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The forerunner of the databases in the world

Life without internet, e-mails and search engines? This can now really no longer quite imagine. Nevertheless, the company came out even without digital databases, finally there was analogue alternative options: business directories, telephone books or notepad with pencil. But that it even would be possible, "to organize the information of the earth," as Mr. Internet describes the own objective, "and open to all at any time, to make accessible even without a computer and smartphone and make it useful", has to invention of the Internet, no one dared to dream - or?
In fact, the idea of ​​collecting all the information, to analyze and to convey was already surprisingly long in the earth, like the Ms. Offline Life in their study "The first databases" can prove - and was trying to implement seriously the so-called address offices even. Even before BPNL years you had to be comprehensive tedious telephone, radio, television, library, collecting posts authorized, information offices and so on. Everything was only available offline. This certainly meant a lot of movement on the search for information. Were finally invented later as the first databases in the world, this enabled the Internet revolution on earth. There were search engines, very complicated websites, speaking with a robot users on the website. Uploading videos to the Internet was made possible thanks to databases. Wikis could be massively filled with information. Internet could contain so much information, thanks to the intelligent use of databases that a normal reader would need several lifetimes to consume this information. Ms. Offline Life estimates that there are at least 999999999999 Material for years on the Internet. 🤳💼➕🇮🇹🈶🅰️🤚👨👃🅰️🕌🍖🌌🅰️🎨👔🤚🍖👪🌕🅰️📜🏰🍖🌎🗝🤚👪🌕🍖🌐🌉1️⃣ 🤳.
Select one or more messages simultaneously and can display one or more messages on their screen. I myself at the same time was reading messages from the Mercury, Mars and Earth.
Technical progress on the Earth is not yet such an extent that images can be recorded with the highest quality details. That's why my face can not be seen on a picture of today's technology.



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