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The interview about first ascent of Saturn's rings

The first ascent of Saturn's rings has been a success for many. Just not for the first ascent itself. Research by the adventurers team of Mr. and Mrs. Adventurous shed new light on this event. In this interview they explain the reason.

Mr. Adventurous, the 555-year anniversary of the first ascent of Saturn's rings is a huge thing. Why these rings fascinate so much?
Mr. Adventurous:
The special shape and the fact that the rings are so separated from the Saturn in the landscape, like the people. Were Saturn's rings in a chain rings, they would probably perish. I speak here of course seen of light years ago from the view from a distance of trillions. From a distance viewed from a light-year, Saturn's rings are probably nothing special.

But the crash after the first ascent of Saturn's rings also contributed its part to the fascination.
Mr. Adventurous: Absolutely. Accidents and deaths reinforce the myth around the rings.
Finally, Saturn's rings first climbers are not simply crashed fatally in the Saturn.
They rushed back in the neighboring planet Uranus and many died. The survivors had to be resuscitated with the electricity.

What fascinates you, woman adventurous person in history?
Mrs. Adventurous: We are talking about one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the history of the rings of Saturn. As survived single Saturn rings first climbers then and how they came up with the idea at all to climb Saturn's rings. The author of "mystery of Saturn's rings," Jiswy Karkar has met with documents that show that much still lies hidden. To date, one can not say with certainty what happened on the surface of Saturn's rings. Also in Tusturn there are still several researchers who already employ their whole working life, including theses so.

But there is new evidence?
Mr. Adventurous: The whole thing has become in fact the criminal case. That's why the title "mystery of Saturn's rings." An elaborate investigation has shown that the rope is in Saturn Museum, was cut. This is of course room for new theories. In addition, we are still encountered in Uranus exciting document.

Try to rewrite the history with your research.
But this contradicts the tradition. Old stories reinventing!
Mr. and Mrs. Adventurous: We rehabilitate Sam Ding and Ams Spinner. But that was not from the beginning our plan. But the more precisely we have examined the documents, the more we found that we had in the past given Sing Trans simply more faith. And the official documents prove that the Dis capture team were moved to injustice in a bad light.

And the Uranian have not stood up for their compatriots?
Mr. Adventurous: I tell it how it is. They have not really taken a stand. Neither for nor against. They have partly tried to just stay out of it. The Uranian have mind quickly that opens a source familiar with the story. They say the crash was the beginning of modern progressive time. Saturn's rings were at that time quite unknown. This is certainly one of the reasons for the Uranus population neutrality in this matter.

"Secret Saturn Rings" is a real drama. Drama and comedy film are mixed. Why?
Ms. Adventurous: We wanted to allow the viewer to be able to make a real picture of the situation. By re-enacting certain scenes we could do many things very clearly. That's much more emotional than when simply an old Dr. Professor in the area Saturn's rings would tell what happened. In addition, one would simply fall asleep without funny moments.
Mr. Adventurous: I was at a lecture given by a longtime researcher in this field. I have to admit. I fell asleep faster than on a very active sports day would be the case.

The shooting was very dramatic. Three cameramen have suffered slight to moderate frostbite. They even had to go to hospital. They were responsible for the shooting at the rings of Saturn. Was it ever critical?
Ms. Adventurous: I really realized for many productions of Saturn's rings, but that was one of the hardest. The weather was miserable last winter. We had to postpone again the rotation dates. Once could not be flown out of the wall ten performer because of poor visibility. It was already drama in the air. But there was never anyone in serious danger. Only a small incident was on the penultimate day of the shooting. At a performer was dropped a box with thousands of snails.

The actors wear costumes all time faithful. Was not that dangerous to let the performers climb so?
Mr. Adventurous: On the day when we shot the scene on the southern ring of Saturn, the actors have worn normal Saturn Ring shoes and crampons. Otherwise it would not have been possible. The risk of slipping in the Saturn is very high.

And what do you think, is 555 years ago happened up there?
Ms. Adventurous: I think yes, it was a classic Saturn ring accident. The material of the first ascent was just not good. The risk that you fall on this ring is large. Especially with such material. And the tensile strength of the cables was bad. If seven people hanging in the rope, then pulls the rope stop sometime.

Mr. Adventurous: I think that was not a dream job of my forefathers. They prefer to eat carrots. Maybe they wanted to see Saturn's rings natural treasures. But now we urgently need to fly. We still have a lot of strength training on Mars.



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