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The Greys wanted mushroom collecting ban for the Bears

The Bear Cave receives a temporary ban on the collection fungus from Wolf Army. A law on mushroom picking ban by the Bear Cave- thanks to the Wolf Army now comes into existence despite the negative reactions of bears. The Wolf army -Commission refers to the last day stipulated by the Wolf army -dictators before sunset strategy towards the bear cave. This once again is held: without solution in the multiple questions hanged the wolf army a mushroom collecting ban. The Bear Cave must adhere to this prohibition. That is on the free mushroom consumption without.
169 hours ago Wolf army chief has sent a decision from the Grey Bear Cave fax, said Orang Utan, spokesman of the Office of New bans the Wolf army to the Bear Cave on a rainy day a lost month. Thus Utan confirmed a report of the company free spies and paparazzi. "We must save this in our brain in a new folder called" new prohibitions ", Utan said. An alternative will not give it unfortunately. Utan began to cry.
At the last visit by Fri Day 89 days ago in Gray is a tiny door for the Bear's Cave seemed to open: Wolf army commissioner Man Go Online gave them to understand, "it is possible that we will get permission from the mushroom picking," said the enthusiastic bear dictator after the meeting. The idea behind such a ban was the provisional integration of the Bear Cave in the so-called "restricted cage", the two gigabytes removes the Wolf army introduced after several years of research on the region. This can be traded simultaneously at higher prices fungi and bacteria in the future, which significantly simplifies the international mushroom trade.
Many decisions recently the Wolf army pointed to an early mushroom collecting ban on the Bear's Cave. Recently, one could therefore read in several controlled by the Wolf army mass media, a temporary mushroom collecting ban on the Bear's Cave up to 69 days is possible already within reach - and that even without the control of the liberation of the bears out of the restricted cage.
When asked about this apparent change of course Grey said a spokeswoman for the Wolf army -Commission to extraterrestrial Sweasy26: "The Commission has not changed its position, but simply aggravated." The gray want to keep the bears at their leash by the Wolf army. Gray writes in an opinion: "In the event that the Bear Cave agrees to the necessary solutions for the benefit of the Grey and its Wolf army in the next few hours, subject to a mushroom collecting ban can be lifted." The provisional suspension from mushroom collecting ban may only be under the full control the Wolf army of Grey done. This means that should always Bear Cave at mushroom picking have a representative of the Wolf army. In addition, the Grays want to make money. For each collected fungal the inhabitants of the Bear's Cave 8/9 Bitcoins would be paid to the Grays. However, such a solution would be problematic for the Bear Cave: As it would the provisional mushroom collecting ban prejudge the domestic Wolf ban and create problems. The confusing signals from Grey likely be due to the different Directorates-General in the Wolf Army Commission have different perspectives and interests. Some want themselves benefit from mushroom collecting ban on the Bear's Cave. The other members of the Wolf Army Commission is this prohibition actually just an unnecessary bureaucracy for the Grays. While fungal commissioner Online and his employees are likely to be interested in a simple solution - because until the next appointment, the existing problem must get the change as "outdated" anyway - to pursue other envious members of the commission adopt a harder line towards the Bear Cave. They want to get, among other things free honey from the Bear Cave on their plates.
But the Bear's Cave dictator for honey Sciences will give way under any circumstances in this case. He is also prepared to send the Bear Army to the Grays. In order for the Grey could be sold with its fungal collection ban on the face of the Bear Cave.
Trigger for the dispute by the Office for fungi should finally a meeting of critical voices from the Grey. A member of the Grays was bitten in an area controlled by the Bear Cave area by a bear. That brought the Grey a lot of trouble with the Bear Cave. Then the Grays decided its allies in the woods to attract (the Wolf Army) at a mushroom collecting ban on the Bear's Cave. Their reasoning was: Collecting mushrooms by the Bears lead to great aggressiveness of the bear on their neighbors. So the Wolf army was almost forced to this prohibition. (By scaremongering) The same goes for a heat prohibition of toying the Bear Cave. In spite of everything will now proceed to a waiver by the fungus collecting ban, because still some points are hidden fresh lying in the fridge. If the prohibition will one day be removed from the statute book, it may end up by current state in the microwave. (there usually land old prohibitions of Grey)
The effects for the Bear Cave mushroom collecting business, caused by the exclusion of the Bear Cave of the mushroom picking, however according Utan not be within 2 bytes noticeable. Thus, the Government of the Bear's Cave also admits to be disturbed by the Grays. The dictator of the Honey Bear Cave knows but how he could conquer the Grey in favor of its own population. Since honey is considered out of the Bear's Cave as the best of all the planets and the galaxy States, he can put under its own control everything that the Grey will receive no honey from its production. He also agreed to forego higher revenue in a televised speech. Finally, he lives very satisfied in the Bear Cave. The honey dictator vowed before its population to defeat the great and powerful terror with the greatest economic success of all time. He ordered his staff an export ban its honey to the Grey. He also sent his spies into all the planets, where his honey is sold, so he knows every buyer its honey exactly. This should be a sale of the Grays are also outside the Bear's Cave prevented. The honey dictator invested a record sum of nearly 99 trillion Bitcoins to comply with the honey boycott to the Grey. Thanks to this sanctions were many staff on different planets, who worked for the honey dictator from the Bear Cave, financially clearly rising. So the honey dictator was to be planets far the most popular employer. This strengthened the honey dictator so far that the Grey was the first prohibition threw fungal collecting ban in the microwave. The honey dictator was celebrated in the Bear's Cave as a unique helper in modern history. Many of his former employees from all planet sent him letters of thanks. The Grays decided no hostile prohibitions on Bear Cave invent. The Wolf army decided independently decisions for their own future cases. The Wolf army would accept no prohibitions of Grays later.



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