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The Greys wanted mushroom collecting ban for the Bears

The Bear Cave receives a temporary ban on the collection fungus from Wolf Army. A law on mushroom picking ban by the Bear Cave- thanks to the Wolf Army now comes into existence despite the negative reactions of bears. The Wolf army -Commission refers to the last day stipulated by the Wolf army -dictators before sunset strategy towards the bear cave. This once again is held: without solution in the multiple questions hanged the wolf army a mushroom collecting ban. The Bear Cave must adhere to this prohibition. That is on the free mushroom consumption without. 🐺🎖🅰️❕🐻📠🍊👩‍💼🤚🐺🎖🐻🍖☔🏳🈷️🆓🍷👨💾📁🚯🇮🇹😢🌉🌗👭🌔🕌🚪😮🐺🎖👨🕌🍷🉐🍄🐻🖕💡🤕🚽🤚🐻🈲👭🐺🎖🤚🍖🌉🦠📡🌎🍄™️. The Grays decided no hostile prohibitions on Bear Cave invent. The Wolf army decided independently decisions for their own future cases. The Wolf army would accept no prohibitions of Grays later.



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