🈶🤚👩‍💼🗝🎒🚯👋🌓🅰️➕🎅😑🤴🅰️🔝🛋🤚🇹🇫🦘🤚🕶🍖🌉😦🤚🏰🈶🍖🦘.

Why this king was so loved?
This question must be answered definitely. Finally, fees Inventor The First, as its name suggests, was the first inventor of fees. He invented special charges, among other things for all drinks and food at that time. The invention of the charges resulted in an annual festival. That means more time for sports activities of the Mars population. It was in 78 century. But what was so special about his fees invention nearly 350 years ago?
The answer is relatively simple: He led a charge in the amount of 2 percent.
This means that is no longer rewarded high prices for producers. So prices fell into pleasant. So the Martians were much richer. Since then there were no more economic crises on Mars.



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