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The last preparations of the Emojis for the elections of the first dictator

The last chance before the first big elections of the first dictator in Emoji disturbed many candidates and Emojis. A candidate felt especially strong pressure before the elections. Finally, he lacked velvet gloves. This Emoji thought in the fact that with velvet gloves he became anyway the first dictator. Thus he still ordered several other gloves at a famous factory in Emoji for PC. An alien with roots from the Mercury also ran for election for these elections. He lived in Middle Finger Emoji on a big mountain. In his wooden house he owned two big folders. Therein he described his political ideas which he would realise. He was very proud of his forthcoming appearance on the last Friday before many Emojis. For this purpose he laid both folders on his table. Then he felt big hunger and looked for a speciality in his fridge. He looked in vain. He found nothing interesting. That's why he left his house and forgot to close the front door. Moreover, he forgot two apples on the plate. In the interim he went to a local baker and looked to himself what he would absolutely eat. Finally he chose the traditional national bread 🍠. Then he swept home. Suddenly he noticed how two foxes from his house with an apple went in their mouths.
He experienced light shock. At this time two flying bananas flew in his house and took a folder of the table. When the candidate noticed this, he ran behind the stealing bananas behind. His national bread 🍠 fell on the ground. Finally, he tried to get his folder fruitless. At this time the candidate from Emoji for PC found out that his velvet gloves were sewn quite ready. Emojis presented these gloves to him quite proudly. With big joy he took his gloves and prepared for his appearance.
At this time seven monks finished their prayer in the amusing house in Heart Eyes Emoji. Hardly they left the prayer house, several noisy bananas flew nearby. The monks wanted to sit down on a bench. By this second a religious lawyer recognised the monks. He started to speak with them about the forthcoming election. Exactly now appeared two Emojis who still distributed copied and satisfactory electoral slips of paper to pedestrians. They advertised to themselves. An alien from the Uranus tried to sell a spinach soup to Emojis. He specially came from Emoji Copy Paste to the religious town of Emoji. Two monks and an Emoji wanted to buy the spinach soup. While the alien from the Uranus prepared the soup, Emojis discussed the forthcoming elections. When both monks got the soup in their hands, the bananas with the stolen folder of the candidate from Middle Finger Emoji flew over the seated Emojis.
Suddenly the folder fell on the soup plate of a monk. Besides, his seat neighbours were strongly splashed. Among them was also the tie of the lawyer. At the beginning Emojis reacted something annoyed about the incident. Later they tried to analyse the contents of the folder. Because of the dirty tie of the lawyer decided Emojis that the lawyer analyses the contents. He started to page through the folder. Most sheets looked too boringly for the lawyer and Emojis. Somewhere in the middle was the title: Emoji in the forthcoming future and prophecies from the past for the future. Religious Emojis raised their concentration on the highest level. The first document mentioned the future popularity of the Emojis on the planet earth in about 7676 days. A chapter dealt exclusively with the subject Emojis for Android. There a lot of coloured images of the Emojis were illustrated. Religious Emojis puzzled what could mean exactly the word Android. Monks took their notebooks and took down the word: Android. At this time the running for election alien from Middle Finger Emoji searched nationally quite intensely for his lost folder. Because of his problem he also informed meteorologists. They could not help him. That's why he looked in the phone book for detectives.
Among the detectives was a professional spy who acted for the tax authority in Poop Emoji. Finally, the stingiest authority of Emoji wanted to use every chance which allowed a contact with a candidate for the dictatorship.
Thus the spy got to know about the lost folder. The alien asked him to find the folder.
In Heart Eyes Emoji the news of a strange folder spread under Emojis. In the interim the lawyer copied above all the contents which dealt something with the future of Emoji. In a document he found the history of the successor from the former royal family. Therein it was described falsely that the descendant came only 3286 days after the death of the last Horror Clowns to the power to Emoji. This happened much earlier. The spy got to know about a mysterious folder in Heart Eyes Emoji. That's why he sat down on his expensive vehicle which was financed at the expenses of the diligent taxpayers from Poop Emoji. He went very fast and offended against the rules on the highways. When he came in Heart Eyes Emoji, he intensely looked for the folder. He questioned every pedestrian. Later Emojis with their eyes and hands pointed at this spy. At this time the lawyer tried to lock up the folder in a safe deposit. Suddenly the spy knocked at the door of the lawyer.
Quite cheeky he required of the lawyer that he hands over the folder to him. The lawyer rejected this. He explained that the folder had an owner. The spy required at least the acceptance of his sheet in the folder. The lawyer accepted and required from the spy that he would leave his solicitor's office at once. The spy listened and informed his boss in Poop Emoji about the successful handing over of his document. The lawyer read the message and hid the document in his own folder. At this time the irritated candidate from Middle Finger Emoji found out that his folder landed in the religious town in a spinach soup. He bought as an excuse for religious Emojis at own expenses a spinach soup with the national bread. The affected Emojis pull to him. Finally, he could appear before several voters. Another candidate was so nervous before his appearance before Emojis and aliens that he visited a library in Emoji Opinion. He searched above all history books and found a book about the town dictator from the Saturn who caused many problems in Emoji Opinion. It concerned a corn merchant who meant the worst time of the history for many local Emojis. At the same time two big trucks with four small gorillas went. Suddenly both truck leaders noticed that they needed a filling station urgently.
Finally, both trucks needed energy. That's why they stopped in Emoji Opinion. A truck leader noticed that the gorillas would have to be fed. That's why he opened the door and handed over to them several salads with fresh vegetables. Two gorillas opened the door and fled from the truck. As both truck leaders noted this, it was already too late. Both monkeys opened the door of the second truck and released their colleagues. Four gorillas disappeared out of sight of the nervous truck leaders. That's why the local police was alarmed. Emojis nationally got to know about the outbreak of the small gorillas. At this time the candidate intensely read in the library about atrocities of the corn merchant in his hometown. Suddenly somebody opened the door of the library. These were four gorillas. They jumped on the candidate and looked to him in the eyes. All four gorillas did this. In spite of this event there did not react the affected Emoji. He was concentrated so and interests in the reading that no monkey interfered him. At least, an employee of the library came to the room and had got a fright.
She shouted and made more noise than every other peaceful animal would make. She explained to the candidate that beside him four small gorillas sat. He was unimpressed from this statement and explained that he had to prepare for his appearance before thousands of Emojis.
The librarian alarmed the local police. After a quick journey at least 20 policemen came to the library and arrested four gorillas. Moreover, they received the command of Emojis from Emoji Meanings to bring all gorillas in the urban zoo. At this time several candidates for state dictatorship still wanted to require tips for their appearance before the Emojis of the gathered lawyers.
That's why lawyers organised now and then meetings for the forthcoming elections in Emoji.
A politics scientist from Emoji Copy Paste required from all candidates only the observance of an easy rule: Please, promise not only a little bit to your voters, but fulfil also your election pledge!
Emojis and elective inhabitants will owe it you. No candidate something could start in reality with this statement. At least, all candidates began their speeches with this sentence before the big audience. This reached for a deferential applause. Emojis more exactly tried to observe every candidate also after this sentence.


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