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The Jupiter aliens threatens a hot war between the various layers to escalate

Above all, the misers and oranges plan the pink layer entirely excluded from the Jupiter. Under the shared power in Jupiter representatives of various groups in Jupiter are fighting each other in the joint discussion.
The misers and oranges fret so much about Rosa, as they do not endorse significant austerity measures. The misers want to bring the pink by electric chairs for economical reason. The misers accuse pinks against fraud. The pink fight back on the grounds that many were forced to sell their home ownership pink because of the economic crisis. Some had to be taken to the hospital by emergency amber. They were demoted by the authorities by law of exclusion. The Miserly Monkey Money can not hide under the table to the public his anger and disappointment. He also does not try. This is a major setback for the miserly merger, says the miser -fraction chief with angry facial expression. With a great spectacle, the tips of misers, oranges and pinks had signed a joint agreement on the strengthening of the economy in Jupiter 60480 minutes ago. By joining forces, the expenditure on the yellow, white and transparent to be cut drastically. By contrast, other financial gifts are to be expanded more generous to the greedy, oranges and partly to selected pink. One of the miser, who wished to remain anonymous, had to urgently stand in his own words from the bank almost 6.66 million Bitcoins. He was afraid that pink had been watching him in the withdrawal of his money. He went with several sacks, six suitcases, two old plastic bags for food to the bench and took his money away. He was so scared that pink will rob him. Then he put on an ugly Halloween mask. The bank employees have been alerted by the pink that she just saw a thief with a mask and many bags and suitcases. The yellow bank teller exclaimed alarm. The Jupiter's police came quickly to the scene. The Miser invited just his last plastic bag in his vehicle. The police came to the miser very carefully behind his back. A policeman took a toothbrush and put it in the mouth of the miser. The Miser was so focused busy with his money that he tried nevertheless continue. The other policeman took a Iron and struck at the masked face of the miser. The pink Chief Police Officer ordered the yellow police all bags and all suitcases from the car of the miser take away. All the money was partially returned to the bank. The pink Chief Police Officer could not do without it, not to take some of that money. He wanted to finance his rise to oranges so. The Bank filed a complaint against the unknown. But the miser had at the end of a blessing in disguise. Despite the seizure of his money, he had a proof on the account statement. The bank statement he printed shortly before the withdrawal of money from the automated teller machine of the bank to which the police returned the money. Later the pink police chief realized that he already bought with this money six percent of a company. His ascent to the oranges he managed almost. He had to sign in only at the oranges for accession. When the miser counted all returns received Bitcoins during 166 hours just on Bitcoin, he noticed that he had a lot less money.
At the same time he had a much bigger problem this time. He had to find out who stole the money. There were missing at least approximately 2.22 million Bitcoins. So 1/3 of whole amount. At the same time, a new "Newcomer" at the oranges was praised with much applause in the business paper. The climber made it from a police chief in the orange carpet. The Miser saw the police chief immediately. It was at this time the miser clear who took 1/3 of his assets lifted. The Miser was able, thanks to his self-study of the jurisprudence deal very well with the laws. He could defend with great success in front of his opponents in court himself often. The Miser was preparing an indictment against the former police chief. He promised to give a small part of the total of 2.22 million Bitcoins his supporters. The judge, who was basically a pink wanted to enrich himself considerably with this opportunity. In this way, the pink judge sentenced the former police chief to return the thieves good. In addition, had to give up his title, the former police chief. The former police chief lost not only his orange status, but got off to the transparent. The former police chief was not only taken away the stolen goods, but the whole property. This ensured that he will have no chance for advancement. This was monitored regularly by the prosecution. According to this story pink were very angry with the covetous and oranges. They decided measures to power aggravation of the two camps. And now it is serious. In the current special session expenses only for the avaricious and oranges are to be decided. The Pink threaten the covetous and oranges, so that they would be an union with the yellow, white and even respond with transparent, to fight against the arrogance of the misers and oranges
A cornerstone of the miserly austerity measures: Expenditure of Jupiter for the next year to be at the level of 4380 days, i.e. at 899 billion Bitcoins, downgraded. The budget is far from two trillion. The difference is to be saved in yellow personnel expenses, protection of highly qualified staff of Jupiter and government operating expenses. Misers - and oranges fraction have submitted an application. But not the pink fraction. The pink are still very angry that covetous, was sentenced one of their successful pink to the bottom layer of Jupiter. From their ranks only venal judges Brap Ofiw submitted a homonymous single application - without consultation with the pink group. Finally, he benefited as the only pink of this case. The miser faction leader Money is very hard disappointed about that pink, oranges and covetous, no longer want to support only because of this event.
The spike pink sat at the table at that time and the reduction in spending on all layers under the pink layer was an important part of the joint agreement. All the more questionable, when the Pink no longer want to join only good bit more 60000 minutes later. The pink breaks the agreement and says goodbye to the merger, criticized Money. Monkey Money threatens pinks even with the electric chairs. At the same time emphasizes Money that these are too expensive anyway and unfortunately. He is looking for a cheaper option, the pink due to economical reason.
Outwardly, the pink constitutes as a fan of the miserly and orange force in case of emergency but they do back down. The so by law come to an end. That is probably more economical solution. Money thinks about the single pink advocates, the judge Brap Ofiw to adopt a law could be punished at the enemy pink with the iron. The pink makes itself so completely implausible, criticized the miserly Money and insulted all pink with the exception of commercially judge Brap Ofiw. This Money praised loudly in the microphone. Something lighter take the oranges the whole story. You already have great understanding for determined from the pink layer.
Diplomatically themselves are oranges -fraction chief Esta Cato: I take the approach of pink with a obituary in a newspaper notice. After all, it is about an important business with ripple effect on the financial plan. But I do not know how I could proceed against Cato angry and can not but hide her disappointment entirely behind the orange folder. Judge Ofiw who has submitted as a single pink the same saving application, trying to calm the situation: Let's wait from once how the top leaders will express from Jupiter to this position, he says with great hope in his left eye. I try to go there, yet to convince as many faction members that love of money is the best feature in our policy. He takes as a good example to the fact that he helped the robbed miser against the former pink police chief.
But that will not be easy: Pink -President Jep Allee shows compared to the application of misers and oranges extremely skeptical. After internal discussions, he pulls his statements later but again the gray table in his mouth back. Unlike pink-envy Olq Cheese: The application is far too discriminatory for all layers except the covetous, oranges and relatives of the red carpet, the President of the Public Finance says. Because according to the will of misers and oranges were within 222 days save ten billion Bitcoins - and especially in six areas, just include in the financial plan for the future together a secret sum of billions. I am also in favor in the lower layers as pink to save, but that's not easy, says professor of toilet-papers. He'll loudly so tell all those present in the political theater. Of course we will therefore move us covetous and oranges in the war, he says. Negative consequences for the miserly merger can not be excluded. Furthermore wants the Pink professor of toilet paper, reduce the prices for toilet paper significantly. Oranges and misers do not fit that. Finally, a plurality Misers and oranges holder of toilet paper factories.
Save also wants the supreme rulers. Because some time ago the revenues have plummeted surprisingly, and Jupiter has after many years for the first time must have a deficit. The predictions of charlatans look bleak. The main reason is the refusal of the payment of fines of yellow, white and transparent to the covetous and oranges. In addition, increasingly wanted oranges afford no penalties to the rulers of Jupiter. The aim of the top leaders is to save at least 999 billion in spending on the yellow, white and transparent.
The demands of oranges and misers go far beyond these savings plans also. And they want to keep it even lead a war against the pink and more lower layers. I very much hope that the pink still come to their senses of economy says misers -fraction chief Money. Finally it go in the reduction of Jupiter expenses, notably the yellow, white and transparent layers. This is important for the conservation of the miserly merger.
This Money is but well aware that pink withdrew from the merger already nine years ago. At that time, the Oranges and covetous training posts for academic professions would significantly shorten.



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